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  1. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      Comments in bold. Also BorAXE the lean, do you want to do a joint WARRIOR arena run sometime? Havent done a skype run in ages.     yeah i actually forgot to include temple enforcer in my list of 'substantially better versions of already strong arena cards' as temple is basically just an insane version of ogre, 6 vs 7 health is negligible and often only really equates to mage saving 2 mana by not having to ping after fireball (which can be a deciding factor in like 1/100 games maybe)   i was under the impression that priest was considered top by the majority of pro arena streamers, if i'm mistaken then i severely question the acumen of pro arena streamers.   i do agree that something about shaman always feels... off. i still think it's a better pick than hunter but i won't argue that it's inconsistent. i'm mostly just thinking about the strength of fire elemental as an individual card and how it's probably the single best single card tempo swing available in terms of commons; it's another one of those cards that it's often really hard to avoid playing into. re: its druid comparisons, lumberer is of course an amazing card but druid had fairly middling rares beforehand while shaman had some really high-powered shit in powermace/feral/storm/mana tide/lava burst so i don't think that's really an argument either way. i've found my druid runs of late to be average at best though i'll concede that this is probably just anecdotal and not indicative of the strength of the class. weirdly my first ever 12-0 was with druid featuring 0 swipes and 0 dotc.   what i've learned from playing shaman is that if you play well you can handle the first flamestrike, but there's usually nothing you can do to survive the second flamestrike unless your deck is insane.   re: warlock, even ignoring joke shit like malganis off voidcaller, DI off voidcaller on turn 5 will usually win the game on its own. it also gained the most from dragon synergy cards due to the hero power allowing you to see significantly more of your deck than other classes allow for. i went 12 the other day with a warlock deck featuring 0 demons but i had double corruptor and 4 dragons and won every game on the strength of that interaction.   it's very often played incorrectly which is why it's usually not too difficult to beat. most get tap-happy early game and think that amassing oodles of cards by turn 5 is how you win, but you're generally not supposed to tap until later turns (assuming you curve well). if you can survive til turn 6 or 7 and you're at parity board-wise with 20+ life you're usually going to win the game because your hero power will just beat theirs.   my main issue with trump is that he's stuck in the value mentality which is actually not as conducive to victory as you'd expect. you'll win a lot of games by taking value losses to gain tempo (you have no idea how many people well played me when i drop a leper gnome or some other shitter on turn 1 vs their mage and they ping it, then i snowball the entire game thanks to the tempo gain)
  2. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      'better arena classes if you are going for building up collection' as opposed to what lol. are there classes that are good in arena but arent conducive to building up a collection?   hunter commons are generally garbage compared to other classes, stuff like webspinner is good and deadly shot can be ok but everything else is middling as fuck. tons of other classes have way better board recovery options than hunter does, hunter only really has hounds to punish and that generally just equates to more face damage and not actual board recovery.   it has one of the best rares in the game in highmane but if we're judging classes based on the strength of their rares then rogue is the best due to SI/flurry/skulker     what do you put below hunter other than warrior?
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      dot pointing because it makes it easier to get my thoughts down dont beat urself up if u have only played like 6 runs or whatever a handfull is and are not smashing everyone. You hit a point about practice and its true - the more you play the better you get. Keep at it! an 8 average is really hard to get. Being RNGstone, some games/decks are out of ur control. the 6-7 is more realistic, try to aim for that. I have like a 6.5 average and i play a fair bit of arena to give you an example http://www.heartharena.com/is a very useful tool. Gives solid advice and a way for you to record ur games, win percentages etc. With regards to classes, mage and paladin are high picks. Priest, Rogue, Druid, Hunter and Warlock are solid but generally not as strong as the first two. Try to avoid shaman and warrior Streamers to watch for arena include Trump (his youtube has all his drafts), Hafu, Ratsmah, ADWCTA. Kripp does decently but the only thing i find him educational for is dank memes. Keep in mind everyone has their own style I used a mix of streams and just playing the game. DGZ skype groups were also really fun/helpful but im not sure whats happened to those Tempo is king Good luck, hope you achieve ur goals!     