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  1. KC Cup

    Yep, I won at least 3 games vs Ninja with chaining cyclone to their Ninjitsu Art, one time where I could literally only summon a benten (I had MaR, Dakini, Benten, Econ, Cyclone). The lp cost was relevant a couple times though, mainly in games that dragged on super long due to bricking vs slow decks. But overall I think cyclone is the better card for the interaction with Ninjas and also a couple other clutch plays it can do that NoE can't.
  2. KC Cup

    Ran mind scan CA, I started with my previous build running 2 cyclones 2 econ and swapped to 3 econ 1 cyclone. I'm not sure it actually improved my win rate (i went from around 70% win rate with 2 cyclone to 65% towards the end) but it's hard to say as there are likely other factors affecting my win rate (more mirrors/worse luck/worse play from extended play) but overall the deck was solid and got me to rank 222. I will say I really wanted to switch to restart after throwing some games to terrible decks because I opened stuff like 4 s/ts or 3 s/ts + 1 Dakini (bonus points if it was 3 s/ts not including a ritual spell), but I don't think it would have actually improved my win rate overall as I faced probably 55% backrow decks, 35% mirror, 5% ninja, and 5% gimmick suicide bombers (cyber stein, bubble burn, etc). (Marik is on the rankings because I checked my ranking with him while leveling him) I dc'd about 4 times total so I don't think I had it as bad as some people w/regards to connection issues though it was very annoying when it happened.
  3. KC Cup

    I mean, maybe I just haven't faced good REZ players ( I think I've only played vs 1/2 post list REZ decks) but I never had trouble with them pre list, outside of econ take they have no way to deal with an idaten boosted dakini, so if you can buff Dakini up and force their econs, or have your own econ to counter theirs that should work. You can also cyclone spirit if you go first so that's not nothing.
  4. KC Cup

    I think the current situation is basically Mind Scan CA has the best matchups against the field, basically 70%+ win rates vs everything other than the mirror. But Restart has a decent advantage in the mirror (not a giant advantage, Mind Scan removes any ability to bluff econ while the mind scan player can still bluff, and coin toss is arguably even more important than having a better hand on average meaning you can't get much better than 50% win rate in the mirror on having better hands alone) but Restart is much more vulnerable to the backrow heavy decks that mind scan can basically crush any time they don't hard brick. This could lead to an unstable equilibrium where Mind Scan CA dominates the rest of the field, but restart becomes more prevalent to improve the mirror and backrow decks come back since they have a decent, and in some cases positive matchup against restart CA (especially the case with stuff like Amazoness Burn.)
  5. KC Cup

    So I think we're actually in agreement, if you don't know the opponents backrow you need to play passively so you don't lose to econ. But that's suboptimal so you should use mind scan so you only play passively when you have to rather than all the time.
  6. KC Cup

    Restart only resets your first four rather than your first 5 cards, so it's not always going to be obvious which hands are actually brick hands and which hands your next card will fix. From playing Mind Scan CA, there's a lot of hands that don't work with the first 4, but become really good with the 5th card. So without any way to know for sure what your next draw is it isn't debricking your hand as often as it could (you could easily throw back a hand of senju e con dakini benten when your 5th card is MAAR or MAR and then draw into a much worse hand). My point though isn't "lol restart's bad because you could draw a worse hand" (obviously this is wrong and Restart will usually draw a better hand than what you sent back) it's that restart is slightly less good than it might appear on paper because CA includes lots of hands where the first four cards don't work but can easily become amazing with the right 5th card.
  7. KC Cup

    I'm arguing why Mind Scan is superior to Restart. Yes, the proper play vs good players if you don't have Mind Scan is to assume econ is fd and play around it. But that leaves 40% of games where they don't have econ, but you're playing around it anyways, which increases the chance of you losing that match. With Mind Scan you always know if they have that E Con, but the trade off is a slightly higher chance of bricking. I think that's well worth it, as the brick rate is only around 20% in the first 5 cards (chance you don't open a ritual or you open very spell heavy no/few ritual monsters/searchers) and restart at best cuts that in half, while Mind Scan removes all rng from knowing what backrow your opponent is playing, meaning you either have perfect knowledge of how to play around their sets, or know you don't have to worry about their sets at all.
  8. KC Cup

