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  1. also i did a big friends list clearout so unless you see me please add me again.
  2. buy 25 steam siege codes online for cheap and then trade the packs for the bits you need. i did this twice for a beefy collection and multiple playable decks.
  3. i just finished stranger things and loved it what next?
  4. i just finished stranger things and loved it what next?
  5. yo
  6. Eevees fan page on Facebook is 28 away from 500 likes her birthday is on Thursday
  7. yo it's all good
  8. Hey Reggie!
  9. is that reggie?
  10. I am not a huge fan of the new Yveltal BREAK or anything from SS besides Ninja Boy, and I can't justify adding him in here. I think this is a very solid play for the new format, or at least while things settle. Yveltel and Zoroark destroy Ray, and outside of Shaymin, there's no mandatory abilities for any Garbo varient. Tempted to try Ninja Boy/Umbreon/Yveltel BREAK in place of a Zoroark line but we'll see.
  11. very impressive! oosh!
  12. yes! yo we are still on facebook this is a moot post
  13. First day back in the gym in over 6 weeks and I must admit it feels good