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  1. Pendulum

    Wavering idk, I mean in the mirror sure but Pend Call is still a thing. The deck doesn't even need wavering in the main deck as you have enough searchers & you can use that space for something else.
  2. Any way I could join a team for season 2 of DGz warring season?

  3. Bullet Club ▼▼▼ Barron Shamzan ▼▼ [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's ▼▼ (Akatsuki) Maestro ▼▼ [ Jujuuu. ] ▼▼ Milk ▼▼ blader98 ▼ Kolkata Street Pajeets ▼▼▼ Satchmo ▼▼ wrinklywinkie ▼▼ Kyou ▼ berdversary ▼▼ themadgician
  4. [Current] Bullet Club

    Ongoing: Kolkata Street Pajeets »» War History → 00-00 ● TheCartelTheCartel ● TheCartelTheCartel
  5. »»Bullet Club Barron »» _D#2771 Shamzan »» Shamzan#0897 [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's »» JJ#2052 (Akatsuki) Maestro »» Mr. Maestro#4503 [ Jujuuu. ] »» [ Jojooo. ]#9806 Milk »» 2 Month Old Milk#3771 blader98 »» Burēdomasutā#0482
  6. How to Start a Team

    Bullet Club [Current Only] Barron »» _D#2771 Shamzan »» Shamzan#0897 [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's »» JJ#2052 (Akatsuki) Maestro »» Mr. Maestro#4503 [ Jujuuu. ] »» [ Jojooo. ]#9806 Milk »» 2 Month Old Milk#3771 blader98 »» Burēdomasutā#0482 ClassicEevee »» Eevee#7793 Will add forum names when they sign up.
  7. I hope they're good and not just lore shit. GB Link to be able to contact in hand would be pretty cool.
  8. YCS Toronto 2017

    Good luck guys!
  9. Duelingbook

    Happens to a lot of people, you have to minimize your browser https://prnt.sc/gajs6k
  10. 2017 MLB Thread

    I was earlier going to post that I wouldn't be surprised that Angels actually would fight HOU for the division coming next month but with that walk off GS, ouch. I think they can still get WC home field though. The Dodgers just acquired Curtis Granderson from the Mets tonight & he has the highest OPS since May. This is a brilliant move by the Dodger's FO & Joc Pederson isn't doing too well atm. This FO is really going out to try to win this year and this is big.
  11. 2017 MLB Thread

    So much winning, like they can be down by 8 and still come back. Insane.
  12. Gouki Re-Match

    I've been messing with this deck but mostly a vanilla anti-meta that uses Link Monsters. I think the fact that you can make a Decode Talker with a Gouki & another monster is insane. I thought about the Super Quant guy along with the Blue one w/ E-Tele & you can SS ogre to Synchro/Overlay for Invoker to SS the Lv4 Gouki but idk room wise it doesn't fully make sense. If you want a Lv5 Warrior for the feast card that doesn't cost you a NS or weird play you can just max out on Instant Fusion for: Arguably, Raidjin would be the better option as it's a BoM upon IF special summon. You can also squeeze in Theseus to sync to make Stardust/Omega/Vermillion/Ultimya then work with Crystal Wing/etc. From what I saw people are running the Brilliant Fusion engine with it so they can make Feral Imps to add Mask Chameleon because the Gouki's have 0 Def so you can special summon them back for plays. It's neat but I just really dislike having to draw the Garnets/BF. You could even make Naturia Beast w/ this deck [Motivating Captian + Masked Chameleon]. Though I think using Marauding Captain is a better way to go w/ a Lv3-Lv4 Gouki in hand outside of MFs but yeah.