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  1. I don't know much about the cards I'm Japan but this seems pretty good for a odd eyes pendulum deck
  2. I have Magical Meltdown face-up and I activate Invocation, to which my opponent responds with Artifact Sanctum, bringing out Artifact Scythe. Will Meltdown prevent Scythe from activating its no Extra Deck effect when my fusion monster is summoned in this scenario?
  3. Sounds like shit
  4. No I really appreciate your posts in general. It gets the thoughts flowing and there are a lot of times where I've read your posts over the years and wondered why no one else was thinking about some of the things you delved into. Hoban said it himself that having edges in deckbuilding is always superior to simply playing a standard deck and relying on technical skills. They go hand in hand, and I'm going to be catching a lot of people off guard with my deck. The main problem with fortune lady's is they only serve a draw engine and a fusion engine for the invokeds. I don't even main the invoked WATER fusion either because there's simply not enough extra deck space for a fusion with a bad effect and low attack too. There's also the problem of taking up a lot of deckspace. Your other idea serves as fuel for both fusion engines and also gives me another play outside of fusion summoning. I'm already playing 3 allure 3 wonder wand and 2 desires on top of card searchers
  5. To branch off of the Cryston thread, one of the main things I think has caused such a decline in ygo posting activity is the fact that no one seems to discuss anything anymore in depth. Victor is one of those few posters that may mention a lot of mediocre ideas on the surface, but he continues to post and provide examples of different things that can work in whatever deck he is talking about at the time. And with these kinds of posts in general from anyone, there is value to be gained in some way. Maybe you need to really need to dig through and apply some of the thought processes to your own ideas or theory, but it will resonate with some people and this particular part of his post resonated really well with me and I think gave me another breakthrough in the deck. I'm still fine tuning this and will be taking this to a regional in a few weeks, but cards that provide me with useful Attributes that can also extend my plays or like Victor mentioned give me something to do if I get Barrier'd are exactly what i need. Some combination of these types of cards and Traps, while being able to keep the original engine and plays intact is what will give myself the best chance to build the best version of this deck. I decided to play 2 Archfiend Eater out of those mentioned as well as 2 Kumongous for now since EARTH is the most useful Attribute as a secondary suite to the DARKs. What gave me another idea is to play Photon Thrasher over Ghost Ogre too since he is more useful as an all around card at the moment in going first or second. At the moment, Id say I'm on the right track though. Tackling the extra deck issue is hard, but to begin I think side decking a few extra deck cards to suit different matchups would be ideal.
  6. I cut terraforming to 1 so I'm still playing 12, and was basically just guessing and using 45, now 46 because of victor's suggestion about the lvl 4 special summon guys they're coming in pretty handy. Trying a mix of those and kaijus for a couple extra fire and earth elements to make shek and grysta live a little more often, as well as giving myself some other options each turn outside of fusion summoning. Extra deck is insane atm tho
  7. It's a hard problem to tackle in a 40 card deck because I have to play enough shaddoll monsters and different attributes to be able to fusion summon in the first place. Then I noticed that even when I'm making big plays, I need some kind of traps to reinforce the field or to help fight back if my play gets stopped. I'm going to try and digest what's been said here and go back to yugiohparty to see if I can figure it out for myself. Didn't expect so many replies, I'm appreciative of you all trying your best to give me understanding
  8. You're completely right, I forgot to add the 2 invocation to that number above making the total amount 14, thanks for catching that. I noticed that in most of my games tonight I was opening with 3+ a large portion of the time at 40. Maybe anecdotal
  9. Drawing 0 is not equally as bad as drawing 3 or more. My worst case scenario is opening 3 or more, bad but not as damaging is opening 0. Best case is opening 1 or 2. That's my criteria and it's probably still difficult. I do play 3 allure and 3 wonder wand (granted if I wonder wand the same turn that I'm not opening one of the 12 cards, that decreases my ability to fuse that turn drastically even if drawing into one of the twelve)
  10. It's very hard for me to understand this kind of mathematics and I'm doing my best on my own by individually increasing deck size, then min/max of 1-2, then changing that to 3-3. It's hard to comprehend and I'm sorry that I am not understanding it. I want to open 1-2 max, but it's not nearly as important as not seeing 3 or more.
  11. Double post, thanks for the help man
  12. Hmm it seems like I open more than 2 a lot more than I'd like, is there a way to reverse that and determine how often I get more than 2? That's the main thing I'm trying to avoid. I play enough draw spells and deck thinners to see at least one in my opening hand a good amount of time
  13. If someone could even just point me in the right direction to find this out, that would be helpful or explaining the process would be much appreciated but here is the question: id like to know how many cards I should main deck to get the highest probability of opening 1 or 2 fusion spells and no more than that amount. This is critical for my deck-building purposes (and this can include any of the searchers and Aleister himself, because I'm building around the idea that my normal summon needs to be reserved for Aleister every turn) here are the cards I'm using to see a Fusion spell: 3 Terraforming 3 Shaddoll Fusion 3 Aleister 2 Magical Meltdown 1 El Shaddoll Fusion thank you to anyone who can help
  14. I'm playing shaddoll invoked atm and the deck is quite nuts, but I'm kind of saving the decklist until I've fine tuned it a bit more. Would this be something people would be interested in seeing?
  15. thank you for the link it was very helpful