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  1. [youtube][/youtube]   shout out lil boat
  2. hi beam this is giel idk if u remember me   was playing ur water goats deck recently :)   RIP this site tho 
  3. Sure, it’s still a fun ride — shootouts, getaways made via hyperspace, wisecracks. But pretending “The Force Awakens” is anything more than a glib facsimile of “A New Hope,” the original “Star Wars” movie, is delusional. It’s dull because it is achingly unoriginal. Abrams, at every turn, plays it safe, with multiple “takes me right out of the movie” lapses.   6.5-7/10
  4. ill tell u that i used to argue with kevin tewart on pojo as a 15 year old and he would literally cry. he didn't give a shit about player input.   the true reason yu-gi-oh! is dead.
  5. and i mean if you played at sjc boston in the last month of the format, it was:   1 cyber dragon 2 exarion     exarion alone NEVER existed in competitive play.   i don't get why people get upset, when exarion > cyber dragon in goats anyway.
  6. anyone playing exarion should expect to get cyber dragon'd, especially g2.
  7. nice try, ahmed
  8. [youtube][/youtube]   ITS 2015. WHATS UP W THAT???
  9. i dont get it but im intrigued xD!
  10. u sure about that?? or maybe post-modern art on a yugioh forum is my release : ^)
  11. xD colbert xD reddit xD memes xD
  12.   mine   i actually win most of my  games with it. exarion is the worst tho. : (
  13. another bridge burned as some kid wouldnt do the 1400 after i attacked with exarion on his goat and 'didn't notice until next turn'   he didn't subtract damage and then said since i didn't state it openly i didn't use its effect   fuck off
  14. never forget f00b, jae, sandtrap   team savage 4 lyfe
  15.   :obamasweat: