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  1. Dueling Network

    @Blacklisted Muh6Million confirmed Apent Jerry alt.
  2. New-Zealand

    Nice - any idea where youll be working? 
  3. Quasarless Quasar

    Hand 1: Level Eater + Terrortop This doesn't do a lot. When you have this and a bunch of bricks, it doesn't look like you can do anything but there's a line that draws a couple cards and establishes Librarian, which often leads to a full combo. SS Top, search for Dice. NS Dice, change Top to level 4. SS Accel Synchron. Use effect of Accel to send Jet Synchron to the graveyard. (Accel +1, to 6.) Discard Level Eater to special Jet. Level Eat off Accel (5), make Formula with Jet and Level Eater. Draw 1. Level Eater off Accel (4), synch both into Librarian.  Level Eater off Librarian (4), synch with Forumla for Tatsunoko. Draw 1.  Easy/Standard play. What you do next from here usually depends drawn cards - Teleport/Instant etc. Ill come back and try more during the day.  
  4. Kozmo - Discussion

    Loved Star Eater all weekend. ;)
  5. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

    The Crigger is back.
  6.   Would any of this be applicable for Sydney?  
  7. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    Legion the Fiend Jester seems cute. Gives you an extra Tribute normal summon (Unicorn) and searches for a vanilla Spellcaster from deck OR grave if it is sent from field to graveyard (Synch with Noble, Trib for Unicorn).
  8. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    Definitely not the promos for the EU DOCS Special Edition. It's not for DOCS it's for CORE which is released Dec 11th   EU dont get CORE SE, they get DOCS SE. Only US gets CORE SE. I wouldn't be surprised if both have the same promo's from BOSH.   
  9. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    Definitely not the promos for the EU DOCS Special Edition.  
  10. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    Blog had this: "vs. Jonathon Phillip Castillo Gomez (Kozmo)"
  11. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    Top 8 is: 5 Kozmo 1 Nekroz 1 Shaddoll 1 Majespecter Kozmo v Majepsecter Kozmo v Nekroz Kozmo Mirror Kozmo v Shaddoll Edited.
  12. Dueling Network

    A simple "Thinking" from him would of solved all of this.  
  13. Mega Tin 2015

    You won't see the rares either. 
  14. Mega Tin 2015

    Print runs etc... he just got a really poor 1.5 cases.