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  1. Constructed Standard Discussion

      Deck's great and runs like butter. 100% recommend to anyone playing rptq this weekend.
  2. Constructed Standard Discussion

    You really shouldn't throw out accusations like that. Mistakes can happen. Its fine to take note but to outright state it is almost slanderous without more proof.     Perhaps, maybe I should do the right thing and research it a little bit, watch replay videos and cue in on certain spots. Maybe I should be very specific where the "mistake" happened and state my opinion in a clear and presented manner with key point analysis from the video evidence and use rationale after the presented thesis statement rather than just flat out saying "someone cheated". That's very good advice. Maybe sometime I'll make a new post doing just that.   You seem to be insecure and I'm not sure why. All I was trying to get across was that you can't make such a statement off of 1 piece of evidence (not even good evidence at that). Just because you can verbalize what you saw means that you're someone who has passed third grade not that you were rational. Someone rational would probably have a basic understanding of sample size and not go out of there way to state out right X and Y are cheaters. It would probably be better to draw attention to it and mention that it was suspicious. Everyone makes mistakes at some point and I think its wrong to first assume cheating. I get that you made a wall of text stating your opinion but at the end its still an opinion.  Also if you could read you would see that I already acknowledged your wall of text. My problem isnt with what you did but how you did/stated it. But its a free world so do what you want, just dont get all pissy because math and I don't share your opinion that 1 instance  constitutes enough to make an inference.  
  3. Constructed Standard Discussion

    You really shouldn't throw out accusations like that. Mistakes can happen. Its fine to take note but to outright state it is almost slanderous without more proof.
  4. Modern Format Discussion

    if you still haven't bought either of those decks with your ygo money, buy bloom. Its honestly still the most degenerate deck. If anyone tells you different they are simply wrong or dont fully understand how bloom works. Also Ive only played a handful of games, but lantern control seems to be on the boarder line of broken. but ive heard it has some really bad matchups so im not saying anything definitive.   If you dont care about any of this or are 100% btwn twin or affinity then go with twin for the reasons above. Honestly every deck in modern has their 70/30 matchup and their 30/70 matchup except for bloom.
  5. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    This man understand economics.  Also its kind of silly to think they will hit $100 when foil ktk deltas are 100...
  6. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    gotta go deeper ;)    There is some filthy synergy
  7. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    that seems sweeet too hehe  =D
  8. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    cards a 3-1 at 6 mana in a potential midrange format (see no reason for that to change yet). id buy as many as you can asap
  9. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    There is actually a disgusting BG synergy in this set that I hadn't realized. It will probably be tier 0 in either abzan or sultai....:3
  10. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    try something really cool like 5 colour good stuff. the mana will be so perfect and there are alot of value cards with delve that are easily splashable. If i were going to do abzan id probs try a way to fit like ojutai and treasure cruise in it at the start of the season. :D
  11. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    My body is ready for esper dragons revamped. Better mana, lack of den protector + thoughtseize, new Baleful strix type card, scorn vs protect the queen strategies, yummmmmmmm.    wincon less esper also seems really tempting, seems like with the new awakening mechanic you can just play a bunch of proactive value and reactive cards and eventually just get there in a celestial colonnade type way. 
  12. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    Is it just me or is this set 1 good counter spell away from making control tier 0
  13. Why didn't the opponent just ask to see the 3 he sided out? Can this be done moving forward? What am I missing....or mb just fuck pragmatism 
  14. My Crazy Last 5 Weeks in Magic

    Ugin has been a card that I have been against being in Abzan from day one. With no mana acceleration it sits dead in your hand from turn 1-8 (most likely 10+ if you miss any land drops) I have always taken the philosophy that I would rather position my self for a strong late game by controlling the midgame rather than limping into 8 mana and dropping an ugin. This may sound like a generalization but makes alot of sense in respect to the format. Vs UX control decks they go bigger than you so playing an 8 mana spell that functionally only has a "bolt 1pt" effect is not enticing, and thats assuming that your 8 mana tap out isnt stroked or dissolved.    Vs the midrange mirror is probably where it has the most utility, but is still usually used only as an eslpeth trump. Even in the mirror the early and mid game determine alot and sometimes if you fall far enough behind an ugin is not good enough.    You're right that vs RW or other aggro variants that ugin ends the game by it self. But I honestly feel good about my chances of winning a game if I live to 8 mana vs RW with or without an ugin. 
  15. My Crazy Last 5 Weeks in Magic

    I think the secrets were just a phase. It was right at the start of the format where people were just testing things and the format was a lot slower. They are absolutely nutty in the midrange mirror where you trade resources and your opponent plays a rhino or another threat t5/6 to bait removal while keeping bombs hidden in hand giving you the ability to 2-1 huge threats for very low cost. However as the format has progress the aggro decks have gotten more tuned and having a 3 mana spell that cant be allocated to board presence can be a problem so they are now thoughtseizes as it better fills out my curve.    The planeswalker question is an interesting one. There are normally 3 vsn, ugin/lili, nissa sorin, or the new just 3 elspeth vsn that brad used. I have always found sorin to be really underwhelming unless I already have a board presence in which case the only time it isn't a win more is when i'm extremely low on life. Nissa has always been my favorite and most potent threat vs control decks breaking open board states wide open.    Hornet queens have been awesome for me. From what I have seen I think its a local trend here in ontario. They come in against the abzan matchups. They normally just flat win vs the abzan aggro decks and create a situation in the mirror where your opponent has ugin and wrath as outs which leaves ugin open to a follow up nissa. Its also cute that HQ has a cmc of 7.