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  1. Like Kirin was going to get banned, nobody plays Vanity's anymore, Maxx "C" going to 1 is needed bc the way decks are it literally stops your turn, Slumber going to 2 doesn't do shit when people are already doing the 2/3 ratio & Raptier to 2 is a pretty hard hit I'm not sure if I'd touch zoos again & Paleo/Noids are the best deck unless True Kings are the New Kings. Magicians seem to be a thing later but not for long i guess.
  2. I can't post a link here bc of new rules but someone on twitter posted one w/ Jim Ross commentary.
  3. Bruh, Paige/Brad Maddox/Xavier Rhodes sex tape leaked and Paige can give some head.
  4. Saw in a spoiler that Lesnar wins [if goldberg doesn't renew contract] & roman beats taker then they go on to fight for the title. If so, well that's more depressing than watching TNA repackage itself from last night.
  5. Yeah they said it was going to be ruled only for that event.
  6. Yeah it's pretty bad like I can see Brock doing the same shit on Goldberg at WM, though their last match back in what 2004 WM where it was a shit fest bc their contracts were pretty much over so they didn't care. I'm not really keen on WM this year though with AA going after Neville it'll be one of the couple of matches I'll see that night. Also when Finn Balor returns he's issued a shot for the Universal Title as he gave it up due to injury, Owens will be issued a rematch when he wants and could we just revert back to August for all of this? I'm not sure where WWE is going with this though I believe Lesnar will win at WM regardless.
  7. So glad I skipped this PPV, saw the shitstorm on twitter about it.
  8. Yeah Drew Galloway isn't returning either. IIRC the Hardys do want to go back to WWE but it'd be better to stay in the indy scene for another year or so. Also with the the way things are with Omega/Cole would Cole be turning on Omega as he would join WWE soon especially w/ the Young Bucks being away for 2 months from NJPW?
  9. Yeah, feels good again know I got something to watch every day. Pretty excited for this year and hope everyone can stay healthy.
  10. AceMVS wins YCS Seattle, woo!
  11. wew bray wins the WWE championship title now.
  12. i hope this isn't too much of a filler ppv
  13. this rumble sucked.