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  1. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

  2. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=21948   Not sure if I'm seeing the last screenshot right, but are there 6 monsters on the field?   I mean the game was over regardless, but if that happened how do you not catch that.     EDIT: Read the feature incorrectly and didn't notice that that was the Graveyard. My mistake.
  3. Obvious banlist hype, but Secret Gear Gigant X is currently hovering around $25 on eBay.
  4. The YGOrganization - The Jiaotu Extra Deck Long List

    I'm pretty sure you can summon Naturia Leodrake. Use Jiatou to summon Zefraxi and Zefraniu. Use Zefraxi's effect on Zefranui and Synchro Summon for Leodrake using Zefraxi and Zefraniu. I could be missing something here but I'm not sure.
  5. Got my shirt yesterday. Thanks a lot.
  6. ARG Indianapolis, Indiana

    According to their website and spreadsheet, it's still at 1.
  7. ARG Indianapolis, Indiana

    I'm assuming the 3 Book of Moon in Jeff's deck is a typo.
  8. I'd like 1 Large shirt. I'll PM you the info and send you the payment asap.
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    You're right. Read the card wrong and thought it was like Flying "C". My bad.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Question: Couldn't you just use the new "C" card as Fusion Material when they chain it to a fusion spell?   I understand that Shek isn't the ideal Fusion Monster to make and giving them a Maxx "C" can suck but it gets the new "C" card off the field.
  11. Just as a heads-up, Remove Brainwashing has become a $5 common. I'm assuming it is because of the new Kaiju archetype.
  12. Igknight - Discussion

    If it means anything, but on an empty field a board of 3 Level 4s and 2 Level 5s can also be 8000 damage and get through Valkyrus.   Overlay 3 Level 4s into #104 Masquerade and the 2 Levels 5s into Shark Fortress. Use Shark Fortress on Masquerade and then make Gaia Charger with Shark Fortress.   2700+2700+2600=8000 And it gets through Valkyrus effect due to Masquerade.
  13. ARG Format

    http://articles.alterealitygames.com/july-27-2015-arg-format-banned-and-restricted-announcement/ Another update.     Changes: El Shaddoll Construct is no longer restricted. Nekroz of Unicore is no longer restricted. Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz is restricted to one (1). Debris Dragon is restricted to two (2). Deep Sea Diva is restricted to two (2). Wind-Up Magician is no longer restricted. Wind-Up Hunter is now banned.
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Another possible out to Towers could be a combination of either Cyber Dragon or Cyber Dragon Core and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. The reason I mention Core is because it also makes Foolish Burial an out (Foolish Core, banish Core to Special Summon a Cyber Dragon/Cyber Dragon Core). There is also the chance to mill a Core with Dante and then making Fortress Dragon Main Phase 2.   I know that you cannot use non-Towers Qli monsters for Fortress Dragon but you can still attack over any 1800 ATK Qli with the Fortress Dragon (assuming no modifiers in their Scales, of course).
  15. Lose 1 Turn Yosenju

    Is there a reason why you're not running Secret Moves? I'm assuming it is due to not using any of the Yosenju monsters that stay on the field after the End Phase but I didn't know if there was something else that I missed.
  16. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Something that might be relevant for Ptolemaeus to "rank-up" into for the Nekroz matchup would be Artifact Durendal. We all know that Nekroz sculpts their hand by searching to make plays. Durendal disrupts that and turns it into a random hand. Sorry if this was already known but I thought it should be stated again.
  17. Multiple Destruction

      Isn't this legal for nats?   Based off of the product's release date, it is.
  18. Latin American WCQ Mat

    [spoiler][/spoiler] Praying this is also the NA WCQ mat because of how fantastic it looks. gj Konami
  19. Sheffield regional 3/28/2015

    Just curious but how were you able to side in the 12 cards (6 Fiends, 3 Lance, 3 Puppet)? I like the idea of the side but am having difficulty figuring out what cards you sided out.
  20. Just as a heads-up, new Spellgrounds come out on Saturday, March 21st at 6pm PST (9pm EST).   I expect the original price of them to be at least the same as the original price of the FestivalGround (due to manufacturing purposes of using multiple colors). As for the secondary value, it's really hard to predict where it will go (as it's the first standard SG with multiple colors).     On another note, the secondary value of the FestivalGrounds is pretty mediocre. Much lower than what I had hoped. 
  21. Cbus regional 2/14

    I'll be there. And yes it is legal.
  22. Bolt from the Blue

    It has multiple uses in LS as it can also summon Lightray Diabolos. I'm pretty sure it can summon Wulf + Felis too, if that's ever necessary.   Other uses for this card (albeit comical) are: [spoiler][/spoiler] and [spoiler][/spoiler]
  23. Ultimaya Tzolkin

    If it means anything, Gigavise has some new toys. Especially with an alternate reason to use....   [spoiler][/spoiler]     Another neat interaction with Ultimaya for Gigavise is that it can summon...   [spoiler][/spoiler]       Just a thought.
  24. I'm pretty confident that they're made by Wizards.   (disclaimer: this is based solely off pictures floating around the internet)  From what I'm noticing from the 2-player mats produced around that time are that the corners of the KB mats (such as the 2000 MtG Worlds mat) are much more rounded than the WotC mats (which don't look to be that rounded at all; ex: the 2002 MtG Worlds mat).
  25. Escalation of the Monarchs

        Using this as the opponent ends their Main Phase 1 or 2 seems pretty decent.