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  1. Doomdog into Lava Golem + Mask of the Accursed is so fucking stupid
  2. Alright I figured, just got sacked a few times in row and I thought this was how the deck was shifting lol
  3. Is Levia Dragon like standard in Mako now? Every Mako deck seems to be playing it and it kicks my ass every time....
  4. I'd have to agree. And the periods are a month at a time now meaning just about anyone can make it if they try. I do think it's kinda dumb they cap you buying just one Structure with gems though. Thankfully the decks suck ass, so I don't see any need to buy it, although Exploder Dragon would be nice...
  5. I gave up trying to farm level 40, 30 is good enough for me.
  6. Golden Apples + Masked Beast draws out so many games..... I'm really liking Mako Hammer Shark now, it's pretty solid around the board and especially has a good matchup against Toons.
  7. Toon Kingdom is so busted in ranked. People don't know how to respond to it, i'm having a blast lol edit: nvm they suck
  8. Finally got Darkflare and a Kidmodo off of this dude and i am so happy
  9. Mokuba hasn't dropped one super for me and it's driven me crazy...
  10. I'm so excited for Toon Kingdom
  11. I don't even know if there's a point playing anymore since I've gotten to King of Games...I mean, are there any other incentives if I don't place like top 2? I do play daily for the free 50 gems but....
  12. Just got to King of Games with Harpies!
  13. I have no idea why it is, but now that it's late it got so much easier to get to Platinum and my god am I glad. I'm sure KOG is gonna be a bitch though.... Went ahead and decided on the second Chief.
  14. After like half a day of grinding, I can't get past Gold LV1. This is so frustrating....