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  1. Yeah, after the Dark Signer Arc it went to shit immediately and kind of backslid into doing things that they typically did in YGO anime when they have no idea where to take it. There was a bunch of filler that led into a shitty and lazy tournament arc (that sidelined pretty much half the main cast and basically downgraded Crow to Joey status imo), which eventually led into some near convoluted arc with some futuristic time travel group with a shitty pointless twist ending (He was future Yusei...but he really wasn't, just a crazy guy who did plastic surgery on himself. WAT?). Then Yusei turns super sayian in the last episode, because Shonen anime. 5Ds was literally the best YGO anime until after the Dark Signer arc imo. Battle City is a very close second.
  2. being an adult sucks

    Without actually reading the thread, I agree with the title. Getting hounded for loan money and paying bills fucking suck a monkey's saggy titty nipples. For example.
  3. XC VS DGZ

    I saw this post a few days ago with what it originally said. Editing in redacted considering that, just made it comedy gold imo.
  4. Sup

    I somewhat remember you. As far as yugi, maybe it's still a thing? Idk, I haven't really played the game in a year or so. Competitive discussion seems rare around these parts, at least publicly.
  5. Kind of hard to make a “best of all time” list considering there are at least 2 very distinctive eras of YGO. With very different styles of play, deck theory and, fuck, even radically different tournament structures. Making a “best of” players list for their eras seems to make the most sense.
  6. Need help making porn

    Randomly browsing DGz and see this topic being bumped up. Just here to post that I never truly realized how silly Google Glass really looked until I saw Allen’s pic in the OP. Thank god Google canned it during the beta phase. I’ll be taking my leave now, see you guys later.
  7. Burning Abyss

    Until Konami decides to make another deck where light and darks syngergize really well in the current era.
  8. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Irl yugi isn’t worth spending money on these days tbh imo (especially on a trade book/collection). If you’re not just buying a deck and then selling it when done, you’re doing it wrong.
  9. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I heard the second one is a lot better than the first one.
  10. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I want good netcode for this Smash coming up. Smash 4 had so-so netcode, barely playable online.
  11. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I played both levels, they’re both easy imo but Kirby as a series isn’t known to be particularly hard anyways. Just a fun chill time with light challenges. I haven’t played many Kirby games, but the one’s I’ve played have been really good and this demo makes me want to get this game. Only issues is that it can get a bit cluttered managing 4 characters and it takes a bit to get used to the controls.
  12. Gaming laptops..

    As an artist, tech enthusiast and someone who currently owns and works with a surface pro: If you don’t draw/use certain creative programs often, you’re paying a lot of money for a mid-range spec’d Windows machine. The built in wacom digitizer is literally the only thing that makes the Surface an option imo.
  13. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Perhaps, but I believe its pretty shitty of either Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to sell digital games for the same price as physical games considering manufacturing costs are pretty much cut out entirely. If not cut down the base price, at least give better sales/discounts more often online (especially on larger titles). Retailers won’t get mad because it wouldn’t be permanent, Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony would actually benefit because it would mostly be pure profit, and the consumer gets a good deal on a game they probably wouldn’t have brought at full price otherwise. Everyone wins.
  14. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Shitty digital pricing is the only real reason why I even have physical games for the Switch. I can live without resale value. I asked the question because I see a lot of people online bitching about some games being digital only on Switch and wanted to see if people outside of nintendo fandom actually care. Personally, swapping cartidges is a pain, especially while traveling, they often aren’t being read by the Switch so I have to insert them again or blow them a few times to get it to work. Aarons post gives me an idea of some things I wish Nintendo would do, but I know damn sure they won’t. 1) Like Steam, the ability to get a full refund (or eshop credit) for digital games played witihin the last week or two, with 2 or less hours of play time. 2) The ability to “sell” a digital game with more than 2 hours/1+ week of playtime back to the eshop and get partial eshop credit back. 3) Digital games need to have a lower base prices than physical. For example a $60 physical game should be at least $15 cheaper digital. I think the above 3 ideas would get people to download their games more, especially when Nintendo starts charging for online in the fall.