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  1. Can we ban Daigusto Emeral now? With my limited experience playing against Zoo, seeing Zoo play and skimming the OP, I feel Daigusto is one of the main problem cards in Zoo.
  2. The Wii U used to allow users to add friends through searching their account names up on Miiverse. That was the closest thing to what Xbox/PS does, why they ditched it I'll never know. They need to bring Miiverse back, at least through an app on the phone (like they promised a few years ago, lol).
  3. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  4. SW-5377-5387-0306 dont have internet atm, but should sooner or later. Also, fucking friend codes? Just as I thought Nintendo was getting it's shit together.
  5. I'd like to forget that I made any mafia games a while back. It surprises the hell out of me that I made games almost 4 years ago. Holy shit time flies.
  6. I'd like to have a role where town gets to see who Mafia is. I bet town would still lose.
  7. So I guess the zoo is going to be open until something better comes along...
  8. Read that post.
  9. So, is the zoo closed? Serious question, I only passively looked at the deck and combos. Also, I like how they ban Norden now rather than forever ago when the OCG did it. Better now than never I guess.
  10. Poor taste. Poor timing. Bad joke.
  11. The combat system is really simplified for a 3d zelda title. I feel they did this in favor of encouraging the player to focus on using tactics other than direct battle (some groups of enemies are just insanely hard to beat or not worth fighting) and on the weapon system, as well as make the game a bit more accessible compared to, let's say, Skyward Sword. Also, the not rolling thing and having to manually press the jump button instead of the A button when targeting fucked my head up for a while too. I believe there is a way to have the lock on stay on an enemy without holding the button, there usually is on most Zelda titles. I'd go to the control menus and start fucking around in there. Also, the D-Pad thing has happened to me as well a few times. I think it's because if you used the bow, and didn't un-equip it by pressing the shield/melee weapon button (i.e. he's holding the bow), when you press the left/right on the pad it brings up the Bow and Arrow menus. I haven't purposely tested this yet. To be very honest, my only gripe with Breath of the Wild is the controls. It definitely takes time to get used to because its a pretty different feel to any other Zelda game.
  12. It's been awhile since I've heard the name Roy St. Clair... Sucks that he died. How did he die?
  13. While I don't think its a bad mat, seems pretty crowded to me with all the Dracos everywhere like that. Not too bummed to not get this mat.
  14. Links come out in a starter deck around mid July. The first booster set with them comes out August I believe. Also, Dinosaurs are the best structure deck right now. Just playing 3 of them with basic additions (such as Laggia, Dolkka, rank 4s) is okay, but if you want to play a good version you'll have to shellout quite a bit of cash for the playset of Dragonic Diagram and the True King stuff. Even if you don't play the good version, the structure is still worth buying for reprints alone.
  15. Collecting Coins boost your top speed a bit during races, as well as unlock stuff.