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  1. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    It was goodbfor putting shineballs back to make your fields bigger and easier to make. Exodius is still busted
  2. Blue Eyes White Dragon

    No, this one is the 4th copy of the card that Seto Kaiba destroyed so only he possessed the 3 remaining legendary Dragons. Or so he THOUGHT
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Fossil Excavation is also pretty good. You can discard a Dino and special summon the same one
  4. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    That's the thing tho, if you don't open good desires can get you there. It's not a super high percentage that you'll brick and draw desires to begin with, but now we are narrowing it down further by bricking, having desires, and also banishing too many combo cards. It really doesn't happen that often. And when you consider that this deck has the highest ceiling when you combo, the fact that desires can help you get the cards necessary is only a positive when deck building. If both decks open well, world chalice wins through the insane fields + 5-6 cards in hand. No other deck can come close. Making this happen more often by playing max consistency cards (whether you're afraid of banishing good stuff or not) is going to be optimal. A lot of decks need desires in different ways. Zoodiac uses it not because they play 3 of each monster, but because it supplements their field with more traps after theyve combod. Dracos use it usually before they start searching to get the right pieces to make a good play and follow up. But both of these decks use the card first and foremost to reduce bricking. This is the primary reason to run the damn card. There's always chances to banish cards you wanted but if you bricked, desires gives you a chance to turn it into a playable hand, bottom line. Imo every deck bar a select few should be running 3 desires
  5. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Because chosen is a much worse beckoned that has a support card with teleport, but not nearly enough of a reason to use chosen
  6. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    To be fair, kristya is really bad against Draco but it literally auto wins every other matchup and it being one card makes the main deck choice easy for me. I do side heavily against Draco decks, I just don't really like the amount of cards that are needed for waterfront. It's something I'll continue to mess with though, but for the time being I'm ok with just siding more for Draco and making my main good against everything else. The main reason why I'm not really focusing too much mental effort in accounting for every single matchup in the main is because we should be getting a banlist fairly soon. So instead I'm working on theoretical ideas on the deck that should apply across formats; stuff like desires for more consistency, gofu and Venus maxed for bigger link plays that sort of thing. I've tested the waterfront build and I'll say that I would like to play 5 waterfronts vs 3 or 4, and while I was interested in slumber +3-4 kaijus, I think it would be both easier and better to just side slumbered and keep the main deck kaiju number to 2-3
  7. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I don't get the arguments against desires. People over complicate the card so often. It unbricks your hand, or supplements it by comboing off and digging for power cards. Nothing else that isn't already in the deck can do this. I'm sure it was a typo on your part, but desires is once per turn not once per duel. Not that you ever play it more than once per game, you just want to see it exodius is so good and does everything I want a card to do. Similar to kristya, it doesn't require other cards to be good. You just want to see it. on that note, you only special summon kristya via firewall dragons effect and again you want to see the card because it autowins you the game
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Yeah kuriboh isn't doing too well, not protecting the monster from being destroyed by battle is making it not worth it. I'll swap back out for the econs
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Mainly you just want the deck to be consistent first and foremost, so running 6 Phoenix and 6 yaksha seems ideal and works out as such as well
  10. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Imo desires can unbrick your hand or draw into power cards and that's all I look at. If I bricked, then I lost anyways and no other card can turn the hand into something that can be used that wouldn't already be ran. when I say suboptimal cards, for that event I ran invoked cards and this deck definitely needs all of its extra deck dedicated to seraphinite, emeral, and link monsters. exodius has been phenomenal for me and I give you credit for bringing it up originally. It's the reset button the deck needs to threaten another full combo (after your initial full combo you have the pieces like world legacy world chalice primed in the grave to banish and add as well as lee to put back in hand if you want). It can also be used midway through a turn, putting back shineballs which can be huge. Fantastic card hitting on desires again, the card is very much needed in the deck. You can brick far too often for you to not be using this card. You run 7 lees and 3 world legacy world chalice which are you're engine starters, but even