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  1. Mass shooting in California

    this is really upsetting, not just as a Californian but as an American. The rate at which these shootings keep happening is insane and fucking scary.    Nothing gets done by the local, state or federal government. It is a scary time to be a non-white American, more so when the fucking police are behind some of this civil terrorism.    And when the anti-gun control / anti-planned parenthood rhetoric resonates with a fucking terrorist, and they act on it, the politicians find a way to deflect the same people they are trying to get to vote for them. This coupled with obvious racism (white folk get to make it all the way to trial, not gunned down where they stand) really paints the picture of what a shithole the U.S. is becoming. 
  2. Mass shooting in California

    i dont see how mental illness can even be claimed here. this was organized, by 3 individuals.    and it was a social service building for people with disabilities, what kind of shitbag would do something like this 
  3. [Beta] Advanced Yugioh Rankings

    This seems like a great idea. Almost like Mint but for ygo. I don't see how you would do it on a large scale tho but it'd be nice to see implemented.
  4. Ycs Sao paulo

    This guy is a monster. He used to decimate Adam Corn for money when Adam was in his prime. He swept a team of Robbie Boyajin, Barret Keys and Adam Corn. The stories I've heard about this guy lol. Shame he couldn't go to worlds when he qualified like 2 years ago.
  5. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    Gerardo Lopez is taking this tbh
  6. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    It just wasn't advertised here like at all
  7. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    How many people?
  8. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    finals streaming now   jonathan gomez (clowns) vs ed acepsion (infernoid)
  9. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    http://www.twitch.tv/mtgdealstv   tournament is set to start at 5PM Pacific time. We should be up and running in about 20 minutes.    It's a double elim with 16 players who qualified. Here were the pairings in case anyone cares.     Ed Sack Acepsion vs Herman Cosie Zach Stone vs Alec Zavala Jonathan Gomez vs Christopher Martinez Julio Rodas vs Sam Gilbert Ching Chen vs Adam Cisneros Jonathan Su vs Daniel Lee Omar Daoudi vs Dio Ayala Alyxander Lisgathe vs Jose Lopez
  10. YCS Lille FR, 5th-6th december 2015

    As far as I am aware, the YCS will go ahead as planned, we don't plan on cancelling the event at this time. If this changes we will let people now through official channels (yugioh-card.com and facebook.com/yugiohtcgeu). The only event that I recall being adjusted was the 2011 World Championship, which was due to be held in Japan but moved to Europe following concerns after the tsunami disaster.     That doesn't sound very promsing, seems like you haven't ruled it out. What would stop it from being held anyway? It would also be really nice to know if its going ahead in the next day or 2 before my 1000 hotel becomes unrefundable.   so it was 3 days since that was posted ouch!     Its pretty fucking obvious konami holds the entire player base with the utmost contempt. Delayed annoucement, overpriced products and rarity bumps with literally $0 in prize money. Why the fuck does anyone still play this shitty fucking game.   requesting ban   Prove me wrong. I'm out 1000 in hotels alone for fucks sake because they couldnt announce a single day earlier. There are some seriously pissed off people from where i'm from in South Africa who had all bought flights to attend our first YCS, now we're all out of pocket and have no fucking desire to be in europe during winter. Weak response and by canceling on a whim they let ISIS win. Yeah because that is tenfold more important than the well-being of the consumer base you entitled fuck It sucks that you lost out on whatever but it's disgusting of you to react like this
  11. Perfectly understandable. Hopefully they announce something to compensate those who already had arrangements.
  12. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    yeah i can do that   EDIT: also if anyone shows up and wants to help commentate i can arrange that
  13. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    For anyone wanting to ygo the Friday before, we're having our format SoCal top 16 playoff at MTG Deals. Basically all the SoCal people who topped or won events play for a free flight to any YCS or ARG. We're gonna stream it and they're having the normal Friday local as well.
  14. Infernoid - Discussion

    You don't like chaos hunter at all? Also what are the Void Seers even good against rn? They don't really do anything vs kozmo or the majespecters.