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  1. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Just when I thought about taking a break from playing, and get back into ARMS, they do this. Basically two big updates coming up this holiday season for Splatoon 2. Update on 24th November MakoMart stage (enters rotation on Saturday) A new Salmon Run stage, Salmonid Smokeyard (available from Friday) 140 extra pieces of gear New music from "the punk-flavoured Bottom Feeders (pictured) and classically-trained avant-garde-style Ink Theory" New hair styles Scan Splatoon amiibo to take in-game pictures Max level raised to 99 (afterwards, you can “prestige” like Call of Duty to rank *1) Swap gear between battles within the online lobbies Second update in mid-December Clam Blitz battle mode - "Competing Inklings are tasked with collecting clams scattered around the stage. After one is picked up, the clam weirdly follows you. Your objective is to throw the clam into the basket near your opponent’s base. The first team to score 100 points wins! The baskets are protected by a barrier, which must be destroyed first. After collecting 10 clams, you’ll earn a Power Clam. These super-powered clams are the key to breaking the barrier, so strategy will definitely be involved in deciding which clams are used to destroy the barrier and which are used to earn points. Not to mention the extra-satisfying opportunity to steal your opponents’ clams by splatting them." 'Coming Soon' New stage - Shellendorf Institute Two more returning stages - Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall The new ranked mode is welcome, that was definitely needed as well as being able to swap gear in the lobbies (really important as very often the rotation includes stages that are suited to very different weapon kits from each other. Also backing out is annoying). Really good FREE update just in time for the holiday gaming season.
  2. i've been gone for forever ama

    Why did you leave?
  3. Double Helix and Machine Dup to 0 would’ve been better hits than Fix and Drone to 1 imo.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey

    It definitely is. Is has the best gameplay and presentation of any Zelda game, period. Wind Waker comes close, but the sea ruins the gameplay.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    It should be on the eshop by then. In fact, iirc, the newest Switch firmware update allows you to partially pre-download games before their launch date. You might be able to do that with Oddysey, cutting down time to download even more if you wish.
  6. SPYRAL - Discussion

    This deck took all but 3 spots in the top 32 of YCS Dallas (Invoked and 2 Trickstars also topped). edit: Just read the finals feature match. Literally lasted 4 turns. This format is probably the grossest format I’ve seen since March 2008 format.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey

    Oddysey is 5.7GB, it shouldn’t take you too long to download. Definitely not as long as Fifa, which is basically 14GB on Switch.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey

    Cute. This comment helped learn that Wind Waker came out in Japan in late 2002, as opposed to 2003 everywhere else.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    The best Zelda and possibly the best 3D Mario in the same year is still insane to me.
  10. all right stop

    ^best new poster
  11. Discord Categories Poll

    That’s cool. 1) I don’t care 2) that doesn’t make you a better person than anyone. Nice try.
  12. Discord Categories Poll

    You’re no better
  13. The YGOrganization -[OCG] Promotion Pack 2017

    Linkelbell’s condition is probably one of the pettiest, and hilarious, things Konami has ever put on a card, right next to the Link that can only be summoned MP2. They’re basically admitting that Link summoning is just a little too much to be generic. That said, it actually helps out pendulum (specifically metalfoes and igknights in particular) decks by having a reliable Link 2 to Link into without having specific monsters since its easy to just pad out the extra deck turn 1. Also Gofu, if you wish, which allows you to be able to burn through some Links so you can summon this.
  14. Wumbo

    I was late to aim party, making my account in 2008. My aim name was narudi01 A combo of my first name and middle name. Yes, people thought it said naruto or had something to do with naruto.