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  1. Flatbush Zombies

    Why no caius? I play a zombies too and mali at 3 and caius there is just a great combination into rank 6 and it beeing a standalone great card helps too.
  2. Madolche Hootcake

    With what is already suggestod and/or shapesister in a deck you could make naturias and    Angel of Zera   Hootcake can keep bringing it back
  3. Shard of Greed

        The typo makes for a pretty good joke
  4. Shard of Greed

    That's retarded , lol . Heavy most certainly will not get re-banned .  What did you guys say?
  5. Teledad 2013

    Teledad was best after royal oppression. So why not go vanity's emptiness and master key?
  6. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

      This deck is dead.
  7. d.d. crow

    shut the fuck up   l-o-l. listen here u grotesque alien looking cock sucker, im glad u finally came up for air and hoban is getting a break, but u should really chill the fuck out.   crow is not a good card anymore. only thing it hits that is relevant that comes to mind? gunde. everything else is covered by veiler and/or fiendish or the negating of an effect that summons from grave. zombies are not relevant yet. infernity is out'd by maxx, veiler, fiendish and just better cards with more utility. you are literally being a faggot just to be a faggot here. none of the reasons you listed, nor none of the reasons he listed merit any play of d.d. crow. its also quite early in the format to be talking about siding d.d. crow of all cards. doesn't surprise me that you are too retarded to realize this however. leading authority on ygo right here meng, the man whose credentials include topping with 2 degen decks, getting banned whilst using a 3rd, and taking his head out of hoban's ass just long enough to lose it in his own apparently. Sabers are degenerate xD haha you're dumber than you look, but I can't expect more coming from a string bean Ethiopian such as yourself. Maybe you should go on the "say something to someone who will never see this" thread and cry about how shit your life is so you try and compensate for it by coming in here and acting like anything you have to say yugioh related or not has any merit. Your biggest accomplishment was joining Starless or wait scratch that, maybe it was beating me in a best of 5 because you mained cards to give you an advantage. Well congrats, sorry that isn't sig material and you can't actually do anything worth talking about irl. Sorry I played Sabers in Atlanta (not degenerate but you're an online warrior so what do you know?) Sorry I played Samurai in dallas, it was the best deck don't hate because in one weekend I did more than you've accomplished in your whole career lol. you can look at the top cut and look at all the solid players in top (Billy, Alistar, Roy, Nizar, Trey Massengale, Scott Page, Joe, the list goes on and on but we'll move on) And sure the biggest mistake was playing DW not the best deck yet still did something no one else could, and while you sat behind your computer screen wishing you could even make day 2 of a YCS on a consistent basis I'm always there. The OP said that Crow had merit this format and you come in throwing your weight around like anyone actually gives a fuck about what you have to say, you're irrelevant, you've never done anything significant in yugioh and you've never come up with anything worth talking about so your opinion on any matter involving yugioh is as worthless as my dog's shit. It's also funny you mention Patrick since from what I heard when you finally met him for the first time you acted like a little bitch fan boy and wanted to play all nice, typical of an online badass   Edit: And please stop talking about looks when you look like this  https://sphotos-b-atl.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/544144_570349339656820_1074324283_n.jpg   Ok if we are really gonna talk about yugioh careers nowadays... It's just a hobby and both off you need to chill, no need to say stuff you can't take back.
  8. Bird Machine

    How about Diamond Dire in the extra, works with winged beast and is just too easy to make in here.
  9.   I had to think about ROD, I am sure im not the only one who thought about dicks first right?
  10. Am I the only one who would be okay with this?   hit heavy and other cards that would turn the game into "you can't play ygo", then i'd be okay   also remember that night beam didn't exist then and mst was semi'd, so I feel that the summon set 5 move is a bit more counterable now While summon set 5 is shit to play against, no one is stopping you from doing the same. Heavy actually stops you from doing it.
  11. Warn Removal Thread

    I got a warning from september 2012, since i got another today I would like to get the old one removed.
  12. Sept 13 3 Axis

      You just became a member today, get the fuck out of this topic little bitch.
  13. Sept 13 3 Axis

    So yea, you come waltzing onto DGZ and think why not make my first post a decklist. Because you knopw what they better fucking help me before I contribute anything to a website I want to be part off.    Fuck you and fuck off, thank you.
  14. Regret I ever came.

    When I come I never regret it. You fucking pussy!