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  1. Holy fuck, what a main event for Raw. Finally Owens gets the title, holy shit.
  2. Crusierweight title coming to Raw.
  3. The whole Orton RKOing Brock on Raw and how he went out in the crowd to end the show while the other superstars came out was pretty awesome. Reminded me of when other brand wrestlers came out to attack them or WCW did back during the invasion. I think they threw the ball when Brock came out on SD as him going in and F5ing Orton wasn't as dramatic as the RKO on Raw. I think if he came out fast then attacked him sure. Though I'm not sure but we can see Raw vs SD Survivor Series if they continue this kind of match set up [Raw guy vs SD guy]
  4. Sale said he hated the jersey bc it's uncomfortable for him, didn't feel he'll bring his A game. He also wanted the manager to step up for his players too so maybe that'll be something to check out in the off-season. As for potential destination from what I heard is Texas Rangers, LA Dodgers and possibly Miami. Now CWS will be wanting a lot in return if so but if it was a deadline trade Rangers would have to fork up probs Profar, another INF or OF and a SP which Rangers can deal with as Astros are creeping back up with being super red hot right now. LAD would have to possibly fork up Julio Urias, 19yr Mexican prospect which has already been pitching in the MLB and is doing pretty good right now [shaking debut but he slowly worked on his stuff] along with I'd say hitter like Verdugo and maybe someone in the Class A/AA. Miami needs another SP and having Sale would be a good addition as they're gaining games on Nats. They have a pretty good hitters line up and putting in Sale with Jose Fernandez and Adam Conley they'd be a tough team to beat. With the Dodgers, Kershaw might be out for the season with back surgery but atm we're being hopeful he can rest for a month then be back in September. Adding Sale would be a nice addition to a good enough SP rotation we have now and with an Ace we'll be pretty good. Even if then we'll have 2 Aces in 2017 which is pretty good as we'd need to compete with SF having Bumgarner/Cueto/Shark. For off-season possible trade I'm trying to think of other teams CWS can trade with that will be interested but it's hard bc of teams like Padres/Arizona which depleted their farm system for blockbuster trades that didn't pan out after a couple of months of that season. Rockies could and could neat CWS back with possibly CarGo but idk how well Sale will pan out in a hitters park there. Astros have a pretty deep farm system so there's a shot. Yankees maybe but they need to rebuild their farm system. Red Sox already acquired a SP from SD but maybe could pick up Sale if they aren't asking toooooo much. O's look to be a team that could use him. They have a pretty beefy hitter line up and Britton/Branch are lethal. Cardinals have some depth in their farm system but they're looking for BP help so eh. I can't think of other teams atm, I might be messing a couple more though.
  5. Raw was alright, not fully good as we saw like 2 squash matches with Nia Jax [w/e her name is] and Stroman wrestling Zach Gowen's brother. Sasha finally won in an awesome match vs Charlotte to become the Women's Champion [Love the Eddie Guerrero move]. New Day segment was kinda weird but The Club coming out and beating them up I think we'll be seeing a title change at Summerslam then Enzo/Kass will be feuding with them possibly. We had 2 Fatal Four way matches which the first was amazing [Cesaro/Balor/Owens/Rusev]. Owens and Rusev working together and seeing Balor go at it but getting pummeled. Balor won which I didn't think he would I was half expected Cesaro getting a push since his segment with being drafted later. 2nd Fatal 4 wat was Jericho/Zayn/Reigns/Sheamus. I didn't see some of it bc I had to stay away but I think Reigns no fucking sold a move and did his finisher which won him the match. So much boos. They had Golden Truth going around with Pokemon GO and it interfered with a match which someone won Idr who. I think I'm missing an Enzo/Kass match but I can't remember. Main Event was pretty good, Reigns vs Balor. I mean I thought we'd be going with Reigns vs Rollins feud again but they showed me wrong having Balor win to fight Rollins at Summerslam for the newly named Universal Championship [weird but i get it. SD has World so naturally Raw is superior]. Reigns might job for the rest of the year bc of the bust but already Summerslam Main Event is an automatic buy for me.
  6. We just want better trade deals than we have now. Lots of companies are going to Mexico, India, China, etc and you think we'll want to keep tariffs low so they can profit while we lose jobs? I don't think so. That has to end. I hope Bernie supporters don't vote for Hillary and just sit out. The DNC rigged it and people should support that? Hah. Funny how you guys think Trump is in it for himself when Hillary w/ her husband has put themselves first/alone when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. Wikileaks has more ammo on Hillary which is coming out soon, I hope the American people can see what Hillary is really about.