    Except they often don't have enemy controller, and if you play answers to backrow (cyclone/nobleman) Mind Scan lets you easily snipe off the problem backrow. Floodgate trap hole and the Gladiator Beast matchup also tend to mess up passive defensive game plans. Further the Burn matchup is very dependent on knowing what their backrow is. The gameplan for dealing with WoD, Floodgate, Draining Shield, Massivemorph, Golden Apples, etc is very different depending on what they have, and trying to play around all of those possibilities will end up with you playing around none of them and eventually losing to chip damage. Imo, Restart CA has to play to not lose, whereas Mind Scan CA can focus on playing to win. This is going to be especially important for stage 2 of the KC as you're going to want to get tons of fast wins rather than making every game a 12 turn grinder of attempting to play through all possible backrow options.
  9. Seto Kaiba

    He has D.D. Warrior is the problem. I think destiny draw golden apples can still farm him, but that build is pretty slow and needs 3 golden apples. You can probably farm 30 with riryoku and spell shield. Or you could try and farm 40 with lab builder + d gate + fake trap/curse of royal, but its going to be less consistent than before.
  10. [Event Ended] Jesse Anderson

    Skyblaster does work with Creature Seizure and White Elephant's gift, so it could be used in a Venus deck but it's weak stats means its probably not worth it unless you really want the fiend/dark monster (Sky Scourge/Darkflare).
  11. Cyber Angel Discussion

    I played Mind Scan CA got from legend 1 to KoG. My list was pretty standard (mostly) budget CA, mostly faced AGs, Ninja and Weevil Burn. Lost to Mako Shark (my only hard brick, didn't draw a ritual spell before I got swarmed to death) and control Ninja (lost to a top decked econ take on my Dakini). I faced 2 mirrors and basically otk'd both. My list: Skill: Mind Scan 3 Dakini 3 Benten 2 Senju 2 Cyber Petit 1 Sonic Bird 1 Idaten 3 MAAR 2 E Con 1 MAR 1 Cosmic Cyclone 1 Xing Zhen Hu Both Cyclone and Xing put in a ton of work, I'd probably play a 2nd Cyclone over Xing if I had it but Xing was particularly strong against the burn decks (which I faced a ton of) but was less good against the other matchups (with one game vs AG I only won because they ridiculously summoned electro set 2 then used electro's effect). I recently got 2 Saphira but I'm not sure its worth considering atm, as it seems like it would hit consistency. Perhaps if you have 3 senju 3 sonic birds it makes sense but otherwise I'd probably hold off until Dakini gets limited or something.
  12. Paradox Brothers

    Yeh unfortunately compared to something like lab builder farm there's a good bit of rng due to both the deck and Para's very bricky but randomly explosive deck. I don't have unhappy girls to compare but I think the tradeoff with this is it should be faster, but there are going to be some blown games due to bricking or Para opening broke.
  13. Paradox Brothers

    I mean an otk is a possibility, but in about 10 games it hasn't happened to me, sample size is small but I'm at 100% win rate so far, but your mileage may vary.
  14. Paradox Brothers

    True, although one of the nice things about Birthright/Soul Res is that you can draw it after getting soul exchanged without issue. Though that's only going to be relevant a small number of times.
  15. Paradox Brothers

    Yes soul resurrection works fine as well, nothing he has gets over 2500 attack so even the niche draw into soul res after getting soul exchanged and needing to block the next attack won't be a problem. I originally had 2 birthright 1 soul res, but it was overkill so as long as you have 2 ways to revive Blue Eyes you should be good.