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  1. Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers

    Is that Delirium and Madness on the same card, but with a pitiful Madness discount? If so, and at mythic, I could believe.
  2. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I haven't had a chance to test it and it is on my radar, but my 3 drop slot is already pretty loaded and it's hard to see the Oath being better than Reflector Mage, Wasteland Strangler, or Stasis Snare. In particular I have trouble seeing the world where I'm happy getting two 1/1's at sorcery speed in this format even if I get some free loyalty counters out of the deal later. Perhaps it's a reasonable sb option vs ramp where ulting the Sorin can be the real deal and two 1/1's could put in work.
  3. Constructed Standard Discussion

    So I've got a PPTQ this weekend and I intend to register the following deck:   Land (25) 2x Blighted Fen 2x Caves of Koilos 4x Flooded Strand 1x Island 4x Plains 3x Polluted Delta 1x Prairie Stream 4x Shambling Vent 1x Sunken Hollow 1x Swamp 2x Windswept Heath   Creature (13) 2x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim 4x Hangarback Walker 4x Reflector Mage 3x Wasteland Strangler   Enchantment (8) 4x Silkwrap 4x Stasis Snare   Planeswalker (6) 4x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 2x Sorin, Solemn Visitor   Instant (4) 4x Secure the Wastes   Sorcery (4) 4x Transgress the Mind   Sideboard (15) 3x Disdainful Stroke 1x Dispel 2x Duress 1x Mastery of the Unseen 2x Self-Inflicted Wound 2x Surge of Righteousness 1x Ultimate Price 3x Wingmate Roc   I've been playing something along these lines since BFZ was released to reasonable results but haven't played any Oath Standard yet. The big changes to the deck following OGW's release were moving the Duress & Mastery to the side and cutting 2 Knight of the White Orchids along with the 4th Wasteland Strangler for 2 Ayli and 4 Reflector Mage. At the time I originally built the deck Ojutai's Command was everywhere influencing my decision to run Secure the Wastes and Planeswalkers as my top end.   Wingmate Roc is a very recent addition and primarily intended as a way to apply pressure against Rally that is difficult to interact with using either Reflector Mage or Sidisi's Faithful. Although I could run more Dispel or Hallowed Moonlight for the matchup, my experience has been that holding up mana to stop a big Rally rarely works out the way I plan, particularly against a strong opponent.   I'm not sure how I feel about going down to three Stranglers and have a sneaking suspicion Secure the Wastes isn't as well positioned as it used to be. I'm tempted to bring up to two Wingmates in from the board over Secures and to either shift the token spell to the side, or go an entirely different path with sided Painful Truths or the 4th Strangler.   What I'm trying to work out is what decks I'm not going to be prepared for if I run this configuration and if there are any last minute changes that I should make to improve how I'm positioned against an unknown standard meta.
  4. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    Not actually breeding related but this still seems like a decent place to post. I was transferring over some stuff from Pokemon White and found a few 31/31/31/X/31/31 Adamant pokes which I caught while practising hitting my seed years ago.   - Female Bouffalant with Reckless lv 34. - Male Rufflet with Keen Eye lv 34. - Male Rufflet with Sheer Force lv 34. - Male Thorh with Guts lv 36. - Male Throh with Inner Focus lv 33.   They suck but if anyone wants one, maybe for breeding or something let me know. I'll happily trade for decent breeding rejects and would love spare cloned legendaries if anyone has any.
  5. Not happy I have to make a new thread about this but no choice.   I'm going back to old games RNG'ing legendaries to move up to ORAS and I need a way to get a Tornadus into my White to unlock the Landorus encounter. With the 5th gen GTS gone anyone know if there are online services I can use to drop one of these onto my game? Like things that simulate the GTS?   Cheers for any help.
  6. Giving away Jirachis

    I know this is getting a bit old, but are there still any of these left? If so FC is 5000-2993-9896
  7. PS Vita

    So based on these responses it sounds like I should be picking up the remake just so I can chime in on the ff7 vs ff10 banter.
  8. PS Vita

    So FFX/X2 HD is out and its basically sold out where I live. Is it worth me just going digital so that I can play these. I've never played them before. I am an FF7 junkie but have no exceptional love for any others.
  9. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    So for the record every unit I've evlved to 5* has changed to oracle. Fuck my life.
  10. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Pulled an Earthly Il & Mina too. I feel the game is trying to force me down the road of running an all grass team as my main.
  11. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    So for BB leveling I followed the guides for the longest time and like you would get stuck at lvl7. I changed it up and got better results (now have my high elf at lvl10 BB). I have a gut feeling that BB leveling isn't probability based, but has like a hidden experience meter. This meter fills up when you fuse units of the same BB type, and is reset when you fuse units with a different type, or no type (like metal units). The amount this meter fills up is increased the more units of the same BB type you have in the one fusion to give you a bonus. This means once you commit to BB leveling you need to only fuse units with the same BB type, and try to fuse 5 at once. By doing this I've found myself able to consistently hit higher BB lvl's at lower unit lvl's than I was previously. You will also from time to time gain 2 BB lvl at once.
  12. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Got an edea which was sweet. Happy that the game is very playable without spending.
  13. Pokemon X and Y

    Mine is a mountain of eevee's. At least the majority of them have egg moves I guess, and there's females in there.
  14. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Picked this up and I'm impressed so far to be honest. Very pick up and play feel which is cool. The whole elemental weakness thing gets a bit boring but whatevs.
  15. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

      I'd like to get in on this action too if possible, 5000 2993 9896 ign: PsyK.