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  1. Don't browse as much anymore but this place (as corny as it sounds) was like a second home growing up, and it wouldn't have been as great as it was without yah. Made some great friends, learned so much, experienced a ton and more. Appreciate everything you've done for the site And goodluck to new management/ownership, hope you're able to do good as the torch gets passed to yah
  2.   I'd think Diablo would still be fine (having 2 in-hand when the time calls isn't always the easiest thing to do and in some case they might not meet their +5k condition), but I mostly agree with everything else
  3. This G Guardian stuff along with the new 16 card G-zone size certainly shakes things up. Nice for legion decks that want to legion first but not go through the trouble of bad first strides later on, helps against guard restricts, Shibreeze+G Guardians helps fight against g2 lock, games will last a bit longer, and etc.   There's probably some bad side effects too (like giving access to Gb2 strides much earlier than normal) but it'll probably work itself out in practice/future releases. Overall pumped and glad FC16 isn't so trash now
  4. >only 3-4 cards to guard Oh man, that's beautiful. The CB cost is kinda heavy and Nubatama isn't the greatest at rushing/creating power columns but the option is ridiculous. Auto 1-off without question
  5. Bigger point is it can be a glory maelstrom, which is redic on a stride. Not to mention how versatile in general it is, low cost, and is just a rare lol. Doesn't gain a crit but it's a great card.
  6.     This is exclusively for the English game atm btw. It looks amazing and is slated to be sometime soon this year (estimated in October with beta testing beforehand)
  7.   Oh man we're getting swordboys in the U.S. I'm abit disappointed in their actual effects though, only one that's interested me so far was:   the restander might be cool if we get some ways to build field, but other than that it's kinda meh atm
  8. Duo from this set was pretty disappointing imo, but really satisfied with the Prism support. Near infinite resource replenishing thanks the g1, great pressure with the g2 (getting u cards and putting your units back to hand to protect them as well as set off effects), and ofcourse their new stride which ties well with their aggro+bounce theme. Combined with Olivia they're gonna become pretty scary once it comes out
  9. This probably won't come out in the US, but the prospect is interesting. CFV doesn't seem like the right place for collaboration releases outside of a few cute 1-2 offs like Etranger tho, that seems more of Weiss's area (especially with anime-esque things)
  10. (credit to Rudy Toh Ding Han from Facebook) G-LD01/0?? Pure Black Sage, Charon 「真黒の賢者 カロン」 Grade 1 - Boost/Normal Unit --- Clan: Shadow Paladin ---- Race: Giant Power: 7,000 --- Shield: 5,000 None --- Critical: 1 Auto: [Choose a Grade 3 Card from your Hand, and Reveal it] When this unit appears on the Rearguard Circle, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your Deck for up to 1 Grade 3 card with "Blaster Dark" in its card name, reveal it to your opponent and add it into your hand. Afterwards, Shuffle your deck, choose a card from your hand, and Discard it. Continuous [R]: When this unit is retired as a Rearguard for the cost of a Skill, if you have a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard with “Blaster” in its name, it can used as a substitute for 2 Rearguards.     searches g3s and is a kaiser sea horse
  11. Just a fan animation but the op gets me so hyped for this lol
  12. yusssssssssssssssss   ...inb4 the anime is just like the new adaption: 5 pages in goes "Expect the next release in 2 months!"
  13. Kinda underwhelmed with the lack of flashyness/over-the-top with dpolice (except for the falcon is pretty interesting lol). Don't get me wrong though, there are certainly some good cards in here, personal favs being Daiearth with drobos finally getting a way to create card advantage/help with laurel, and the metalborg support making sin buster more consistent.   They debatably lost more power with 3 less laurel then what the rest of this entire set made up lol
  14. They were actually considering not putting it, but they were being harassed on the regular on their Facebook page and emails: the community really drove them to make the decision lol