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  1. Top 16 Gold Sarc Tournament

    Oh I had Black Luster Soldier and Soul Charge the turn you did that LOL
  2. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    http://i.imgur.com/xURXzdL.png I am currently 5th on DN Matches Tcg with this deck idk what else to say my account is Day Cough I honestly think hands are the best card for the deck when you draw bad it keeps you alive and lets you play yugioh before you can start doing unfair things.
  3. Prophecy - Discussion

    Is Gear Supposed to be a good or bad matchup? I played 3 gears on a Saturday local playing totally standard list of Book and proceeded to win however I opened up Justice and 1-2 protections  ever game.W hen ever they went off i would be able to break the board they would set up if i lived through there push.. Today though I just absolutely got demolished by a 2 gear players 1 of which only played 2 Geargia Gear :C . The hands i open up justice book I just win those games. The games where I open up blue boy set a couple i seem to either 1 get out paced by them or 2 draw priestess at the right time to break there board. Its fairly frustrating that Priestess Resolving is the end all be all for the gear matchup from the limited amount of games i have played.
  4. Hey I'm Ed Acepcion! Bubbleman Extraordinaire! and here is some Preface and back-story very few will enjoy! PREFACE So since the beginning of the format I decided I will take the game a little more seriously and actually play good decks. I picked up geargia due to the Jap Banlist however the way I wanted to play it got merced by the banlist so out of a suggestion I end up playing SpellBook. I literately grind every local with the intention of getting a bunch of practice to get another top 8 (I'm a bum and only have 2) and finnaly getting a YCS top. I end up losing on the bubble of the regional because book is not a good deck haha. So me being ignorant try every variant of book and end up getting frustrated being continually beat by Sang Bui, Jesus Saurez, and Barret Keys every week at locals just for them to say Ed Please just play dragon. Out of Frustration I end up trying Draguinity and disliking it because Veiler and Maxx C is a card. The deck seemed good in the mirror cuz you can outright kill people alot of times and stardust was amazing however in the mirror it gets blown up by maxx c, veiler and vs rouge decks I dont think it can grind as well as dragon so that was out of the book. I was strolling around DGZ deck discussion I saw what i believe to be Robert Boyajian (MY GODDAMN HERO) posting about how assualt mode might be a viable deck. So I immediately sleeve one up and take dragon ruler assualt mode to my local and go undefeated. The deck was crazy  good and just a little trollzy so i Decided To take it up as my deck of choice. 3 days before I msged Robbie on FB and asked for his list he said What? I dont have one Ayer . is not me im Ayer goddamn punctuation marks -____- I still decide to play it and get ready for the event. We head out Friday morning and register. Go out to eat sleep early and I'm ready for day 1. I end up seeing everyone Brian Canales, Alex (basedloli), Angel A and Angel Flores, Ryan Machado, and more people from so cal you might not know and none of them believe my deck choice i say i m playing it and this is what i sleeved up for the event     Monsters 22  3 Blaster 3 Tidal 3 Tempest 3 Redox 3 Startdust Dragon Assault Mode 3 Draguinity Corsesca 3 Assault Beast 1 Flamvel Gaurd Spells 11 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 3 Dragon Ravine 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Fire Formation Tenki 1 Terra Forming Traps 7  3 Rageki Break 3 Assualt mode Activate! 1 Return Side Deck 15 2 Malevolent Catastrophe 2 Dna Surgery 2 Divine Wrath 2 Xyz Encore 2 Skill Drain 2 Fencing FIre Ferret 1 Debunk 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Ancient Lamp Extra 15 3 Stardust 2 Crimson Blader 2 Scrap Dragon 2 Draco Sack 1 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Red Dragon Archfiend 1 Colossal FIghter 1 Big Eye 1 Black Rose 1 Gaia Charger   Round 1 Gabriel Gonzales! ( Evilswarm)  So round 1 i look at the standings see its a person from so cal i groan and proceed to sit in front of him I have some small talk with him and say your not fooling me i see a Ophion on top of his extra and proceed to say your playing spell book ( thats one of the match ups i wanted to play all day) He says darn and we start playing Game 1  He starts off of thunderbird set 3 :/ I pass setting space typhoon. He Draws Rabbit hits me ophions it up and passes. I draw Ravine pitch search corseca discard that and tempest to get blaster pop his ophion but he flashes a kerkion and I pack it in. Game 2 He draws mediocre and I have game on a silver platter i make assault mode and start beating down however he catches him with a emptiness and its all down hill when I mis play with return expecting Big Dragons to go back to my hand. He drawsa monster and i go from 2000 to 0 with a kerk :( 0-1   Round 2 Blackwings Game 1  I win the roll open up the  nuts and he cant come back even when i negated one whirlwind he proceeds to activate 2 more and gets a plus 80 Game 2 He sets 3 Summon Shura passes. In my Draw phase he activates iron wall and soul drain I go MST the unknown Cross my fingers and summon an assault beast and HE GETS IN THERE! I attack with him and just start rageki breaking every monster and it gets me there! 