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  1. Long time no see! I will be active again.
  2. i haven't actually been away from this forum in my adult life. it's sad really as i feel dg is where i've grown up.   it's helped me grow as a person and as a man.   it's helped me realise the internet can't be taken too seriously.   it's helped me with my quest for fitness and nutrition science and information.   it's helped me vent my feelings; good and bad.   it's helped me learn about great new tv shows and music genres.   it's helped me make dank memes.   it's helped me discover reddit.       but most of all, it's helped me make a lot of friends.   thanks dg. i still have two t shirts i wear with pride each day ( the gym where no one can see me). will talk to the rest of you on fb.   thanks ash for admin. big leap of faith there. sorry it didn't pay off.
  3. Enjoy the fitness forums but take everything with a pinch of salt.
  4. [spoiler]he's dead. but his madness passes onto the impressionable people of gotham. meaning the joker we get in the future vs bats is just a copycat. i see why they did it but i'm a little disappointed they killed him off in 3 episodes. he's easily the best character they've had.[/spoiler]
  5. I am so mad right now
  6.   hit dmg today, not bad for 4 months work!
  7. Melee? Tag?
  8. looks really unimpressive tbh. i hate to say it but i cant see myself watching this.
  9. it's so brilliantly paced that you don't even feel the need to man out the entire game in 1 sitting. i've been happy to play it after a few hours, have a break, and dive back in.   i can't explain it. probably due to the mission based non-linear style.
  10. i got it saturday and i'm at mission 18   so far it's lived up to the hype   it's brilliantly paced
  11. Sad for his family
  12. i legit think the mgs series (and specifcally mgs3) are the best games ever   better than melee   better than csgo   and yet i'm fucking trash at it lmao   i play on easy    (|:|)
  13. cool to see scherr make his wwe debut. he was an up and coming strongman who got snapped up by wwe. 
  14. just watch a longplay on youtube