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  1. Just started playing a little bit ago, level 4. its so easy to lose turf war even if you’re personally doing well because the rest of your team isn’t pushing and/or too focused on putting paint on our side.
  2. Well, it feels slow to me lol. At least compared to, lets say, Call of Duty lol.
  3. Im getting it tomorrow. Playing in the global splatfest gave me a chance to test the game with motion controls. I like it much better than I thought I would, I got kills I probably otherwise wouldnt have without it. Even with max sensitivity, playing with only the right stick feels slow in this game. The motion is definitely better than the first splatoon. That shit felt clunky as fuck with the gamepad.
  4. I agree with you on Twintelle and is exactly why I said she has a hard time against people who time their attacks and know her gameplan. Eventually, a lot more people will realize and she’ll probably get worse, which would be a shame because I think she can be a really good character. Oh well. I like minmin too, but I’m pretty bad with her. Can’t get the hang of her parry consistently for the life of me. Speaking of Seekie, electric arms are so good. They literally scare the opponent into playing more cautiously than normal or they get stunned to death. I actually think the stun duration from electric Arms needs to be nerfed a little, because its so good.
  5. Yeah, Snake Park needed to go. If you weren't on the snake board, you most likely lost. It was too easy to deny the opponent the board if they got knocked off. Also, in my experience it just invalidated some characters, like Byte and Barq since Barq can't get on the board and most of Barq's attacks get blocked by the board. I liked Byte and Barq when I started playing, but I just naturally gravitated to Ribbon Girl (and occasionally Twintelle). Being able to multi-jump in mid air and fast fall feels really good in this game, she's basically a Smash character. The multi-jump allows me to safely whiff attacks in air to bait out their grab/rush, then jump again in mid air to grab/rush them while they're open, or the Jump allows me to approach them safely while dodging their attacks in air. She just seems to be able to safely pressure the opponent with little risk, something I don't think anyone else in the cast can do. I feel Twintelle is really good (definitely not the best, but at least top 5) she has the tools to be top 2 but she can be exploited by opponents who are paying attention. She just wrecks people that like to punch/grab stupidly with her ability (at medium range or greater), but has a hard time against people that time their punches and realize that Twintelle's gameplan is to bait the opponent into committing, making her ability less effective outside of being able to charge in mid air (which I think is really fucking good).
  6. I don't know, Donald Trump does exist though and he isn't the type of person to keep his shitty thoughts to himself...
  7. I don't really see too much discussion of this game outside of dedicated forums and such, but I think it's a game worth talking about in general. Not only is it a fun party kind of game (like Smash...not Brawl), it's also a pretty fun and deep competitive fighter (like Smash...not Brawl) even though it may not seem that way to the casual viewer. If you enjoy fighting games, its pretty easy to get hooked into this game. Most games at the low level end up being grab-fests and super defensive, but at the high level... it's pretty enjoyable to watch and get into. I know some people may have been skeptical of such a game being a competitive fighter (most basically said its a reskinned Wii Boxing. That's barely a fact), but trust me, and the video above, it's definitely a competitive fighter and far deeper than most people realize. Punching or grabbing willy-nilly will net you few positive results, you do actually need to think in this game; the Arms you select and which arm (left or right) you use said Arm on actually matters and determines how you'll combo, approach, etc. Discuss and bitch about this game.
  8. This is also what I am playing.
  9. Lol, I added you just now.
  10. Updated the Switch last night to version 3.0. A cool feature that you can do on it is invert colors and make colors grayscale. Playing Mario Kart in Inverted is trippy as fuck. Edit: Also the Mayflash Gamecube Controller Adapter works for the Switch now. Just need to update the adapter on a PC. Treats the GC like a Pokken Controller, works in games that can use a DPad as a control method (like Mario Kart and Street Fighter). Doesn't work in BotW.
  11. I don't. Refresh my memory.
  12. Bull isn't banned in the OCG until July 1st.
  13. Probably irrelevant to the topic, but I just want to say that when we get a Beast-Warrior Link Monster, this card becomes pretty good imo. We have Reborn Tengu at 3.
  14. As far as I am aware, it isn't. Seems like a case of "this card sees no play, so it must be okay at 3". Or its just to boost up TwilightSworns, lol.
  15. Also wait, Grand Mole is still limited? Lmao. I remember trying out multiple copies of this card back in the day, to see why it was limited, it sucked and was horrendously overrated back then imo. This was 2007. Saqlife was just semi'd in the OCG. Can probably go back to 3. Qli sucks under the recent changes to Pendulum mechanics.