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  1. After certain events that happened in CSK (and elsewhere) during a moment of weakness yesterday, I've decided it would be best if I just took a break from DGz and perhaps the internet at large. I've been on DGz everyday since I've joined, so I think a break would be a smart thing to do regardless of what happened yesterday. Hopefully it will clear my head, force me to get out of my own thoughts for a few hours a day and allow me to allocate my free time into something more productive than browsing DGz. Besides, a good chunk of you probably hate me and want me to leave anyways.
  2. I understand. For me, there's just some things I can't talk to my friends about, but I can talk to girls about it and vice versa.
  3. Just because I have friends doesn't mean I can't feel or be lonely. I've literally felt lonely in a room full of friends many times. It doesn't help that most of my friends are in relationships. The way that I imagine it and observed from others is that a relationship is much more initmate and closer than a platonic friendship. Not just on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level as well.
  4. Markus, here's the thing: I actually do have close friends, quite a few of them in fact, that I hangout with on a regular basis. I may not be likable to you, but I am to my friends that I have known for almost 8-9 years. When I said that I am alone, I mean strictly in the relationship sense. I'm fine in terms of having friends and people that enjoy my company. I just seek to have something more than that, I think that's fair, is it not? I don't think it's fair to say that I can't make the "arguments" that I make because I'm not happy. That's basically saying that I am not allowed to explain myself or my actions. So I can't say anything because I asked for help? The world around me doesn't change because it doesn't want to change when I attempt to change. I change my approach with each new girl I decide to talk to, yet the results are the same. I obtain a higher education so more doors can open up to me, yet I don't even get to see the welcome mat and I remain poor. I basically do what I can to change my reality, yet my reality stays the same dispite what I do. Surely you can imagine how much this mentally destroys me. Also, if you've paid attention (this also goes to everyone else), I've mostly blamed myself. I literally said "what is wrong with me?". I'd rather put myself down before you or anyone else do so. So, I don't disagree beacuse I already agreed before you even said anything. If you haven't realized already, I'm a very goal oriented person. I will do anything in my power and pull all the resources possible to complete my goal, even if it means perhaps I go a little insane or make other people hate me. I'm stubborn and just don't give up. I guess this is my main flaw(s)... Maybe I just answered my own question from earlier...
  5. I can answer most of that In terms of visual mediums, I used to not be a fan of painted works of art when I was younger (I was more of a fan of animation, comic book styles, pretty much anything inked/drawn with pencil/digital works). As I got older, I started to appreciate painted works more, especially as I found out that they were often used as backdrops in older films. I'm still personally not a huge fan of the cubism style popularized by Picasso though, some of it is good but a lot of it just looks mediocre at best to me. I like visual arts because I don't find it distracting, its usually elegant to look at and it actually inspires me to make my own work. I have the opposite view with music. Not only does it not appeal to me, or inspire me, I find music annoying. When I say annoying, I mean it prevents me from thinking clearly or even hearing my own thoughts, and I am a guy who thoroughly enjoys just thinking (which is also part of the reason why I don't do drugs/alcohol. I prefer to be in control of myself, my thinking and have knowledge of my surroundings at all times). The best way I can illustrate it is that it's equivalent to being in a loud party/club and not being able to hear the person next to you over the music, let alone your own voice. The reason why I even choose art as a profession to pursue is that I've always wanted to draw the art work for video games. I specifically remember when I decided that I wanted to do that, I was 5, in my mother's room, playing Donkey Kong Country on a big ass CRT TV (that game is beautiful by the way). Everyone wanted to be firemen and police officers, etc., I wanted to draw video games. It was when I got older that I decided that I wanted to be a concept artist specifically. If getting into the video game industry doesn't happen, I wouldn't mind working in advertising (of which I actually have connections in that field). Also, I just thought that doing art for the rest of my life would be fun, and easy. If I had put my mind to it, I probably could've become a lawyer, doctor or even a scientist of some kind, it wouldn't have been too hard in my opinion (just a lot of work, on top of work, plus sleepless nights), but I wouldn't have found any enjoyment in anything else. Also fun fact, my avatar is part of a logo I've created based on a picture I took of my self two years ago.
  6. If that's how DGz perceives it, oh well I guess. Nothing I can do to change that.
  7. Can you actually shut the fuck up? You weren't even around when that was an actual thing so don't even reference it as if you were, much less use it as a threat. Also, please don't act like you're better than me just because I have a problem that I have yet to solve. You're not, get off your high horse.
  8. Maybe, just maybe, some of the advice wasn't that good or really panned out in my real life? Idk, just a thought. I was honestly done with this a few pages back, and was going to let it go away quietly, but as soon as I mention that I don't like music, hell breaks loose. I'm done.
  9. If I can answer my own question, there would be no need to ask it in the first place. All I said was, I don't like music and getting a girl would solve my problem of being single. That's literally all I said. I don't see how not liking music is an actual problem because in my experience, no one fucking cares or gets into an uppity hissy fit about it. Am I not allowed to defend my opinions/beliefs just because I may ask for help? Am I just supposed to lie down an accept everything? I guess so based on this paragraph.
  10. No, it's because you're probably a terrible person that judges people for not liking one thing. It isn't a big deal. Literally no one cares as much as you do, lol. When I tell people that I don't like music, they either: are intrigued to why I don't like it, don't care that I don't like it, think that it's interesting/cool that I don't like it or a combination of the 3. No one walks away like a disrespectful fucktard with a stick up their ass because it's not that big of a deal. This conversation is over.
  11. You'd be the first. I'd probably wouldn't want to talk to you if that was your reaction anyways. I do appreciate art (my degree is in Graphic Design), I just don't like music. It doesn't appeal to me. Its not the end of the world nor is it really not that big of a deal.
  12. I don't like music. Honestly.
  13. Terribly. After college, it's been pretty hard to eat and excerise correctly. Been looking for work for a while so I can get money to eat and excerise correctly (among other things).
  14. I am not you and you are not me. Everyone has problems, and both of our problems are different and thus, no shit, the solutions won't be the same. As I already said, the solution to my problem isn't as complicated or as deep as you think. I'm unhappy being alone? Solution, get a girlfriend. See? Simple.
  15. The difference between me and other people is that I am me. That's a very big difference. That difference means that I am not happy being perpetually single. I'm 22, a virgin and never had a girlfriend. I'm not having fun. I want to try something new, but that seems to be a lot to ask for apparently.