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  1.   oh snap
  2. are there any other leaderboards that are keeping track of this sort of thing?
  3. i had a thought: what if you extrapolate flipping the switch to this situation   suppose there's some rich guy who's carrying a briefcase with $50,000 in it   someone robs the guy and uses the money to save 5 kids in some 3rd-world country from starving to death   this would be the rough equivalent of the guy who flipped the switch, but in this case he didn't even have to kill anyone (unless maybe the rich guy fought back and the robber had to kill him to take the briefcase)
  4. need details   what's the project   what's the pay
  5. you know i used to quite dislike you, esp considering all the crap you did   but somewhere between then and now i've grown to like you a lot more. and that's not something i can say about a lot of ppl here   it was lousy of ash and whoever those other ppl were to make fun of you when u said u wanted to be a priest. you guys should be ashamed of yourself   take care of yourself man, do what's right for you   like admitting u were raped before, didn't know that about you and it would honestly explain a lot. unless you actually weren't, but i believe you. and i'm sorry and i hope u overcome that
  6. it seemed quite intuitive to me when i first started driving   i bet i could do it if i tried, but i'm just used to using one foot now   i don't doubt that it could work well for some people
  7. i don't know of any, and even if there was, i never got any   and that's before you bring up the ongoing issue  of revisionism and denialism in history textbooks
  8. ah, the trolley problem   here's another take on it:    if the trolley was headed for one guy, but you could flip the switch so it hits five guys, would you kill the five to save the one?   suppose someone did flip the switch. what's the difference between him, and the guy in the standard scenario who just lets the trolley hit the five? the result is the same, the only difference is one guy flipped a switch and one guy didn't. is there a difference? and is the difference just in flipping the switch?
  9. Are you asking me for them? I'd be a lot more likely to grant them but unfortunately, I think you have to talk to Japan about that.    it was kind of a rhetorical question. they basically told us to fuck off, going on 70 years now   even now there's a lot of fuss about revisionist history in japanese textbooks   even as a rhetorical question, what's the answer? i don't get reparations because Japan is a dick? and that's that?
  10. grats   what kind of doctoring will you be doing and where
  11. ok i just read that other deal about reparations   my family got fucked by the japanese, how come i don't get any reparations
  12. when i was little my school mascot was the indians and it was in the theme song too which quaintly enough i can still sing   i remember some years ago they changed the mascot cuz indians was offensive   i'm not really bothered by it either way, but i can understand if some ppl are and sympathize with that
  13.   would it then mean that it is one's deeds that have moral value? "our actions define us" etc   and what defines our deeds?   @jesus the jew: yes i have heard that criticism of mother teresa, from christopher hitchens specifically. the world at large still regards her as a good person rather than a bad person though, which was why i brought up that example. i'm slightly impressed at how you can serve up moral criticism of all these people. who are the people you regard as good?
  14. would that then mean life is of no value? nihilism etc
  15. another line of questioning i would like to posit is, if all human life sacred, then is all animal life sacred for the same reasons? (buddhism says so). if that is the case, would a meat-eater be "less sacred" than a vegetarian because of the sacred lives he or she was responsible for destroying?   if all human life is sacred but not all animal life is sacred, why not? what makes humans different from other animals, to cause them to be sacred?   not so relevant to this but my personal take on this (and i have put a lot of thought into it) draws a lot from peter singer. basically some aspects of a person's experience are sacred, while some are not. and the sanctity of a person's life depends on how they live it. like, don't we all have some days where it's like, "gee, that was a waste of a day and my existence feels so meaningless. all i did was watch porn, drink mountain dew, smoke weed, and play yugioh eat junk food like the worthless bum i am"   and some days where it's like "wow, what an incredible experience/accomplishment that was, i felt more alive on this day than i felt in the month"