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  1. go bodan
  2. 1 ABC, 1 MF, 1 Paleozoic, ?? What's the 4th deck?
  3. Am I the only one that's like annoyed by TNA? Like I feel they play the TNA theme throughout the whole show while they do promos and it's like lackluster.
  4. There was a BA deck that used Snow White & made Michael.
  5. Yeah that match was really good
  6. You can just post about the frogs/ paleozoic traps/xyz guys in OP so we can get this thread going, then work on the rest on the way.
  7. You can, just post it and I'll lock this one up. We can go more in that thread.
  8. White Sox were asking more than a lot for Sale. Sale also wanted to remain on the East Coast. Red Sox needed another Ace & with the team they have now they need to win now.
  9. I think we should just keep politics to discord. The fact that some people left DGz and/or went unhinged because of a fucking election [IM LITERALLY SHAKING RN] is embarrassing. It's hard to bring in activity as you need to get people interested. DNF is dead and will soon expire literally, YGOrg is more active in their discord chat more than their forum. Pojo looks to be more "fun" oriented as nowadays that's what's keeping people around & active enough. YF literally lost it's domain name and I guess someone bought it for a few thousand dollars [missed that as they were #1]. There's a new forum that's up and will be based on YGOpro called Duelists Unite & has really neat features as there's made ranking systems using the same elo or w/e by Konami's ranking system. Then with the soon manual mode they have out they can feed off activity more. What DGz needs to do is find out what you want to keep around forum wise then move things in an archieve or hide them. The more you can condense the better. DGz needs to start off small then try to grow forum size wise. I'm sure we can archive Introduction to's http://prnt.sc/dfyu3j -Move threads from SCD to Ygo Gen as that's where they originated & could create more traffic -Do the same with Product News -Move Travellers Groundz to General or Social Interaction -Move HS/Pokemon to Entertainment -Archive the Team forums & tournaments/warring Others suggested stuff already but yeah.
  10. LT isn't whynter. Why? because I've dealt with whynter aka Alex the pissed off puertorican pedophile on DNF countless times. There's some things I can't talk publicly but just know why Chey isn't around anymore. Also, this is Trump's America now.
  12. If you have to ask