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  1. i have blagged my way from physics to head of computer science at my current school, assuming i get the job on the interview on tuesday. haven't done any real programming since uni and never tried python. but apparently that's standard so have from now until sept to learn it to some decent standard. i have experience in c and matlab so should be ok. comes with a big pay rise and climbing the ladder, next logical step from here is assistant head in 3-5 years. head in 10. boom.
  2. shit man that's intense. sounds like you got a good thing going rich and you're making the most of it.
  3. snatch singles up to 60kg up to 5x125kg squat 4x5 60kg strict press
  4. power clean and jerk singles up to 110kgdeadlift doubles up to 160kgdeadlift singles up to 210kg
  5. snatch 15x1x50kg snatch 30 second reststrict press 5x40kg 5x40kg 5x50kg 5x50kg 5x60kg 5x60kgjerk 5x50kg jerk 5x60kg jerk 5x70kgseated row 5x10x40kgtricep pull down 4x10
  6. snatch singles up to 65kg overhead squat up to 5x55kg strict press 3x5x60kg
  7. Snatch up to 60kg Clean up to 110kg All singles
  8. i once deleted someone who had the name paul once
  9. strct press 5x3x60kg 3x1x70kg clean singles up to 100kg incline bench 5x3x80kg
  10. rapture
  11. oh they look much nicer. i'll have one soon! fav posters were ash and chris for non card game stuff for yugioh stuff i really enjoyed chrisgehring and shit i cant remember his name but he did well and pretty much pioneered with dragon rulers i quit dg because my ex was here and we didnt want to crowd each other. i quit being an admin before then but i cant remember why.
  12. 2 of the old ones with the star on it. what's the new one?
  13. also does any one else's chrome just freeze when you submit reply and it just says saving...