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  1. Calvin on suicide watch.
  2. That's because I haven't been playing. :^)
  3. I haven't been around much but if we want to boost activity we could easily just leave it up to the teams to decide what format they play or we could do battle city type thing where individuals could focus on their own games during slow times too.
  4. What were the dates this format was live for? September 2007 to March 2008?
  5. I finally picked up magic 2 weeks ago and finished my deck. I'll see how long it takes to start destroying FNM in my area. Wish me luck boys
  6. What's the jump like from rank 5 to Legendary? 5 is where I've hovered and I am doing a lot of recording of my own games and doing things like that to better myself. I don't see why I'm not legendary by the next season or so, hopefully.
  7. So I've only read a bit. Is Josh the only one doing big things in the game currently?
  8. Decided to come back to DGZ to post here. Been playing the game for about 6 months and I think I've hit a wall. Figured if I was going to look to get better why not come and see what's up around here.
  9. I missed all the fun, fuck.
  10. Started playing a few weeks ago, enjoying it so far. Decided to start with Mage once I'm finished I'll move on to Hunter I think. Game is actually really fun.
  11. Is that draft full now? ;_;
  12. It's been a long time since I paid attention to anything Yugioh related but holy fuck does everyone pile shuffle after every play that manipulates the deck now?
  13. I haven't posted on DGZ in forever but you know I'm back for some FF boys <3