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  1. im new need friends=P

    thanx star...and yes im definatly interested...i need a team...and i dont have aim i have hotmail atm...but i will have aim downloaded in a bit...so thanx and welcome back...
  2. im new need friends=P

    :D Anyways, welcome. Just don't behave like the rest of the forum and you'll be fine. hey thanx pj...and i wont=P im actually nice=d
  3. im new need friends=P

    its seems i am the only one who has helped the kid ya itz true...ur actually kwl not like most of the assholes that said mean stuff=[
  4. im new need friends=P

    hello all im new here so just lookin 4 some friendz and kwl nice ppl 2 talk 2...post and add meh if u wanna be friendz...=P peace