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  1. Hey...New Trader here!

    So another girl comes to this site? Nice! Oh, so on the way leaving Dgz she found a lesbian partner, so we have 3(4?) girls AND 2 lesbians? The internet is going off the roof! God, i love Dgz
  2. Hey...New Trader here!

    what the fuck is wrong with your sig
  3. European Championship 2007

    Espero que ele vá ao top8. =]lol eu também, mas duvido muito. x)
  4. European Championship 2007

    16 Babo, Helio (POR)* 7 +31 +144 +114 lol portugal ftw
  5. European Championship 2007

    lol Helio Babo, one of the 2 portuguese there was 5-1 last time i checked, nice.
  6. Death Note

    The best anime In my opinion. I was rooting for Light though =[, i mean, not winning like it seems in 36's ending, but having another thing prepared.
  7. European Championship 2007

    3 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) 3 Members: aLL Star., N e J i, benoi89 ohshi-
  8. Sad, sad, news.

    he was really really one of the best...
  9. Sad, sad, news.

    very, very sad news =(

    fuck this its 3 am and i almost shit my pants
  11. United States Championship

    if i was emon i'd laugh at all the ude responsibles there, and make them remember how much i won through cheating.
  12. so i hear barca have too many superstars

    Barça will become another real madrid, and yea, that's bad.
  13. Portugal Nats

    low budget decks for good players*

    damn. amazing.