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  1. AceMVS wins YCS Seattle, woo!
  2. wew bray wins the WWE championship title now.
  3. i hope this isn't too much of a filler ppv
  4. this rumble sucked.
  5. He's staying in NJPW. http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/44997/Kenny-Omega-Confirms-Hes-Staying-With-New-Japan-Pro/
  6. Packers are trash
  7. Yeah I don't see Omega signing with WWE right at this moment, maybe within a couple of years though. He could make a surprise appearance in the RR w/ KA & DG or some sort of BC reunion for that day but that's it. It just makes more sense he stays w/ NJPW.
  8. go bodan
  9. 1 ABC, 1 MF, 1 Paleozoic, ?? What's the 4th deck?
  10. Am I the only one that's like annoyed by TNA? Like I feel they play the TNA theme throughout the whole show while they do promos and it's like lackluster.
  11. There was a BA deck that used Snow White & made Michael.
  12. Yeah that match was really good
  13. You can just post about the frogs/ paleozoic traps/xyz guys in OP so we can get this thread going, then work on the rest on the way.
  14. You can, just post it and I'll lock this one up. We can go more in that thread.