8 average may be tough for a beginner or intermediate but it's extremely possible to average 8+ if you're experienced/skilled enough   i play almost exclusively arena, grinding for legend once in a while to make use of all the cards i've accumulated for arena. i'm f2p and got everything relevant in the game through arena, currently just crafting golden legendaries for vanity purposes.   it's become a lot easier since the iphone release as you'll be playing a lot more new players in the first few rounds. i'm starting-0 or 8-0 a lot more frequently these days than i used to be. i'm also seeing way more shit like warlocks tapping after summoning at 11 wins than i used to.   priest is absolutely on par with mage and paladin btw, it counters mage due to being flamestrike-resistant yet has issues with paladin if you can't keep board control dude to endless 1/1 dudes. my last 9 priest runs have all been 8+ wins, and while that's anecdotal i don't think many will disagree with my assessment. vs priest i always find myself on turn 2making plays where i just accept that if he has the velen's i lose the game on the spot. not many other classes have that effect on me (hint for newer players: if you claim that mage puts you in similar positions with flamestrike you ought to rethink the way you play the game). mind control/death/pain/velen/nova/pws are all game-swinging cards, then you have shit like cultist and shrinkmeister which are just substantially better versions of already strong arena cards. the ubiquity of mage makes priest a strong pick though you'll occasionally get stuck with constant paladin matchups which depend almost entirely on how you handle the first 5 turns.   i also wouldn't put shaman anywhere near as low as warrior, it's below the top 3 and warlock but i'd say it's at least on par with druid, fireguard destroyer was a huge boon. it's kind of wanting if you dont get any fire elementals though (i've counted 2 fire elementals total in my last 8 shaman runs zzz). hunter and warrior are bottom for sure, and i say that as someone who used to constantly cruise through arena with face warrior pre-gvg. only class i can't accurately assess is rogue as i often have no idea if i'll go 2-3 or 12-x when i finish drafting. yesterday i took an extremely middling rogue deck from 0-2 to 12-2 purely on the strength of double frost elemental.   i'm not totally sure if i think lock is comparable to the big 3 yet but i think gang boss has made it extremely close. it's still not that strong without caller/DI but if you get caller/DI then you're almost guaranteed 10+ wins   one of the best ways to get better at arena is to skype through a run with someone else, it doesn't matter if they're better than you or not, differing viewpoints help tremendously. i've been skyping some friends through runs recently and while i make 95% of the plays for them they occasionally suggest an alternative that i hadn't considered, and whether it's the correct play or not i still learn something from it.   my friend getting into arena has been my first experience with heartharena and when we decide on picks he tells me what heartharena thinks and i tend to agree upwards of 90% of the time so i have to say i think it's a pretty strong tool. i think it undervalues certain cards (notably stormpike commando and raid leader in shaman or paladin) but in general is pretty spot on. at first i was dubious of its proclivity to suggest fel reaver due to the ease with which i usually deal with opposing ones but i picked one in a paladin deck the other day and it was the deciding facter in 9/12 wins during the run so i now regard it very highly.   i think trump is pretty average at arena but kripp is good, it's a shame he doesn't explain his plays very well/often as i doubt the majority of his sizable viewerbase has any idea why the plays he's making are correct. i haven't watched too much ratsmah but he seems to know what he's doing too.   the most important piece of advice i can give to arena aspirants is that you will lose way more games by trading too much than you will by not trading enough. this was difficult for me to adjust to coming from yugioh.
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    first 12-0 in a long while, arena has so many baddies right now     missing cards are 2 x argent commander, sunwalker, guardian of kings, and lay on hands. gvg power creep can go suck an egg
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    spell power totem double face crackle for 14 is the new force/savage
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      i get them with some frequency, even as someone who never uses the emote system. my favourite way of dealing with them is to accept their friend request like 2 days later, and then ask why they added me. at that point the rage has worn off and they're usually just embarrassed.
