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  1. I've thought about it, and even though I can be angry forever, I have enough people to hate in my life (my old college advisor and the bitch who bullied me from 4th to 6th grades respectively). Hating more people is exhausting and a waste of time. This is why I'm formally apologizing to everyone on DGz for every and anything I've ever said, done, etc., that may have offended or annoyed them. Macsis said something in my status that reminded me of a very sensitive topic in my life. I acted like a piece of shit and didn't even realize it. I got so angry at people for treating me like a piece of shit, that I became another piece of shit. This is what inspired me to make this topic. Up until a few years ago (roughly 3 or 4), DGz was the one place on the internet that I went to to escape life for a little bit, laugh a little, argue a little, have a bit of fun on a shitty day, etc. I actually felt like I belonged on this site. I loved this site. I actually brought the old t-shirt for godsakes. Then a few events happened in my life and shit got wrecked. I started venting more, getting angrier and stopped having fun. Due to the back and forth on my side and everyone else's side, people started hating me and I started hating them. It's to the point where I can barely post shit without people bringing up my issues unprompted. I want to have fun and shit on DGz like I used to. I want to actually feel like I'm a part of this site again. I want to love DGz again. I want to put my own past behind me. I don't want to be constantly reminded of my own mistakes and be used as a running joke for the site. This is why I actually forgive you guys for being shit heads to me on here and on Discord. Its a bit my fault too anyways. And, like I already said, I apologize to you guys for being an asshat for the past few years and for everything I've said and done. I was wrong. Can you guys forgive me?
  2. Has DGz stooped so low as to be so desperate for "drama" and activity that trash topics like this are enjoyable? Okay, if you want to further ruin a topic and kill an already dead joke, be my guest. All I was suggesting was to preseve a topic while it's...okay, before people wreck it further. It always happens.
  3. I'm saying to close it, because: 1) this topic is dumb, 2) nothing constructive will actually come of it, it will most likely devolve further and 3) so we can just move on a forget this topic, which is much easier to do when its closed so it can't be randomly necro bumped in the future. This is one of the extremely rare times I wish I was a mod. I would've closed this topic forever ago. This is one of the few topics that needs to be closed, for the sake of everyone.
  4. Can this actually happen soon? This is a really bad topic.
  5. Logic? What logic? You have never once responded to anything I posted with sound logic. Please don't make it seem like you actually write good posts. Also, bandwagon? No. I actually post my own points of view. I just happen to agree with the person who makes the most sense, because that's the logical thing to do.
  6. Why do you guys allow Markus to post? You guys took the joke too far and now the joke has a mind of its own.

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    2. Mascis


      yeah man a kid who died because of drug problems is comparable to a guy who can't get laid. both of these people have the same exact problems.


      jesus fucking christ. maybe people don't like you because you're a horrible human being

    3. Nate1080


      You people aren't any better than I am, believe me.


      also, way to miss the obvious point that I was making (that I explicitly said). I only brought up the fact that people compare me to Nafe because he did the exact same thing you guys hate me for, yet you love him and also you guys expect me to respect you and "behave" when you keep comparing me to a dead kid and actively say I'm worse than him.

    4. Markus


      None of those last 3 responses were productive. They were very close minded and angry. You could compare them to how mad I got at people in "shitpost duel".


      Hopefully all that is in the past though, seeing as this was before you made your thread.

  7. Can this topic be closed? I see no good in keeping it alive. It wasn't good to begin with and it got worse because Markus is an idiot.
  8. If you think I'm elitist or ever have been, you're delusional. I have never once thought, said, or even implied that I am better than anyone. I have, in fact, vehemently stated the exact opposite. Ironically this is you being the elitist right now. Also, you say I never take advice and you shouldn't listen to me because of it, but you're doing the exact thing you accuse me of right now. Stop being a hypocrite. I actually hate you because you position yourself as better when you're no better than anyone else. You bash Soul for being a bully, yet you're a bully yourself. You, along with a few others, attacked me on discord two weeks ago after I asked whether I should go out with a friend to a club that night by randomly bringing up my problems without me promoting anyone to do so and using it to prop yourself up as a better person than me. Again, stop being a hypocrite you nut guzzling assfuck.
  9. This topic went from Markus trying to be funny and troll, to him being salty and becoming a carebear from being trolled and having the hard truth spelled out to him. I'm not even sure if this topic got better or worse. And yes, Soul was most likely trolling you. That man gives 0 actual fucks. You took the bait. Regardless, Soul made a vaild point and you're just too salty to see it. You can't take the highroad, shit and look down upon someone when you're doing the exact same thing they're doing to you, to them. You're not better than Soul (or anyone for that matter), stop implying that you are. It makes you look like the piece of shit. I know this because I went through this exact realization in my own life not too long ago.
  10. Had the Switch/Zelda for a week. Great game, favorite Zelda by far, etc. It feels completely different from every Zelda game in terms of controls, I'm still trying to get used to it honestly. Also, this game is hard, thank god because Zelda was getting too damn easy. Zelda by itself is well worth buying the Switch for. Also, it took me until watching a gameplay video a few minutes ago to realize Link is right handed again in this game. Made sense when they did it in Skyward Sword due to shitty wiimote assfuckery, wonder why they did it again in this game... lastly, a friend brought me Metal Slug 3 on my Switch. Great co-op game to demonstrate the fact that the Switch has two controllers.
  11. I feel as though someone should write a discussion on Dinosaurs. The new support comes out in 3 weeks in the form of the Dinomashers Fury structure deck and it has made some decent showings in the OCG. The dinos are typically combined with True Kings/Dracos, Kaijus, and/or even Zoos. Might be a viable deck in the TCG.
  12. They would ban Vanity without touching any of That Grass is Greener decks. Nice job Konami... Also Maxx C to 1. Lol. I saw that coming a mile away.
  13. Took it for fun. ISTJ - A
  14. Not sure if something like this has been implemented already, didn't read through the whole topic, but I think recording each move (draws, sets, attacks, adding cards to hand from deck, etc.) in either a seperate public log or in the chat would be useful. Either to catch people trying to cheat or so both players know what's going on at all times, even if they walk away from the screen for a second.
  15. I wish I can buy a Switch now. I got a 450 gift card from Newegg that I got from returning my old android under warranty, I want to use that to buy the Switch on their site. They're selling it for almost 600. Gross, I'll wait. Also, almost everywhere is either sold out or over pricing the Switch by 100+. Its the NES classic/Wii all over again.