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  1. police shooting

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/ This is as current as possible if you want to look at race, weapons used, age, mental health, etc. EDIT: That was 2015, this is 2016 current. You put both officers & public more in danger & longer than things escalate it doesn't always get better. btw 1 in 5 isn't a quarter, nearly a quarter sure but that was a big stretch along with "1 time had".
  2. police shooting

    Yeah do you want to blame cops for not being trained to handle people with mental illness when the state/gov't doesn't? Really a lot of this is in the hands of politicians locally & in DC. People don't like military training in the streets as we're not at war & this isn't a foreign country. The fact that military gets tougher training is because the wars we fight aren't on US soil but in foreign soil. It's actually real life if you're considering it scaremongering. Do you have studies that support your claim that 82.5 million people in the country & it being a big national issue? There's people who do mass shootings who are clearly mentally ill but the president blames guns instead. There will never be a point where police incidences will be 100% perfect because in human nature we aren't perfect.
  3. police shooting

    I'd like to live in Iceland too, i don't have to worry if someone is going to commit a crime on me & taxing me to death.
  4. police shooting

    There's a reason cops aren't trained as to the Military. We have people that protest that cops shouldn't even have military equipment of any sorts. It's not easy to become a cop in major cities because of rigorous training. Here in LA about 15,000 apps at average get sent in, only a couple thousand are accepted because of background checks and no criminal record [like not even tickets too]. Then it narrows down to about 300-400 people then at the end of 6 months it goes down to 15-35. You also have to fact in if it's just a rural area as crimes aren't as high in those areas. Some cities don't even have police which state troopers are more than likely to be called in. City cops, State Troopers, etc are all trained differently because of differences. One huge issue in police shootings/beatings is people who have mental illnesses which is NOT easy to spot especially with people being high on drugs. That's something that isn't easy to know & train for as Mental Health isn't a big issue nationwide. It's not a police issue it's a health issue that needs more attention. People who think you don't have to cooperate with police commands think nothing bad is going to happen to them, well things will get bad. Just remember during it that you have rights & use them, get a lawyer too. There won't be an in-between for cops & military. Cops are your first defense & the more you keep changing policies the more bad it's going to be.
  5. police shooting

    You want a strong argument? Go to your local police stations, hell go to one that's a major city & try out to be a cop. See the kind of training you'll get & situations you'll have to & maybe will have to deal with. Then after seeing all of that go tell them your liberal ways of trying to disarm & solve things with feathers & balloons. I see more people trying to think they know of a better way on a fucking keyboard than actually see what they go through on a daily basis. Then see how they have families too.
  6. police shooting

    In a suicidal call you're going in with non-lethal & want to help him NOT kill himself. That's the objection for that situation. People try to jump off of bridges, buildings, etc you're not going to use lethal force like that whether being white/black/brown. How do you know he was reading a book because they're saying no book. You have 1 person who we don't even know that's his child saying things inciting violence & I'm surprised they haven't taken her into custody for even that. Remember "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"? that was proven a false narrative that CNN & other media played out for ratings & to misinform people bc people there also lied about the incident. You also have to remember that people call in false reports/misinformation which can & has gotten people killed then there's outrage. Remember Kelly Thomas? He was a white man killed by 2 cops yet they got off the hook for it & there was backlash for it but nobody rioted. Dylan Noble? He was unarmed & killed by police but were is all the rioting by whites? They protested & lawsuits were made. There are Latinos/Hispanics that are killed by cops too but they do the same shit white people do, protest & file a lawsuit. Cops make mistakes at times, they aren't perfect people. BLM tells people all cops are back & so does the MSM. They aren't & there's only a certain percentage of them that make those mistakes/fuck ups. There are CEOs that are bad, there are teachers that are bad, there are employees that are bad. There's always going to be some bad people everywhere & there's nothing you can really do about that. Black Lies Matter don't want you to see this because this is the kind of shit that makes you think you can disobey an officer & it's okay. They praise her as later she was served a warrant & had a stand off where she had her 5 yr old child using a shield. She had a gun during the stand off & was shot & killed.
  7. police shooting

    You don't see white people [who are more than likely to be killed by an OIS] riot or even protest, same goes for the latino/hispanic communities & asians. Black Lies Matter has been a hate group & should be listed as a terrorist group by the Gov't. A black cop in Dallas is suing Black Lies Matter & others involved, I hope he wins.
  8. police shooting

    The guy was suicidal in that case, please use another case if you want to try to prove they only go after black people.
  9. police shooting

    When people ask why are cops so fast to shoot & why they act a certain way, this is a video that is played in a lot of academies to show you the dangers of pulling someone over.
  10. police shooting

    idk how to embed on dg
  11. police shooting

    Im hearing they stripped a white man naked then beat him up in a parking lot, looking for video of it but this is just terrible.
  12. isidewith misses some things which i listed in ??? above so if you can find those along with isidewith it's alright ig. I can get more into things with Trump as I follow & try to source more things to get more out from what isidewith says.
  13. -Migrants coming into USA -Illegal Immigration/Border -Gun Control -Economy/Jobs -H-1B -ISIS -Gang Violence/Riots -Obamacare -So Pro -So Pro -???? -???? -So Pro -Wants to wait for something like 9/11 to happen -????? -Can agree to an extent I think almost everyone with a brain can say anyone that's on a no fly list should be able to buy a gun bc you can be put on it at any given time by accident. The fact that GJ is for TPP & H-1B is alarming. So we should not protect our borders when border security & border towns are in need of help from cartels/mafia smuggling illegal aliens/drugs/etc?
  14. Classified/Confidential is the same thing, nobody else is supposed to know. again, ??
  15. So since you guys are just negging me & not answering to my post but calling me a white nationalist, what will the person you're voting for do for: -Migrants coming into USA -Illegal Immigration/Border -Gun Control -Economy/Jobs -H-1B -ISIS -Gang Violence/Riots -Obamacare