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  1. A Washed Scrub’s Journey: PPT Las Vegas Bubble

    Shows how old we are. I still remember the memes, I summon the cat and I lose, haha. The new rulings and pendulums take some getting used to but it’s fun. Prize support is still terrible but the format is diverse and fun. And to think GB’s with Cat and Teledad/Perfect Circle were diverse back then
  2. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    I’m told I’m almost fluent in Spanish, want to be fluent by the fall. Keep making money off real estate and passive income I’ve built up and investing all the excess. Keep networking. Keep exercising 3x a week. Debate if I want to start this niche fintech app that tested positive in the customer discovery process or move to LA for two years. Keep traveling (have 18 countries and 35 US states down so far). Broke up with this Moroccan woman I was with for 3 years (her family was against me only because I was black, her own sister and cousins told me what her parents said so I let her go for the sake both of us). the past year I’ve had the worst tragedies I’ve ever had and I was seemingly living for everyone else despite my own suffering. I almost died in March and was in the ER for two days. After i came back from the brink, i felt true clarity. My friend invited me to his wedding in India and the fraternity and love I experienced there changed my life. Money is just a tool. It’s not a basis for anything. You can’t help everyone or be there for everyone. You have to be willing to cut ties with even family if they are causing damage. there is no quick path in life for anything worthwhile. This world is nightmarish but if all you witness is evil that’s all your outlook will become. I help myself first and I do what I can, when I can to those that need it and am content with that. I don’t hesitate to cut people off and I don’t get attached either but there are no friends in business as I’ve learned. I had a therapist, he died but I still remember everything he said. The only weakness is letting pride not admitting you have a issue which is the path of a fool. I set goals every week, for monthly, quarterly or annual goals. I don’t worry about what others have. No one owes you anything. I do some more cool shit while I’m young and value experiences over anything material. I feel a deep sense of resolve and know I’ve changed and the people that give a damn about me said I’ve changed. I laugh at some of my old posts here, cringeworthy for sure but people always change. Always forward, never left or right. I will enjoy 2020 more than I ever have because of where I am today.
  3. A Washed Scrub’s Journey: PPT Las Vegas Bubble

    This was a good read, just got active again after all these years
  4. So I picked up a max rarity mermail deck + extra for 250$ at locals, but prepping for bosh, it seems obvious that spectres will be the deck until janurary.  Inifinity, BLS Sacred Soldier, Neptabyss and Rafflesia so far, but any other standout cards?
  5. [907] Breakers of Shadow

    Can you use this card with Treacherous Trap Hole for an Icarus-esque effect? That would be pretty vicious.
  6. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    What's docs?
  7. Destiny

    Oryx is a fucking nightmare, my god...we have the CP so we want to level hard in time to get it done before the reset
  8. Nekroz - Discussion

    I actually gave a build that looks just like this to a friend to play at our LLDS events, he managed to top 8 today, but lost because he decided that he would just fuck up literally non-stop and got 2-0'd where he should have won both games in the top 8, so he didn't qualify lol.     The idea I had was similar to what was mentioned above in regards to being able to reuse the graveyard effects of Herald Of Arc Light after it's been properly summoned, (and in general, it turns out, Herald is a very good card to summon early-mid game in the mirror match) the build also played Naturia Beast to steal games in simplfied gamestates and against Qliphort, but it's not particularly an autowin anymore now the majority of players are playing Perfomage so it's something that we decided we didn't want to make it often. The only other thing I'd say is that the Shaddoll Dragon would be a third Valk depending on the type of event. In a Mathematician build, that also runs Foolish Burial, we thought Dragon would be pretty helpful to out floodgates game 1, but obviously longetivity in the mirror match would take precedence in a larger tournament.   what are those other random fusions? 
  9. Theft prevention

      I'm half black so that is ill advised. Cause texas.
  10. Theft prevention

    I been out of the game since Tour Guide was going for 200$ and I remember decks and binders were getting stolen, but it was nowhere as bad as it once was (i.e, Cyber, DAD, Goat Control, Perfect Circle, Synchros coming out). I almost had my deck stolen at regionals since I had my bag next to me and noticed this guy reaching in with his hand on the deckbox.   Since then whenever I am at a major event I simply lock the bag/keep it between my feet and leave everything not for dueling in the car/hotl room. One good thing I've done is back in the PC days I found a anime deckbox with a blinged out PC deck, Ulti Raizas, german destiny draws, disk commander and everything. Some kid, must have been 14 was crying if I had seen it, described it perfectly to a T. I told him I gave it to the judges and he got it back from them. He was so grateful he gave me his ultimate german Raiza.   I've seen and witnessed some horror stories, but does anyone feel some good theft prevention methods would be good to list? I'm going to YCS dallas.     
  11. Mega Tin 2015

     If you want to get rid of any of them/all of them let me know
  12. Nekroz - Discussion

    how would a  mathematician / clown / instant fusion nekroz deck look? I would think you would have 1 glow up bulb to open up some plays. 
  13. whats the shipping time for shirts?
  14. Nekroz - Discussion

    the question is to run 1 or 2 norden/instant fusion?