  7. Gottoms' Emergency Convocation

    Then it would be a Maldolche T0 format. Not a xsaber one     i don't think it would be either of those formats, considering with uniflora rescue cat becomes a 1-card field of 2500 naturia beast + 2650 landoise + 2800 barkion + 2100 giga-brilliant with 6 cards in hand How? I'm actually interested     from a post i made last year:   "1. summon rescue cat 2. tribute cat for uniflora and dark desertapir (level 2, when its banished you can ss a beast from grave) 3. tribute uniflora for cat, tribute cat for 2nd uniflora and windup rat 4. tribute uniflora for cat, tribute cat for 3rd uniflora and elephun (level 2 tuner) 5. sync rat/elephun/dark desertapir into naturia landoise 6. tribute uniflora for cat, ss madolche hootcake and key mouse (level 1 tuner) 7. hootcake targets and banishes dark desertapir (not a cost, so tapir doesn't miss timing) to ss madolche messengelato from deck, tapir triggers to ss cat from grave, messengelato triggers if you want to run a madolche spell, this gives you a guaranteed spell for landoise 8. sync messengelato and key mouse for naturia beast 9. tribute cat to ss airbellum and another windup rat 10. sync bellum and hootcake into barkion, rat ss rat from grave, overlay into brilliant, activate effect that leaves you with a 2500 naturia beast, a 2650 landoise, a 2800 barkion, a 2100 brilliant, and 6 cards in hand (including at least 1 spell, due to messengelato). i guess if you really wanted to you could use your last cat to go into airbellum and another dark desertapir and sync your 3 remaining guys for stardust, leaving you with landoise/beast/stardust and 6 in hand. also if you change some steps up you can make librarian first, you lose barkion that way but you draw 2 cards leaving you with 8 in hand. the other 'good' combo was 1. cat into uni and airbellum 2. uni into cat into uni and tapir 3. uni into cat into uni and outstanding dog marron (lol, any non-tuner lv1 beast works) 4. bellum and tapir into librarian, uni into cat into hootcake and key mouse 5. key mouse and marron into formula, draw 2 6. hootcake banish tapir ss messengelato add madolche field spell if you want, ss key mouse from grave (no space to ss cat sadly) 7. key mouse and gelato into naturia beast, draw 1, sync beast/librarian/formula into quasar 8. end with hootcake, quasar and 9 cards in hand (though you've got a a useless madolche spell [and presumably other shitty beast cards]) also worth noting is that if any time during either of these combos you draw into gold sarc (for tapir, which is just an extra rescue cat) or unicorn beacon ('Select 1 removed from play Level 5 or lower Beast-Type or Winged Beast-Type monster. Remove from play 1 card in your hand and Special Summon the selected monster in Attack Position.' [theoretically insane since you can trigger tapir and summon another beast) or gigantes/redox (banishing cat lets you do leviair/unicorn beacon it back for some more shit]) or reborn, it results in an additional synchro/xyz of choice"
  8. Gottoms' Emergency Convocation

    Then it would be a Maldolche T0 format. Not a xsaber one     i don't think it would be either of those formats, considering with uniflora rescue cat becomes a 1-card field of 2500 naturia beast + 2650 landoise + 2800 barkion + 2100 giga-brilliant with 6 cards in hand
  9. Koa'ki Meiru Overdose

    wouldn't the name be 'overdoze' as a portmanteau of overdose and doze as in bulldozer? what with the last character being zu and not su
  10. can't wait to drop gorz on ceasefire burn TWICE PER GAME
  11. Windows 8 can't find network connections

      sweet, that did it. was a bit confused at first since i thought an errant white cable near my network card was to blame, but it turned out that the card itself was just loose, and that said cable was just extra, as my card only supports one.   was tricky as hell since i wasn't able to fully remove the back from the laptop due to my inability to figure out how to remove the fucking battery. thankfully i have the fingers of a small girl.   thanks for the help!
  12. So I ended up stumbling over my open laptop like a retard (it was laying with the backside of the screen facing downwards, so hitting it with my foot caused it to slam shut and restart. Post-reboot it's unable to locate any networks. At first when I tried troubleshooting it told me the problem may be that diagnostic policy service was disabled, so I checked services and enabled the diagnostic services that weren't labeled as running. Now when I troubleshoot it just tells me that a network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken. From a help forum: "I also had this problem on my Lenovo, but was able to fix it by myself :) Follow these steps that I used after all else failed: 1) Go into "msconfig" and boot computer in NETWORK SAFE MODE. 2) After restarting,click on "selective startup" in "msconfig", and select "load system services" and "original boot configuration". Restart. 3) Go back into "msconfig" and select "normal startup"and make sure that NOTHING is selected under the "boot" tab!!! Restart again... 4) After restarting a third time, WIN+Q and search "proxy", select "network proxy settings". 5) Under manual proxy setup, deselect "use a proxy server". 6) Your internet (and audio settings if that is an issue) should now work. Hope this helps! Cheers." All is well up until step 4, but the only thing related to proxies I can find through search is 'configure proxy server' which, when clicked, takes me to the connections tab of Internet properties which has nothing about proxies on it. Not really sure what to do. I'm assuming my network adapter got damaged. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. i can't tell what's more embarrassing, how fucking stupid the OP is or how fucking stupid all these people misunderstanding him are