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  1. I've been looking to no avail, when do we get these cards TCG side?
  2. I've been looking to no avail, when do we get these cards TCG side?
  4. i love this manga and it's the only one I've found myself getting into, but man they are really dragging out the frequency of releases
  5. I forgot about those. before I started playing, my local store gave out that trophy for the duelist with the most wins in a YEAR. My buddy has the trophy, I wonder if it's worth anything
  6. Oliver also topped
  7. This is your forte baneful. keep it up
  8. Not that I'm attacking Pat here, but cocaine and addy tend to do that. And being good at Yu-Gi-Oh! Doesn't make you more attractive
  9. Baneful, The problem with your posts is that you're trying to change banlists of past formats when people hardly even play past formats to begin with. You're narrowing down your target audience by creating nonexistent formats. Goat format is a bit different as it's widely held as the last instance where Yu-Gi-Oh! Was a balanced, skillful game and people try to hold onto that era of dueling. It's always the most popular format except for current, therefore sometimes people or groups of people decide to alter that specific banlist to suit their community's liking. Editing other past formats that no one even plays just makes you look weird in my personal opinion. It's like some guy on drugs going on a random tangent that no one cares about. Just makes people go "wtf?" i think you're a good poster, and you're filling in a void speaking of past formats. I would think your efforts would be better spent delving into past formats in their true form, similar to what I see jazz do. It's just that no one is interested in playing a past format with not even that formats banlist
  10. Right, like you should just crest your own format in general and play with friends, no one is stopping you from doing so. I'm not trying to curb your enthusiasm tho, this guy seems like a decent poster at least
  11. Breaker the Magical Knight is busted
  12. So you're taking goat format, creating your own banlist within that format, and making up cards to add to the format as well. None of it makes sense
  13. I tried checking the description but I wasn't seeing the information I was seeking. Can you build custom decks?
  14. I tried checking the description but I wasn't seeing the information I was seeking. Can you build custom decks?
  15. I barely play anymore but when I do have the time between working 70+ hrs a week and life in general, I like to attend our local tournament. I've been experimenting with metalfoes and the cheaper options one would look at. I understand that the deck is not "optimal", I'm just looking for ways for it to still compete at the local level. My area is filled with meta decks and fully optimized versions of these decks. That's not to say I can't beat these players/decks with my current build. However, I still feel like I haven't quite gotten there yet in terms of being as comfortable with the build as a whole. I'll post the decklist followed by some thoughts 3 volflame 3 goldriver 3 silverd 3 steelen 3 bismugear 3 bunbuku 3 archfiend eccentrick 3 master pendulum 2 vector pendulum 2 gofu 1 luster pendulum 1 Kirin 1 rescue rabbit 2 painful decision 1 Draco faceoff 1 summoners art 1 fullmetalfoes fusion 1 metalfoes fusion 1 unexpected dai 1 counter 1 combo What my original goal was as well as still being my goal, is to have plays outside of the pendulum summon. I've been floating between 1-3 unexpected dai as a way to go into dinoster before pendulum summoning, or to put a foe on board to make a fusion play before the summon. So far this is the best idea I've had to tackle the aforementioned problem. It also helps that vector is actually really good right now as a scale, but outside of that I'm hard pressed to find other concrete uses for him. at first I was afraid that I was too lax on backrow removal in the main, but I've been surprised to see that as long as I'm not playing trap.dek game 1, I have a fairly good shot. If anyone could help me make this build into a better version of itself, I will take all ideas and criticism to heart