then you may still not see them, or have a strong combination of cards to take advantage of the lee etc. my deck is streamlined to see lee/world legacy, runs max gofu and Venus to supplement fields with link monster materials, and has autowins in kristya. Right now there is very little I would change after playing the regional and evaluating card strength within this deck. Circling back, desires is only going to do good things for you. You need to see combinations of lee/world legacy and venus/gofu and there is nothing you can use to do it better. Like I said earlier, if you totally brick what are you using in place of desires that is going to make that hand more playable? And when you do combo off without the need to use desires, it's there to dig to the power cards like kristya, exodius, and soul charge etc. to accompany desires, I include upstart goblin as well. For reference this is what I'm using atm 3 venus 3 shine ball 3 gofu 3 lee 3 world legacy 3 beckoned 3 exodius 3 kristya 2 guardragon 2 garnet 2 gameciel 1 maxx c 3 brilliant fusion 3 pot of desires 1 upstart 1 foolish 1 soul charge 3 Ib 2 imduk 2 ningirsu 2 firewall 2 proxy 1 link spider 1 auram 1 emeral 1 seraphinite my goals with the deck are as follows in order 1. Have the best possible way to see lee or world legacy world chalice. By maxing on the cards to do this, I've accomplished this goal to the best of my ability. 3 lee, 3 world legacy, 3 brilliant, 1 foolish gives me the odds to see at least one in my opening hand. And these are the "engine starters" which is why this is the mints important goal for me 2. Have as many ways to summon multiple monsters easily to the field to supplement goal 1, thus creating huge combos and big fields that retain a lot of card advantage. 3 Venus 3 gofu and if I already have access to lee/world legacy, 3 brilliant fusion or foolish can access venus as well so you have good odds to see this goal come to fruition too. 3. Once I've included the best cards that can achieve my first two goals, including as many cards as are feasible within the deck, my 3rd goal is to include the necessary pieces to do your combos. This includes beckoned, guardragon, Garnet. I really like 2 garnet in here instead of 1 garnet 1 lazuli (and you should be running 2 gem knights) I could see myself cutting 1 beckoned possibly, but there's nothing else that really jumps out at me and worst case he's a good monster to summon off of your world chalice link monsters going to the grave. 2 guardragon is perfect because you only ever really use the banish effect once per game, and you want to be able to special one off of world legacy world chalice, so in case you have desires and banish one you can still have the other in deck. 4. This is where I put both power cards and more consistency cards to finish out the deck. Some people use the kyoutou waterfront to make a lockdown, I like to be able to run desires/upstart for more consistency and single cards like kristya to lock out my opponent instead of a bigger maindeck investment. And there are some nice plays when kristya is on the field to dodge a board wipe and bring kristya back to the field. And by virtue of having firewalls special summon effect, kristya is easy to summon. I've already expanded on exodius, but this is where I include him. And the reason for 3/3 kristya/exodius is simply because I want to see the cards.
  11. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I've been using this deck extensively the past few weeks and went to a regional last weekend where I lost final round and got 12th. I was using suboptimal cards but I learned some stuff about the deck and it helped me decide what to concentrate my efforts on. I am a firm believer in pot of desires, however every person I talk to disagrees. Am I the only one seeing the merits behind it?
  12. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    I've not been playing ranked for awhile but started back up today and been using Phoenix as well, might switch to red eyes when I get the 3rd insight. As for Phoenix tho I'm using this Beatdown 3 Phoenix 3 yaksha 3 sphere 2 kuriboh 2 goka 1 hane 3 island 3 card of soul im just trying out the regular kuribohs in place of something like Econ since both of their basic functions seem to be to stay alive while you loop Phoenix. I'm curious to see others thoughts on the deck and what techs should be considered
  13. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Titan showdown seems to work well for psychics as well from what I've seen
  14. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Kaiju engine is pretty good. I've been trying to fit it in, but I feel bad because I would have to cut desires which means reducing consistency. Honestly victor has had some great ideas here. I've been seeing kaiju and time lord engines a lot lately. We've discussed the merits of timelords and the synergy maiden has with transmodify. What hasn't been discussed on this site is the kaiju package, which as long as you aren't hurting your decks consistency too much, is a very strong consideration. I would personally play 2-3 field spell, 1-2 terraforming, and 2 gameciel. Siding more kaijus + slumbers is perfectly reasonable going second, as is additional time lords for specific matchup. All in all, I feel that it could be the best version of the deck. I'm still testing and figuring out what's necessary and what's not so I can decide if I can actually fit the kaijus in or not