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  1. Well this only happened 10 minutes from my house.
  2. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Blizzard_Lizard ?
  3. Moonlighting

    Get a loan against a car/house for a cheaper apr?
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    40 cards with a goal instead of x dolls, y lights, z fusions and other cards to hit the minimum.   But what's the goal of not being conducive to constructive discussion?
  5. I pos rep every post itt

    Gotta check his power level
  6. Ashley Madison hack job

    Probably someone that signed on with EHarmony
  7. Co-workers Stealing?

    You could get fired for withholding information about stealing, just report it.
  8. Eccentric Archfiend

    tour guideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. TCGone.com

  10. TCGone.com

    I'll be looking to test for states over the next week. I believe I'm Nauz
  11. Pokemon NH States Report

    tbh Pokemon has so many retarded cards towards the end of the format, cards like Pot of Duality (Acro Bike) seem lack-luster in comparison.
  12. Nailing a Job Interview

    Give us your resume
  13. https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=7038