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  1. I've been dumping mad money into this game and gotten most of all of the good cards already, but I keep getting my ass whooped in pvp. I can't get any higher than gold 4 and currently went on a losing streak to knock me down to gold 2. There's such a variety of decks to plan for and I've been exclusively running beatdown with 3 dunames, 3 beans, 2 master kyonshee, with some number of yomi ship + traps. Looking for some advice on what I should try to do to combat all the strategies at once if there's a way. I mainly get stomped by GK and weevil, but I lose all the time to last gamble decks and decks in general that can generate a lot of advantage quickly
  2. Shit I just got wrecked by kaiba and got 1100 duel assessment but my one reward was enemy controller lmao
  3. I don't have any econs yet, but I will keep that in mind. Also this happened just now and it lost me the game, don't think this is how it works but I could be wrong. i attacked into a mirror wall in damage step with dunames, and in a separate chain in the damage step I activated reinforcements thinking it would go from 900 to 1400 to get over Harpie lady, but it only increased the attack to 1150
  4. Anybody play against the weevil burn deck in pvp? It's nasty as fuck
  5. Is there any potential for Teas surprise gift skill?
  6. Can you not beat kaiba with the deck because of econ?
  7. Oh ok so you don't actually attack them for game? Or do you? Do you get a good amount of points for decking them out?
  8. Could someone explain how the Cerberus decks win? I'm trying to put one together it's the only one I can use atm with my card pool. Idk how he gets to high enough attack for max damage. I don't have union attack, vassal or riryoku
  9. Oh lit
  10. Just curious what is the purpose of union attack? How does it go off?
  11. Too late, I'm gonna have to wait for riryoku to come up so I can get the cards back it's my only way. Jesus tho that ultimate rising is a damn goldmine. Got a playset of order to charge and wonder balloons as well as a twister and a bunch of other good shit. Might need to reset the box
  12. Fuck Man. I messed up when I first started playing the game and converted my blue eyes and dark magicians, so now I am really behind on a lot of simple cards that I should have. Plus I need the riryoku to do anything worthwhile it seems like. I did get 3 wonder balloons in like 20 packs tho
  13. The old sets are in the shop now. Does Riryoku come in anything? I need it to start being able to farm
  14. I spent way too much money earlier on NEO box. Pretty ashamed
  15. I spent way too much money earlier on NEO box. Pretty ashamed