1-1   Round 3 Maldoche Game 1  I have some small take assume hes playing a "good deck" because he travelled from washington just to play. I draw horrendus he goes Mageline turn 1 sets 3 passes. My hand is awful so i have to assualt mode into 3 backfields he activates the ultimate feelbads and trap stuns me :(. The game drags on and I'm still playing dragon and end up coming back with big eye and a scrap dragon Game 2 He opens double iron I space the first he flips the second Debunks my blaster and we move on to the final game Game 3 I pass he turn 1 barkions me by summoning mageline searching for the cat and E Teleport attack for 25. Next turn my assault mode activate is dead and the only big dragons i can summon is Earth and Wind. I make a thought ruler attack hopefully he has nothing than he Maldoches me to death :( 1-2 Im Disheartened but all my friends are 3-0 and People give me some hope I can do better   So here I am I drove 7 hours to get her just to scrub :/ I pick myself up and get something to eat to clear my mind   Round 4 Laval Game 1 My opponent passes with an empty field and a set backfield So I assume hes playing dragon I summon ravine summon a redox he maxx c I make a startard and then just push for 2500 and I make assault mode on his draw phase. He sets 1 monster and passes. I draw make a blader and I attack into a set lakeside lady and he scoops it up. Game 2 I have no idea how his deck works all I know is rekindling a good card however the True best card is assault mode. He activates 1 I negate then I have a clutch Rageki Break to prevent a quasar from dropping and assault mode ends the game.   Round 5 Dragon Game 1 I lose the roll and he ravines makes a Colossal fighter sets 1 passes. I draw 2 space proceed to activate them make a stardust get maxx c ( I got maxx c every time I make the stardust!) set Assault Mode Activate and pass, I drop the bomb and hes like lol wut. I slowly grind him out by color locking him out of wind then fire then earth and a Gaia Charger on a set veiler ends the game. Game 2 He Summons troopers mills 3 sets 1 passes.  I have ravine ditch a big for another big I summon a blaster remove tempest get a tuner summon the tuner he Rageki Breaks it but I have the clutch redox to reborn the tuner and drop assault mode he almost kills me on the swing back cuz I negated a tempest effect and he drops a debris ready for the AFD combo bit a rageki break seals up when is top the combo and he shakes his head when he realizes that Assault mode is coming back at end phase. Round 6 Chain Burn.... Game 1 He has a dirty mat, old sleeves, and idk not the Yugioh Etiquette I expect of a good player so I think to myself YES hes probably playing a shit deck or like something cheap but competitive (evilswarm consteller) He wins the roll goes first duality into burn cards and summons card car d. I open nuts and go assault mode set 2 mst's I never summon a monster and just beat him down with Assault mode and he just dies after awhile. Game 2 I play dragons cuz I never draw the combo and he resolves 3 card car d's and im pretty dead in the water till I summon an Assault mode! He activates a burn card I negate he flips ojama trio and I get sad now cuz his Lava Golem Is live now :( Game 3 I go first open up Big Boss and he cant win cuz I never summon another monster the entire game.   Round 7 Spellbook So I Look at the matchups and I get sad because I realize I'm playing Oscar Zeleya I was gonna play his version of spellbook like a week before so at least I should know what hes playing. Game 1 I'm playing dragon this time and just rageki break his backfield space his towers he flips late game a reckless and restablilzes with a tower but one of my last cards in hand is a 2nd ravine it ends up resolving and he cannot come back without drawing cards and on the final turn I realease my true power and summon Assault Mode Game 2 The entire game I Play dragon and end up losing to Mutiple kycoos even after ripping back to back to back swords into relevant cards. Game 3 I go turn 1 assault mode and end up winning due to DNA surgery on Psychic and a thought ruler, I find out game 3 he sided out his anti assault mode cards l0l (divine wrath) when he saw game 2 I sided most of my engine out but he forgot to realize I was going first!   Well School is starting be back for the NEXT EPISODE!
  5. Prophecy - Discussion

