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  1. All I know is I'm goin for that kog tonight now that I got a 2nd goblin zombie
  2. I can confirm what conspire said, I was one win from ranking to legend and lost, won 2 more in a row and got it.
  3. If there's at least 1 meta relevant card to get from a duelist event, it's always worth it since it costs nothing to duel these fools into submission
  4. Decks I'm seeing the most of in platinum 5 through legend is naturias, red eyes, blue eyes, and standard mako. Haven't ran into many other decks
  5. The win streak thing in ranked is the one of dumbest parts. Like now that they added platinum 3-5 plus legendary 1-2, it's so hard to win that many games in a row without running into the decks you can't main for, which brings about the other problem in ranked which is no siding. Points mark had hit on numerous times. Im playing a deck I'm really excited about, but decks like Toons are an auto loss and sometimes Burn (weevil or tea) will beat me. Other decks it's not that there's auto wins or losses, it's just the factors of misplaying which will happen sometimes and luck factor. Too many variables for the current win streak system to stay valid. I can understand why they don't want siding; too long of Games probably boils down to the biggest reason, but the best solution past that is simply changing the rank up system ive seen some people talking about naturias and I'm here to tell you the deck is legit and it is very inexpensive. You're talking about soul exchange/mirror wall as the money cards and the rest of the deck being common/rare. Really great deck for the price point. Seems like there's room for different techs as well Red Eyes zombies are also really good and the deck I'm using atm. It's really consistent with gozuki, red eyes insight, goblin zombie. You have room for 3-6 tech cards which I've been going between econ, super rush, and tribute to the doomed. If I can get a 3rd insight before this event is over I might jizz
  6. The only drop cards I'm salty about is Gravekeeper Chief, Super Joey was fine. I got 2 insight and 5 Spirit, 1 Ishzark and a bunch of the Dice. It's literally just bad luck for you Starlight
  7. Don't get me wrong, I was saying I've lost twice against Joey but have won at least 25 times at lvl 40. The only cards I need is maybe a 2nd-3rd ishzark. This is how he beat me both times. Idk if he actually had it on you because he has always used it on me if he had it
  8. I've lost to lvl 40 twice so far and I think I have found the best ways to beat him. For reference here is the decklist that I use. I only have 1 Dimension Gate: Obviously Master of Oz is the Fusion monster. You have to beat 3 different things that Joey presents in order to win. This is in no particular order either. you have Jar of Greed to bait out his Stampings. I never activate these until I'm close to zero cards in deck or he uses Stamping on it. You don't really want to set more than 1 of dimension gate/seven tools at the same time unless he's used both Stamping. the only cards that will actually cause you to lose are Wind Art and Kunai, or if he draws the combination of Kunai + metalmorph to kill labyrinth wall earlier than your endgame. For these reasons I'm probably cutting storm and putting in another nobleman. Since the cards you actually need to beat are traps, and your way of baiting out his Stampings are traps, storm doesn't really fit. Another 7 tools may come into the deck but I only have 1 and the event is about over anyways. if you use cat of ill omen and put a trap like 7 tools or gate on top, when you set it he will destroy it with Stamping no matter what else you have set. Sometimes I wait to set jar if I have cat so I can waste one of his Stampings easily. on 7 tools: this is all you really need to win once he's used Stamping because he always uses wind art before you do anything for turn or prior in the duel, so you just save it for Kunai. It's more reliable than storm since you may need to activate your traps or they may die to his stamping grounds, whereas this is a one for one trade on the only card you care about
  9. No, it's when it's face up and sent it destroys your field
  10. Just get some more super headrush. The card is so versatile, combining it with econ is the perfect defensive lineup for any deck. Adding battle traps like mirror walls will solve your problems
  11. Phoenix with fire kings is still a pretty good deck tho because you force your opponent to not commit back row which can open up easy wins for you by playing aggressively. A play I've seen a lot is people setting island over the top of another island after you destroy Phoenix
  12. Beatdown is the best skill for this deck. It is very hard to beat this when you open 2 or 3 monsters you can summon. I think I would use more traps instead of soul exchanges
  13. The rewards are kind of lackluster tbh. I wish they had all the SR like the selection they had for the WCQ. Instead the only things I'm looking at is gravekeeper cards or maybe legacy of yata
  14. Yeah, I think I'll probably work on a deck like that soon when I level up bakura for the zombies. I wonder what the best skill to use in that kind of deck would be. Maybe balance or restart depending on how the build ends up looking