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  1. Ishizu has given me 9 Forbidden Graveyards in a row and I want to kill myself
  2. It's much better than the Super Joey event imo. Like the drop rates are so terribleeee
  3. He's not giving me anything even if I do win. Best thing I got from him was Surprise, Present! for Tea.
  4. I appreciate it man. Just spent another 1000 keys on Ishizu only to get another Forbidden Graveyard. mannnnn
  5. It took me half a year to see my first Reverse Trap lol One thing I was trying to consider is what kind of build to go with and whether or not to use Legion the Fiend Jester or not. Here's my current list. I'd appreciate any feedback.
  6. I finally got my 3rd Recruiter from Odion, but after giving me Gravekeeper's Chief once, Ishizu will give me everything else but another. 3 Zolga, 5 Priestess, 5 Forbidden Graveyard man my patience is wearing thin
  7. Just lost to a dude on pop that opened 2 des koala riryoku field and adhesive trap hole when I had 2 soul exchange and even when I summoned I just lost yessssss
  8. I've probably been wasting too much of my time on this app lately out of boredom, so there's that too. I have about 1200 gems saved up for the Ultimate Rising but it's gonna suck trying to get more gems outside of them giving them as gifts.
  9. I finally maxed out every character so now I'm just bored as fuck grinding Ishizu for GK stuff. I really hope the next character is Marik.
  10. How have I gotten 4 Gandora and 2 Rain of Mercy but only one Valkyrion and one Gamma from this event. Such crap.
  11. I got my 3rd Gandora which I totally wanted though. I've almost given up hope to get Valkyrion.
  12. Am I the only one with terrible drop rates for Yugi? I never remember it being this bad before.
  13. Finally got the last 2 Card of Sanctity I needed just incase I ever wanna play Tea Burn. I really prefer the Pegasus events over Bakura and Yugi every time. I hope we get another KC Cup soon though.
  14. I don't think I'll have this much luck as I did yesterday ever again