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  1. I was expecting Excition Knight back considering the reprint. Oh well.
  2. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I suppose but Firewall is a thing, correct? I feel like having more Rabbits help in making stronger boards.
  3. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    This deck is looking a bit better now with Zoo basically dead, Draco hurt a bit and Rescue Rabbit to 3 (6 if you want to play the Rescue search card).
  4. Metalfoes

    So Rabbit to 3 really boosted this deck. Now there’s 6 copies of Rabbit (Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue). It probably still isn’t top teir, but its worth noting.
  5. ama

    I thought you died. Why did you leave?
  6. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Not sure if you guys saw the Nintendo Direct yesterday, if not here it is (its 45mins) : I There’s a lot of neat stuff in this direct, but the most important take away from it is that Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein 2 are coming to the Switch. Doom to come out this year and Wolfenstein to come out early next year. Two really huge AAA 3rd party titles coming to the Switch, from Bethestha of all companies. That is exactly what Switch needs, something that Wii/WiiU never really got and GameCube/N64 barely had. If those do really well (and run well), expect more AAA 3rd party support for the Switch.
  7. Metalfoes

    You have to target a face up card to pop for a Metalfoe scale.
  8. Metalfoes

    I did the whole Panzer + Instant thing last year, its not bad at all but it was way better back then than it is now because stacking Metalfoes in the extra was way better. I’d rather use Instant Fusion as a way to create links, rather than Combination combos, though Combination combos would still be a good use when needed. That is of course assuming you can really fit anything else in the extra. There’s probably 2, maybe 3 tops, cards you can drop in the extra for Instant targets and some of those cards are kind of important when they do come up. If Scapegoat wasn’t slow and restrictive, I’d play 3 here. It would almost always be a blank card. Also, I’d probably play Missus Radiant anyways by the way, Link Spider is Earth after all, it wouldn’t be too hard to set up. Also, in testing, Alkahest, while still really good, isn’t that important anymore, you get way more mileage by leaving Mithrillium on the board, especially if you have Decode/Proxy on board, which is the reason why I say that Counter is the best Metalfoe s/t and should always be your go to s/t above all.
  9. Metalfoes

