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  1. A question for you all

    I've never tried mdma but I was under the assumption from reliable resources that alcohol floods out the effects of mdma. I think you should take into account previous encounters with the female and the amount and ratio of drugs taken by the female.
  2. i need rehab because I'm addicted to smoking cocaine
  3. i think youre on to something!
  4. .

    you have 666 post
  5. Planet X/Nibiru

    WARNING: if you believe any of this shit about planet x or nibiru you may be a retard
  6. Planet X/Nibiru

    wow, please be joking
  7. 1. lady yuki 2. lady yuki is too nice for her own good and her innocent post made her an easy target and she is now leaving 3. youre a noob 4. look for these "*_*" 5. gb24chan noob 7. you 8. um, ask someone else 9. dont think so 11. the best place in the world 12. yes 14. sup
  8. I think you made a good choice to stop coming here, there are too many immature dicks on this site for someone as nice as you to have to deal with. Good luck with your future. I also apologize for finding your fanfic thread funny but I couldn't help it, sorry. =[
  9. A question for you all

    enjoy your herpes
  10. Planet X/Nibiru

    I heard about this years ago and didn't believe it then. If there was magically another planet is our solar system we could easily see it with the hubble space telescope and/or we would have noticed its gravity effecting the space around it.