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  1. I don't know why they are so bad at reworking ryze. To me he biggest problem is that they shouldn't be giving a a ranged mage that deals tons of damage a point and click snare. Also, because of his passive he can be tanky and deal tons of damage. As we've learned with ekko and fizz that's never a good thing.
  2. If people are complaining about tanks now, the salt is going to be real when 6.9 arrives.
  3. I expect it to take a couple tries to get the dragon buffs right.  The fact that it is randomized is going to lead to some pretty sub optimal situations eventually.
  4. I was expecting everything except the drag changes, just not all at once.  Didn't expect the devourer change to happen so soon.  I guess all those comments in the Riot surveys i left about it paid off.  I really hate the change to QSS.  I also hate the jungle changes.  It's like they're trying to level the playing field for every retarded jungler.
  5. Rammus nerf makes me sad.  Tank Ekko is busted as shit.  Definitely needs to be nerfed.
  6. While not quite on the same level.  Sol is similar to Jhin where he has a unique mechanic that people have to adapt to before he becomes more viable.  
  7. They said they plan to do something to convert it to cosmetic dust in the future.
  8. Lolking has good guides from diamond and up one trick ponies.  They go in depth with match ups, items, overall champ strategies etc..  That's where I start, then once I learned the champ, I mainly use probuilds or depending on if it's a meta or not champ.
  9. Doubt it, they have been stable for a very long time.  The reasons for people leaving are really things that are out of their control.  They did a magnificent job rebuilding the roster the 1st time and it's impressive that they managed to talk Febiven to stay another year.  The bigger issue for them and EU is why are they not paying their players more.  Is it owner greed? Or are there viable reasons why they don't make as much money.  Unlike Korea, they really don't have that much talent to keep losing it to NA.
  10. So happy we got Yellowstar.  The perfect shot caller TSM needed.
  11. Damn c9 got rush and bunny, such a beast team.
  12. Full damage WW w/ guinsoo's and 45% cdr is the funnest thing I've ever played.
  13.   Ya, that's what I find the most fun about the game.  Me and my friends were ready to quit.  But with all these changes and w/ the added pick your positions and the 3 and 4 man ques.  I'm totally sucked back in.   Also, Xin is op w/ guinsoo.  They have already nerfed it on the pbe though.
  14.   Ya Kayle is too. Unfortunately not in the jungle, she gets beat up too bad.
  15.   So is Trynd, Soraka, Graves and Mundo.  As are Jax and Irelia when people find out how op guinsoo is.  As is Warwick, but nobody will find that out.     I really hate DL.  But at least 2 positions are a definite upgrade while the other 2 could be as well.     I think it's because Impact has been in NA for 2 years.  If he hasn't then idk.  Moon either knows GBM and plays with him a lot in Korea or Shrimp didn't want to be on the team.