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  1. Calvin on suicide watch.
  2. I finally picked up magic 2 weeks ago and finished my deck. I'll see how long it takes to start destroying FNM in my area. Wish me luck boys
  3. What's the jump like from rank 5 to Legendary? 5 is where I've hovered and I am doing a lot of recording of my own games and doing things like that to better myself. I don't see why I'm not legendary by the next season or so, hopefully.
  4. So I've only read a bit. Is Josh the only one doing big things in the game currently?
  5. Decided to come back to DGZ to post here. Been playing the game for about 6 months and I think I've hit a wall. Figured if I was going to look to get better why not come and see what's up around here.
  6. I missed all the fun, fuck.
  7. Started playing a few weeks ago, enjoying it so far. Decided to start with Mage once I'm finished I'll move on to Hunter I think. Game is actually really fun.
  8. Is that draft full now? ;_;
  9. It's been a long time since I paid attention to anything Yugioh related but holy fuck does everyone pile shuffle after every play that manipulates the deck now?
  10. I haven't posted on DGZ in forever but you know I'm back for some FF boys <3
  11. I'm in silver still, think I'm making progress but I have no idea. Any DGZers that know me can add me if they like. ModeOneZero, I'll take pointers or just play with some old friends.
  12. I just started to move from blind pick to unrated draft. About 50 or so days in. Sometimes I have my bad games sure, but sometimes I see people do the most retarded I can't even begin to describe.
  13. Don't worry, dgz is a group of faggots anyway.
  14. Got banned from the chat, rofl.