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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Book would also be helpful vs stuff like massivemorph and wall of disruption. I suspect if book gets added it would probably be a 1of to begin with but who knows.
  2. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Spined Gilman is neat for Hammer Shark, could make that deck semi-playable again. 2300 Shark + 1900 Gilman with mako's ability. Alternatively could use Bastion's ability for a 2600 Shark and 2200 Gilman with cyclones. Probably not strong enough for serious play unless there's more really good cards for it in the pack.
  3. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Ghostricks are trash other than yuki-ona which is a level up reward. And exactly what playable zombie support did bonz have other than his skills and zombie world (another level up reward)? Espa had a couple okay cards but nothing meta defining, pulse mines is substantially better than the average roaming duelist reward but even it is really nothing to write home about.
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Konami has been extremely hesitant about adding actually strong drop rewards from roaming duelists ever since Super Joey. I wouldn't expect roaming duelists to have anything game changing, though it would be nice to get some more actually playable cards.
  5. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    New box: https://konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/box/primal_burst/ Honestly seems mediocre imo. Potential for Volcanic Control to be decent but you need 3 Rocket and it's ultra rare and you'd need Eliminiating the League/Divine Wrath/Paralel twister/Tribute to the Doomed so it's super unfriendly for f2p. The other archetypes seem weak and missing power cards.
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Zane's only a roaming duelist so unless CyDra is a reward as part of the event we'll probably have to wait until he's unlockable to get CyDra.
  7. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    You can only run 2 -total- of all semi limited cards. So you have to run 2 Dakini 0 MAR, 2 MAR 0 Dakini, or 1 Dakini 1 MAR.
  8. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Destiny Draw isn't significantly worse, you just won't know your deck order after using it anymore. It still searches any card out of your deck.
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Viable yeah, but probably not tier 1. As for CA my preliminary judgment is that at the very least budget CA builds (2 Senju 1 sonic) feel less coherent and Sapphira would be way better if it was a fairy. I think the less f2p build might still be tier 1 but I don't have the cards for it so not sure.
  10. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    New F/L list and skill balance in January. Dakini and MAR limited to 2 per deck and the following skills readjusted: 3SD: only used once per duel when you have 1000 or less LP (but can be used any time regardless of LP on members of the Gate - Suijin and friends) Destiny Draw: cards are listed in the same order of the deck editor Restart: 20 second limit time plus showing hand before shuffling if used (cards can be checked in the duel log) Middle Age Mechs: AGC will be activated on your first turn (not in the first turn of the duel) Mind Scan: same LP threshold but will get activated on the 3rd turn of the duel Miracle Fusion Time: can be used when your LP are 1000 or less (previously 500) Where the Heroes Dwell, Destiny Calling, BASTION's EARTH, WATER, WIND and FIRE skills: can be used when your LP are 3000 or less (previously 2000) Since you can only run 2 semi-limited cards total, CA are weakened substantially with the only serious CA build remaining probably being 3 Senju 3 Sonic Bird 2 Dakini 3 MAAR + staples. Maybe a more Saphira focused build could also be competitive. 3SD Ninjas/Hazys are rendered completely unplayable with the change to 3SD. The nerf to middle age mechs is significant but not devastating. Mind Scan is less valuable for CA but still decent for control oriented decks. The field spell skills are potentially playable with the changed lp threshold but perhaps not enough to significantly impact the meta. I'd guess the strongest decks after these changes would be Burn, Aroma Hazy and GBs.
  11. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Samurai seem really slow and we don't have that many traps that really play to their advantages. Currently I don't see a substantial reason to think they're superior to Electro control. Lack of Rota/Smoke Signal also means there's really no tool boxing abilities. Powerful rebirth seems neat but doesn't seem that great in Samurai, it has synergy with hand but other than that your only way of triggering it is via losing your monster to your opponent which doesn't seem viable when none of the samurai float when they die. If we get Kageki/Kizan/Grandmaster they could become a better version of MakoShark but atm I don't see much potential with the current pool of cards. Parallel Twister might find an application in a farming deck at some point but I have a hard time seeing it being particularly good in a competitive deck. Neos Alius makes hero beat slightly more plausible as a deck, but it really needs stratos/emergency call/honest to be anything relevant. The rest of the cards seem pretty irrelevant, it seems Black Brachios might be added as a pvp reward which would be way better than Sabersaurus, and there really isn't room for both in Dino Control.
  12. KC Cup

    Yep, I won at least 3 games vs Ninja with chaining cyclone to their Ninjitsu Art, one time where I could literally only summon a benten (I had MaR, Dakini, Benten, Econ, Cyclone). The lp cost was relevant a couple times though, mainly in games that dragged on super long due to bricking vs slow decks. But overall I think cyclone is the better card for the interaction with Ninjas and also a couple other clutch plays it can do that NoE can't.
  13. KC Cup

    Ran mind scan CA, I started with my previous build running 2 cyclones 2 econ and swapped to 3 econ 1 cyclone. I'm not sure it actually improved my win rate (i went from around 70% win rate with 2 cyclone to 65% towards the end) but it's hard to say as there are likely other factors affecting my win rate (more mirrors/worse luck/worse play from extended play) but overall the deck was solid and got me to rank 222. I will say I really wanted to switch to restart after throwing some games to terrible decks because I opened stuff like 4 s/ts or 3 s/ts + 1 Dakini (bonus points if it was 3 s/ts not including a ritual spell), but I don't think it would have actually improved my win rate overall as I faced probably 55% backrow decks, 35% mirror, 5% ninja, and 5% gimmick suicide bombers (cyber stein, bubble burn, etc). (Marik is on the rankings because I checked my ranking with him while leveling him) I dc'd about 4 times total so I don't think I had it as bad as some people w/regards to connection issues though it was very annoying when it happened.
  14. KC Cup

    I mean, maybe I just haven't faced good REZ players ( I think I've only played vs 1/2 post list REZ decks) but I never had trouble with them pre list, outside of econ take they have no way to deal with an idaten boosted dakini, so if you can buff Dakini up and force their econs, or have your own econ to counter theirs that should work. You can also cyclone spirit if you go first so that's not nothing.
  15. KC Cup

    I think the current situation is basically Mind Scan CA has the best matchups against the field, basically 70%+ win rates vs everything other than the mirror. But Restart has a decent advantage in the mirror (not a giant advantage, Mind Scan removes any ability to bluff econ while the mind scan player can still bluff, and coin toss is arguably even more important than having a better hand on average meaning you can't get much better than 50% win rate in the mirror on having better hands alone) but Restart is much more vulnerable to the backrow heavy decks that mind scan can basically crush any time they don't hard brick. This could lead to an unstable equilibrium where Mind Scan CA dominates the rest of the field, but restart becomes more prevalent to improve the mirror and backrow decks come back since they have a decent, and in some cases positive matchup against restart CA (especially the case with stuff like Amazoness Burn.)