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  1. Blackwings [Post DOCS]

    I still like sirocco for getting over huge stuff and possible otk potential even if it's a one of
  2. Performapages!

    I'm not too familiar with this deck yet. So, with that being said is there a reason you decided on only 2 Instant Fusion instead of 3 besides maybe deck space. I mean personally if I ran 2 Norden I'd run 3 instant fusion just to make sure I can see it. I might be missing something though.
  3. happy dolls

    Yeah, honestly I agree with nb96 it's just too cluttered. Personally I would take out blaze man and poly and play another gem knight as it would create less dead draws in the long run. I also feel you should add more shaddoll monsters.
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    The way I see it IMO it makes sense to run an almost trap less build as most people will not side into hate against you than. So, it quite possibly could open you up to running some traps in your side for g2 and throw them off. Idk if this might merit for an approach though as I'm just coming back to the game, however, it has worked for me in the past. I do feel it is a nifty trick to just kind of throw them off their game and when they feel they have to run a deck a different way as you have no traps you make them even more uncomfortable by sliding in traps to shift the scales of tempo even more in your favor. As I side note I haven't tried to do this with the deck personally. Just theory oh at this point just felt it merited being said.
  5. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Also, I am playing 2 Econ and bls in main as well
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    So, I have a question. I've read every page of this and was wondering if I have room for two dark law and a fortune tuner in my extra deck and what are the staples for the extra now that norden is out besides the obvious triple Dante, downered, and like two Virgil. Or do I even have room for all three of them an possibly koga?
  7. I really don't think you have enough grave control to mitigate the use of dark armed with the chaos monsters tbh. I mean honestly how many times does dark armed sit dead in your hand?
  8. Pile of cards

    Sorry I thought it was obvious for Trishula and natural beast but I could've been specific on reasons. I haven't really posted too much in a long time so yeah my bad.
  9. Pile of cards

    I think glow up bulb would fit pretty well in this.
  10. ll Getting back ll Masked Destiny Hero

    Ideas of Dark Armed Dragon?
  11. DN Grind Nekroz

    While I haven't played ygo in awhile I will say a few things. I've been reading up intently as I've been kinda wanting to start dueling on DN again. I honestly don't see a problem maining the Raigeki but that's just me. I would test out nekroz on DN, however, I forgot my password so I will have to start from scratch as a rating. Anyways I would keep raigeki and get rid of torrential and vanitys
  12. you know what really grinds my gears?

    I would try to cut the deck to 40 but honestly couldn't tell you what without trying this varient out. Conversion side sounds interesting though.
  13. Chaos Dragons

    I really like your reasons for running Fader but I still really like the Spies and Guard in Dragons as if they have T King or Trooper etc they can't run over them and then I get an easy Shock Master which can be game changing on its own. I took out 1 Trag and the Sarcs and added the Spies and Guard and am loving it as I also have yet another way to get Caius out as well and so many people automatically think oh hey that's Ryko that they get some damage and have that look like what really? on their faces. Although not going to lie I still prefer the more Lightsworn approach and play JD as it has been so consistent for me but I also have Spies and Guard in that and play 1 Caius.
  14. Nightcall

    I believe this because it works with Lightpulsar and Dimensional Alchemist also is nice to use Honest banish it get it back with Alchemist effect.
  15. Nightcall

    I honestly believe Honest would be nice in this.