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  1. I recently decided that I want to watch at least 1 movie a day this year. I like movies, but I rarely carved out time to sit down and watch one in the past, even if it was some bullshit movie on netflix. In addition to my previous post, I think this will be easy and fun little goal to do this year.
  2. Getting fit. I’m already on my way there. I lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of November so far.
  3. Your New News Source

    2013 is a long ass time ago, damn time flies. it’s been that long since I followed Shriek and Manjyome Thunder for OCG news.
  4. Tri-Beasts

    Well, if you’re not trying to take out Kaiju, at least add a 3rd one. Would also make siding easier too. While it has no restriction, Reborn itself doesn’t add much. At least Comeback adds some protection if you need it. You’re really not going to steal from the opponents graveyard much unless in a mirror match these days, and there isn’t any non-GB monster you’d want to revive from your own graveyard. In this scenario, it’s more so viewed as comeback without protection rather than comeback without restriction. Also comeback is able to summon stuff from your hand. While a -1 in the sense of strict numbers (if you actually care about such a thing), that doesn’t matter because it gives it much more flexibility than Reborn ever could and actually allows you to extend your plays/make moves without having your normal summons needing to stick. So it’s a much better card to open with than Reborn. What I’m basically saying is, between Reborn and Comeback in this deck, Reborn is strictly the worse card. You don’t want to open with it and drawing into it in general adds no real value for you. Instead of a 4th Reborn, it’s much better to add a card that would actually do something for you when you open it and when drawn into.
  5. Tri-Beasts

    I’ve played GBs back in the day, and while some people played more than 40 (often 42), it was always better at 40 tbh. Anyways, after doing a bit of research and looking closely at this deck a lot of things are at really weird numbers to begin with: -2 Rejection -2 Kaiju -2 Nibiru -1 Attorix -1 Agustus -1 Nervall -1 Kerass -1 Monster Reborn +3 Dark Ruler No More +1 Tenki +1 Impermanence +1 Ash +1 Barrier Statue of Wind Took out Kaijus and Nibiru because Dark Ruler effectively does the same thing as those cards, but is much better overall to draw into after they made their plays (Nibiru is awful to draw into after they set their board). It also breaks Simorgh locks, where as neither Nibiru or Kaiju can do. Speaking of the Simorgh lock, Barrier Statue of Wind allows you to lock them out of special summons and force them to break it or lose. You can still make some plays under it I believe, but only a few. +1 Tenki because you always want to start the game with Fraktall if Rabbit isn’t in your hand. I cut a copy of both Nervall and Kerass because tbh, they’re only really good with Fraktall plays, and while not completely awful to open, you don’t want to see them as often. I don’t see the need for more than 1 Attorix tbh, also the same can be said for Augustus but I’ll let you leave an extra copy in there just for Attorix’s effect and in-case you were to banish it for Tri-Brigade stuff, but 3 is far too much. Rejection seems terrible here tbh since you don’t have too much of a variety of types to make it consistent (even then, I’d probably only play 1 copy tbh). Target protection is nice, but not nice enough to play here imo. Reborn is unnecessary in this day and age imo, not much that’s worth taking from your opponent. Also 3 Comeback is more than enough graveyard SS here. This leaves it at 41. To make it 40, debatably an additional copy of either Augustus and Kerass can be cut. You don’t really want to draw into either one of these; Augustus can be cycled over and over again and Kerass is really only that good early on most of the time. I considered suggesting a 3rd copy of Dai here, but it’s a only good when you open the game and if you’re not winning. I wouldn’t cut copies atm though only because it is a way for the deck to open and put monsters on the board without normal summoning.
  6. Tri-Beasts

    I haven’t really been paying as close attention to the game as I used to a few years ago, I’m slowly getting back to it. So I can’t directly help you atm, but I can say that if the deck felt “clunky” at 40 cards and you needed more cards to play it, that deck is likely pretty bad and you need to go back to the drawing board to fix it. There’s only been 1-2 decks off the top of my head that ever required more than 40 cards to work, neither of them are meta anymore and I strongly doubt Tri-Brigade/GB would eventually be one of those decks.
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    What was the social media you posted the other day before the reset? I might wanna check those out sometime.
  8. well hello there!

    Yeah, I’ll give you that one. Forum sites aren’t doing so hot these days, to say the least.
  9. well hello there!

    You were born in 03? Holy shit lmao. As you can see, the board is only semi-active atm, but there’s definitely hidden gems of old around here that you can enjoy. Also, while you’re at it you can join our discord server too: https://discord.gg/t4gyWJB
  10. Top 10 games of this generation?

    WiiU but w/e
  11. if you click on this topic you must post

    Nah, that’s just what happens. You have a few people you want, then you just venture out and add more people you randomly met once or twice. For me, started with some people I knew from high school, then middle school, then college, then deleted FB for two years, then made a new one and did the same shit all over again and then added family, etc.
  12. if you click on this topic you must post

    I suppose. I think I should just deactivate FB for the time being. Considering if I just went on a unfriending spree, I’d probably only have some family and close friends...might as well save me some time and deactivate it. Twitter I’m still 50/50 about on what I would like to do with that, despite my gripes it is the main way I find other online communities and find out shit that happens in the world. Might end up unfollowing some people though. Instagram, whenever I get around to it again, I’m definitely unfollowing people.
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    If you enjoy it, that’s awesome. I wish I was in the same boat. For me, it just blows. If I’m not scrolling away at the timelines, I always find something that annoys me about it. In addition to it being exhausting for me to keep up with people on them, as well as constant nauseating political discourse: Twitter is just full of people trying really hard to be funny and edgy, or insightful. Very few people seem like real people to me. Facebook, if not regurgitating memes from Twitter or being ratchet as fuck, is just people trying to one up each other all day. Instagram, I haven’t been on it in a while but it’s just basically Facebook with emphasis on photos from what I remember. I’m willing to fully admit most of it is because I’m getting older, but at the same time I’m able to see how much social media just sucks.
  14. if you click on this topic you must post

    Is it just me or is Social Media just absolutely draining? Both physically and emotionally.
  15. Should the age of consent be lowered?

    This aged like fine milk Edit: Actually read the thread instead of skimmed it. Inari had the worst fucking takes of this entire shitshow of a thread. Holy fuck.