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  1. YGO GBA japanese game

    Got this in one of those mystery power boxes. Does anyone know if this will work on my gba? Just not sure if the cartridge is different or the game won’t be supported
  2. What was the last film you watched?

    Just watched Traders a few days ago, really great film if you haven’t seen it, check it out for sure
  3. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    These are the specs
  4. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    I ended up getting something from Best Buy for $479, I’ll update with pics in the morning as I can’t really remember what the specs were. As far as tablets go, I’ve always loved kindles so I got the new amazon fire 8 HD and am really liking it so far. Incredible bargain as well at $100
  5. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    I don’t need anything really nice on either end, but my laptop is old as fuck and finally showing signs of trouble. I don’t game on the laptop but I do play some duelingbook here and there. It would basically only be used for communications, facebook, and the occasional duelingbook. similarly, the tablet I don’t need to be top of the line or anything. If it can play and support duelingbook that would be great. It’ll be mostly kind of like my iPhone where I’m not doing a whole lot on it. any recommendations would be appreciated
  6. KC Cup

    I agree and congrats on your placement mark, pretty good imo. i feel like the system in place only gives players with no life a chance, it should slightly resemble a real tournament setting to give everyone an equal opportunity. I’m not making excuses, I literally just didn’t have time to play this event seriously enough to even attempt to compete. Those who had or made the time should be rewarded more than someone like me. Still though, capping games in some way is needed because even if I was off of work, I’m not going to play 24 hours a day just to give myself an edge over the guy that plays 23 hours a day. There should be SOMETHING alike a game cap or a wait time that must happen between games to deter no lifers from always topping
  7. KC Cup

    KC cup over? Damn I barely played 15 Matches lol. I work too much
  8. Ancient Gears Discussion

    Those happen quite often but I’d say the major reason it’s meta defining is neutralizing dakini
  9. Ancient Gears Discussion

    That’s the entire reason that econ is played guy
  10. KC Cup

    I’ve played like 10 matches and won 4. It’s a shitshow
  11. KC Cup

    Actually trying the past couple days and just got duel lvl max. I switched between saffira, pure with 3 ju 2 bird, and finally pure with less of those and added econs. The final change I made was taking out the 5th ritual spell as mark did and it seemed to make a big difference. With Mind Scan you can’t afford brick hands too often, and the only real way you brick is multiple ritual spells and the inability to ritual summon. Econ being so versatile is really the way to go for sure, I didn’t miss not having backrow removal at all. There were a couple games I lost to rez or cancer shit because they had so many traps but I think those are unavoidable for the most part; they just have the nuts. I finished strong with marks build card for card
  12. KC Cup

    I got my 2nd saffira and was liking it with balance/restart but with Mind Scan I think it’s better to either play econs or more senju/birds. Not real sure yet tho
  13. KC Cup

    Severely underestimated Mind Scan. Definitely the skill to choose for CA
  14. KC Cup

    To me it just makes sense to run restart or balance to always give you a playable hand. Regardless of how you make the deck, if you aren’t using one of these skills you’re going to just lose to your own deck sometimes
  15. KC Cup

    I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t invested much time into the KC cup, but I was wanting to get max DLv as practice for round 2 since I’m already in it. Been running generic CA because I ran out of gems for the time being otherwise I’d go for my 2nd saffira. Restart does seem to be the best skill for CA regardless of stage. I feel like you’re going to play a variety of decks in stage 2 just like stage 1, but you have a better mirror match with more generic CA support which is the hardest matchup. Against bsckrow you just stick with marks gameplan of not investing too much into attack position monsters and be more conservative by replenishing the hand on the end phase with dakini