  7. I don't need to be honest to say there will be a way they'll foot some of the bill. They've investigated Government spending and there's millions if not hundreds of millions being thrown away by projects that are either pointless or haven't started/finished but stopped. That money can go to that and more border security. Mexico already claimed that it'll close their borders if Trump is elected so it seems like it won't be a huge issue I guess. I believe in most of what Trump wants to do with America but not every single thing. Like I said both candidates aren't the best but if I have to choose from the 2 I'm choosing the one that is more patriotic and more wanting to do what's best for my country. Btw I'm latino and I'm voting for Trump. Other races outside of being Caucasian get lots of shit for voting for Trump because they think he's racist and wants to deport all non-whites from the country lol. I've lost friends and get shit for supporting someone I believe in and finally speak up rather than go with the bandwagon.
  8. I mean us people not living near the border don't really know what it's like dealing with cartel/mafias coming in and out of our backyards, towns, etc. They carry guns, drugs, smuggling people all while border patrol's budget is limited. The people there want some security and don't want to continue to live in fear and having to deal with that problem.
  9. I went from Democrat to Republican after knowing about the DNC helping Hillary months ago. Trump is the only answer we have but he's nothing in compared of what Hillary and the Clinton Foundation has done. They'll sell you out and the country as long as you make a donation. Putting Hillary in office will just strengthen the Globalists and will hurt us more. I am not willing to vote for someone with so much power to destroy the world faster than anyone else out there. What we need to do is make America great. America cannot and will not be able to make more jobs unless we stop these treaties and sending jobs off outside the country. It's not helping the people 20-30 years later and will make things worse for our children and grand-children. Housing is going up and not stopping, hell house payments are actually cheaper than renting but more than half if not 75% of the population cannot be home owners. We're barely getting wages up to 15 dollars by the end of 2020/2021 and even then that isn't enough to live decent in most populated cities. Hillary will do nothing but follow money for them. We're also in a era of Political Correctness and she wants to take our rights, fuck that. This is why we need Donald J Trump in office and stop this Clinton Demon. Look what's happening in Europe. Attacks in Germany, France, Belgium. Greece in a recession and they went bankrupt. Italians are looking to go in that direction. Immigration wasn't done correctly and now you have 25-35 year olds listed as teenagers who are in high school fondling girls and women, raping them and sexually assaulting them in Sweden, Germany, etc but they don't do anything because of language barriers and "lets stick our heads in the sands, we'll be okay." or "It's your fault". We're not going to be the next continent that this will happen to and she wants to bring in 250,000+ more migrants. I'm glad people are seeing these emails being leaked that the election was rigged, how corrupt the democrats are and how things will be if she's in office.
  10. What a good ppv this was. Ambrose winning was just great, I mean Rollins could've easily won it but no titles were changed in this ppv. Bayley was over, Enzo/Kass/Cena vs The Club was actually pretty good, Zayn/Owens almost killing each other to finally end the feud for now was fucking amazing, new day vs wyatts was really fun [big e almost breaking his neck when he jumped out the ring] and the title match was great. Back n forth action. With SD getting the title now Raw can start something new and work up something towards Summerslam. Raw literally has all of the talent and can build something great [no drugs roman, no drugs].
  11. could be but sox won't be desperate to trade him off.
  12. Raw definitely won this draft but the way i'm looking at it is that Raw will be the building block and everyone will tune in anyways. SD is like Raw with the superstars so the same people who watch Raw because of Cena/etc will watch this and ratings will go up more.
  13. Raw: Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, New Day, Sasha Banks, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Rusev w/ Lana, Kevin Owens, Enzo & Cass, Nia Jax, Big Slow, Karl Anderson/Doc Gallows, Neville, Cesaro, Sheamus. Smackdown: Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Becky, The Miz w/ Maryse, Baron Korbin, Dolph Ziggler, America Alpha [Tag Team, NxT], Natalya, Alberto Del Rio. so far.
  14. Duelingbook isn't apart of DNF/DN. Nobody knows if it's legit or not or trying to steal log in information.
  15. amazed the 2 judges there didn't notice fili ss'd Cir from grave via Graff.