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  1. SJC LA 7-1 day one then overall 8-3 62nd Lightsworn YCS Bochum lose my feature round two against Gruner and scrub after that X-Sabers YCS Milan 7-1-2 52nd Plants YCS Paris Scrubbed X-sabers UK Battle of the Kingdoms 2011 (like a FTF) 5-1 in Swiss 3rd or 4th in standings made top 8 came 1st Dimensional Samurai UK Nationals 20117-2 in swiss 12th end of swiss Made top 32 then came 1st Dimensional Samurai 2011 Euros 8-2 9th end of swiss lose in the Top 64 Dimensional Samurai
  2. YCS Providence 1st Place Report

    O right i thought he got something with lonefire from the deck my bad people ignore my last 2 posts
  3. YCS Providence 1st Place Report

    ignore this
  4. YCS Providence 1st Place Report

    ignore this
  5. Six Samurai - Discussion

    Ben im thinking about testing Fiendish chains mained too let me know how it tests please thanks
  6. Six Samurai - Discussion

    I didn't miss DEST once during the whole of the 3 days
  7. Six Samurai - Discussion

    Hey guys thanks for the interest in the deck (i was the one who played it btw) test it let me know how it goes Please check out my video really nervous making it but i hope you enjoy it Thanks
  8. Dueling Network

    Who let Pojo on there?
  9. The Onion is eating that burger! I want my free can of coke!
  10. Your opponent played awful in the videos but yeah congrats man i actually remember you from SJC LA i was the english kid blonde hair
  11. Fish - Discussion

    The thing is you cant play upstarts are people stupid stop going on about upstarts
  12. Fish - Discussion

    play what ever you know the best or which one you think you will play better with
  13. Fish - Discussion

    jimbobjones who are you?
  14. Duelist Revolution

    PJ it wont go to 1 or even 2. because it says on the card you can only play one per turn and you cant special summon etc. i would get as many as you can mate then put them on ebay for profit xD its jake btw
  15. European National Season

    I still gotta order my room D: