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  1. Playing the Joker...

    Tbh, I only seem to notice this with girls. Most of the people I hang out with are quite witty and clever, and they seem to take me plenty seriously when need be and also can quickly recognize when I'm not screwing around.
  2. MIT

  3. fine

    [b] [url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showuser=15151"] [/url][/b]
  4. should I fuck the girl in the middle

    LOL the Wire line fits perfect
  5. dgz awards 2011

    [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1323467406' post='3048910'] I'd have to give it to Peddle - ACP's calculus is magnificent, but I'm a sucker for history, for the stuff I wasn't here to experience. Any nigga with enough time and volition can do me some calculus; I want STORYTIME. And yeah, Soul's really fixed himself up something fierce. He's changed from sewage to fabulous with the quickness. I exaggerate, but seriously, I like him now and he was by far the most troublesome pile of shit I dealt with before he changed. I thought Frantic's post about that was two years ago and I'm too busy to read most Smash'd shit, so link me to the Krusty Krab kthx I don't want to talk about negative categories, because it really changes from day to day who deserves shit for me. I can't remember all the bad stuff, so it's like worst poster can change just as soon as someone pisses me off. [/quote] Link me to Peddle's post?
  6. Sony Smash Bros

    >kill Snake snake, SNAKE, SNAAAAKEEEE
  7. [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1320649768' post='3024834'] terrible thread, joy has no place in duelistgroundz [/quote] You got necro with that platform?
  8. What do I think of you/Ratings thread

    damnit Wilson
  9. J. Edgar

  10. Tutoring: How?

    One thing I'd advise, is to learn and get proficient at explaining the many different tricks that math has. This will set you apart from most textbooks, as most textbooks I've used don't have additional tips/phrases/shortcuts for completing and remembering processes. This is something I've seen that's also set teachers apart for me. I mean, junk as simple as 'My dear aunt sally' for order of operations, or knowing what cancels in conjugets, or "square the first, twice the product of the two" for something like (ax+b)^2. Those tricks, shortcuts, whatever are valuable. And they're everywhere in math. Just [i]be sure[/i] that your client knows why a trick works, because if doesn't it will bite him in the ass later since math is so cumulative.
  11. I am [i]completely[/i] dumbfounded this didn't turn into a anti-circumcision thread.
  12. ..

    Why don't you both just play for bans? Way more drama, way more funny, way more gets done?
  13. Sup

    Haha, welcome to DG man. If you're still up for staying I'd heavily suggest lurking everything, and the continue lurking everything outside of the YGO forums for awhile. Understand where to fit in, and how much you want to do so if at all. Honestly, many of the above posts make me think that these users are harsh to appear as hardasses (oh, cool, didn't realize you you could say ass. hmm... fuck. awesome.). But hey, that's the nature of DGz. The site has alot to offer, so don't be immediately turned off by the abrasive welcome. Don't pay terribly much attention to the rep system, learn2sarcasm, and again, lurk. I hope you learn the site and stay man, really. oh and btw, I wouldn't have posted if you hadn't said National Guard. I find it interesting, and I appreciate when people of variety come to the forum.