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  1. Double smash'd.
  2. I'm not sure if Rockies SP will last though, shit starts to hit the fan after ASB so we'll see how that goes.
  3. Is this the same Shaman that got banned for being ridiculous?
  4. Pryda (Zoodiacs) 2 - 1 Laza (Pure or Kaiju Zoodiac?) ggs.
  5. Zoo still alive, True Draco too. Dinos still not the best.
  6. f
  7. "Comey, you're fired!" - Donald J Trump

    1. rei


      why didnt this happen 2 months ago 

    2. Pryda


      He wanted Comey to do his job but after the testimony just recently he saw that he could no longer do his job correctly. [About Huma sending classified info to Weiner's computer which each email is a felony and i think there were hundreds if not thousands of them].

    3. ACP


      Avoid discussing politics outside of Politigroundz in the future @Pryda. We have a rule against it.

  8. Raptier alone, no. You'd get more out of it if it was NS though. Normal summon Raptier, eff dump Whiptail Overlay Bow, SS Raptier by detach Overlay Bull over Bow, detach to add LBS Eff LBS discard to add Fusion Sub Overlay Chakanine over Bow, detach to SS Bull ------ Chakanine / Bull / Raptier ------ Fusion Sub using Chakanine / Bull, SS Norden Eff Norden target Whiptail to SS in Attack Overlay Norden & Raptier to XYZ Emeral Emeral detach Norden target: Raptier and either 2 of these - Bull/Chakanine/LBS. Send back to draw 1 Banish Fusion Sub, return Norden then draw 1 Overlay Tiger on Whiptail then overlay Drident on Tiger ------- Emeral + Drident w/ 2 material + 2 draws You would need like Terrortop, another normal summon lv4/Barrage and or Instant Fusion to extend your plays. Like with a NS Raptier + IF you can get Drident + Emeral + 6 draws using 3 Fusion Subs but that's like if you aren't getting hit with Hand Traps.
  9. DuelistGroundz username: Pryda Discord username: Pryda Formats: Current Format Only Expected level of activity: Few hours during the weekdays, an hour or 2 more on the weekends Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Good players (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Just want to play, only play meta. Can VC sometimes.
  11. God watching this event, especially finals I want to like just quit.
  12. I can't really hop into a format Idk about, maybe at a later time but current formats are usually the ones i'm more interested in.
  13. Grisaille Prison sucks this format though. I mean cool vs Paleo but noids nothing. I'm not sure if GP would even be good enough post MARC against True Dracos [I mean True Dracos could use it] but still. I don't think Zoodiacs are good enough with just 2 Raptiers, you have to run on less pluses & more of cards to extend your plays. Even going against grass is hard enough.
  14. Apparently they aren't using the gimmick bc of legal shit they're fighting. That's why in a tweet from Matt it said he was curing him or something with the amount of energy from WM crowd.