    also breaker just kinda let me play yugioh sometimes i would look at my hand and imagine if the breaker was a priestess and go wow i would be dead by now if that happened just having a monster i can summon to turn ono tower was to clutch
  6. Prophecy - Discussion

    The entire regionals Breaker was the best card for a bunch of reasons turn 1 against dragons they would almost always be inclined to kill or veiler breaker to protect an emptiness ravine especially if they have no idea what im playing cuz all i showed them was a breaker, its also a huge monster 1900 and 1600 is nothing to scoff at the ability to kill stardust, red eyes, blaster, ophion, T-king, tidal, kycoo, bear etc byitself or backed up with a power was monstrous round 7 of the regional breaker power got over an entire draguinty field, he will always be a solid turn 1 play that wont just die to hand traps, I agree temperance when resolved is absurd however i can't play 3 its just way to ass if you draw the world and veilering it is just depressing.Also vs rouge breaker is hawt sex. Late game when you have resolved a world, Priestess or just drew into them and somehow you haven't won temperance is just embarrassing to draw its a 1000 attack monster that you sometimes have to protect because its so little. Turn 1 world I also feel is little lackluster (obv unfair) unless i draw traps to back it up because my fates will be at max for 1-2.  
  7. Prophecy - Discussion

    My only Problem with emptiness is this is a Grind Deck like your not gonna win by stopping them for a turn making a soft lock with emptiness. I feel emptiness is only at its best when you can set up a dominating board position, truly punish them with a blader, or outright kill them which this deck can only do with World plays and power. Like your eventually have to make a play which turns it off and dragon can wait for ever because they know you can't just kill them. Emptiness just leaves this sour taste in my mouth when being played in this deck because it makes rageki break just the absolute nuts. To many times in testing have I flipped emptiness to shut down the opposing player and not applying enough pressure forcing my self to kill it on my turn eventually or my dragon opponent takes a few hits and blows up my field by rageki break another one of my backrows and killing my emptiness to kill me because the longer my emptiness stays i feel less inclined to activate my spells causing my fate to become only for the 1'st or second eff.  
  8. Anaheim Regionals 9/14

    Played books
  9. Anaheim Regionals 9/14

    Adam is not yet unbanned He mailed his letter but didn't receive any confirmation he was nowhere near this event. Brian is a legitimate player I've watched him play at locals and regionals and have yet to see any shady stuff. In other news went 4-0 lost round 5 then had a heart breaking defeat to summon trooper mill 3 different color dragons return for game on turn 3 on the bubble.
  10. 10/27 LA Regionals

    Went x-2 lost rounds 5 and 8 got 26th playing geargia machina.
  11. 10/27 LA Regionals

    Going to be there Gonna wear a Green flannel the chubby filipino.....
  12. Love In War

    I def think solemn needs to be in Dw after dropping all there outs or morphing there hand into a terrible one the occasional one card out or one card a ddv or a single mind crush can't hit usually happens to often for my liking. The life point payment is a issue but the ability to shut down any semblance of a comeback sounds good to me.
  13. YCS Indianapolis 1st Place Report

    ILY - Ed Acepcion
  14. GenCon 2011 Indianapolis

    Rob Boyajian = Hawt Fire. He's been on a streak of tops and a one of the Best So Cal Players Glad he won. oh YAY FRANZO ily <3