    Damn, its been a while since this thread has had a post. I’ll preface this by saying that this deck isn’t that good anymore (obviously, but not necessarily for the reasons you think), you can still make decent boards but you have to work for them and if they get broken you usually just lose. This deck has changed completely, its almost brand new. The only reason why I’m still playing this deck is because its the only deck I have right now and I’m just playing shit until the next banlist shows up. Believe it or not, I made this pile of cards work. This is the list I’m working with for now: 15 Metalfoes 2 Archfiend Eccentrick 3 Baobaboon 3 Gofu 2 Ghost Ogre (I don’t own Ash) 1 Rabbit 1 Maxx C 1 Luster Pendulum 3 Desires 3 Painful 1 Raigeki 1 Metalfoes Fusion 1 Fullmetalfoes Fusion 2 Counter 1 Combination 3 Link Spider 2 Decode Talker 2 Proxy Dragon 1 Ib, World Chalice Priestess 2 Mithrilium 1 Alkahest 1 Orichalc 1 Utopia 1 Utopia Lightning 1 Ignister I went into the deck thinking that you still want to mainly Fusion summon, with the Links just adding more zones to the board to facilitate that, then I realized that the best Metalfoe s/t is Counter and your best monsters are Links. You almost always want to set Counter, even over Fusion. Counter allows you to get around the fact that you only have 2, sometimes 3, zones maximum to summon Pendulums back from the extra to make plays and save you from getting completely washed up by the opponent, also its an important part of the best field this deck can make (Decode in the EMZ, Proxy Dragon directly below it, 2 Metalfoes being pointed to by both Proxy Dragon and Decode. Made possible by a hand of Gofu and 4 Metalfoes monsters, unless you have 2 Volflame). That being said, you never want to draw/open it because you need to make a board, hence only playing 2 copies and Baobaboon to fix your hands. You do still want to fuse, mainly for Mithrillium, but it isn’t as solid as Decode and Proxy Dragon set ups. Unlike before, your goal isn’t to fill up the extra with Pendulums, set everything, and pend for 5. The Link mechanics destroy that playstyle, literally turning the advantage of being Pendulums that Metalfoes once had into a disadvantage (made even worse by being mostly normal monsters). 5 Pendulums in hand is still okay, you just play it very differently now; Pendulum summoning Metalfoes from hand is actually more viable now, and might be required to make some plays. Before someone mentions it, you don’t have room for the Zoo Xyzs, that’s why there’s no Zoos here. Some example hands/plays that you want to go for in this deck that I can think off of the top of my head (assuming you’re going first): Gofu + 4 Metalfoes (As long as you don’t have more than 1 Volflame/Bismugear in hand, and have a 1-8 scale, this is possible*) 1) SS Gofu and SS the two tokens anywhere on your board. 2) Link into Spider using a token. Making sure the zone right below the EMZ is clear. 3) SS a low level Metalfoes normal from hand using Spider’s effect. 4) normal summon a Metalfoe, make Proxy Dragon into the zone below Spider, using the SS’d metalfoe and the Normal summond Metalfoe. 5) Link into a 2nd Spider using the 2nd Gofu Token. Make Decode using Gofu and the 2 Spiders. Decode should be in the EMZ. 6) Make a Pendulum scale, and Pend back the 2 Metalfoe monsters. Both Proxy and Decode should be pointing to both. 7) Pop a scale to set Counter and pass. This saves you from field wipes assuming no Kaijus, and allows you to have multiple negates, saves from destruction and plays to make next turn. Theres multiple ways to play that hand, some of them involve Ib, but the above is one of the best ways to play that hand from what I’ve found. Another option is you could fuse into Mithrillium and hope to draw into a way to set Counter using Metalfoes Fusion draw effect, Alkahest is also an okay option though not the best. 1 Baobaboon + 4 Metalfoes 1) normal Baobaboon, draw if you wish. 2) activate a scale, pop Baobaboon, set Counter, SS two more Baobaboon from your deck, draw if you wish. 3) activate other scale, Pendulum for two. Use a Metalfoe to make Link Spider. 4) use any 2 Monsters not named Link Spider to make Proxy Dragon, making sure its pointing to the remaining monster. 5) pop scale to set 2nd Counter. You can also make Decode instead of Proxy Dragon if you choose as well. While not as good as the Gofu play, its not as restrictive in that you can make a play with any Metalfoe combination as long as you have a 1-8 scale. If you have 2 or more Bismugear, you just make Decode instead of Link Spider/Proxy Dragon and still make an okay set up. Of course if you have Rescue Rabbit in any of these hands, its bonkers. In the 2 hand, you can actually make the same exact board as the first hand if one of your Metalfoes was Rabbit. If you were paying attention and have at least a working knowledge of Metalfoes/Pendulums, you would quickly notice that almost half of your hand goes to just making scales, which means you only have 3 cards to make an actual board with at best and very limited space to make those cards to work in, which iirc is less cards to work with than any other deck right now. I’m pointing this out because its both the main reason why I don’t think this deck is good anymore and why I’m still amazed this deck can even make decent boards while neutered by game mechanics. This deck is actually a bit harder to play now, while still making decent boards. The reason why I even posted in this topic right now, showed my build and these hands, is to also demonstrate that even Metalfoes are still playable under the new mechanics, albeit at the local/low tier level atm imo. As well as to show what this deck’s goals are now, under Link Mechanics, if someone chooses to play this deck for whatever reason. Also, that if this deck somehow gets support that would revive it in the current (or future) era, this post could serve as a decent launching pad moving forward. And, lastly, in hopes someone actually gets an idea of how to make this deck more competitive (if possible) right now. Yugi is stale atm, there needs to be more possibly viable decks to play. Hopefully the Link Vrains booster pack can give this deck support and revive it.
  10. D.D. Crow edit: realized that this makes Chaos a bit better by having a Dark that you can just easily dump, but fuck it.
  11. Envoy's Dick Party GFX Showcase

    Now that I see the icon in action, I see what you mean about it. Also, I guess that depends on the filter you use. Technically the white overlay is supposed to be a fake filter. To show you what I mean, look at the sig I made some years back and a copy of the card I got the render from to look at the difference a white layer with low transparency can make: It's literally night and day. Also, holy shit I made that sig small...never noticed that. And to get an outline on the text, you make a selection on the text layer and go to edit -> stroke and follow the dialog box. Also, bonus tip, selecting the text layer and putting a light gradient is a good way to add a bit of depth to the text and can also make it pop a little. The sig I made would look super flat and dull if I just left the text white, rather than use a gradient. The gradient doesn’t work all the time, depending on the colors used and the composition of the image, but when it does its gold.
  12. Envoy's Dick Party GFX Showcase

    For the icons, in terms of text placement, I would put the Ozone logo closer to the left side rather than dead center (in this specific case, near the bottom left). This is because the logo is pretty heavy on the left side (and more so on the upper left side) and it makes the image look rather unbalanced in my eyes. The render in the second icon looks skewed. You want to avoid that at all costs. The shift key is your friend; hold shift while applying a transformation/resizing the image to keep its proportions correct. Third icon, an easy fix to the render being too sharp for the background (other than unsharpening) is to put a layer of white over the image and background and then turn the opacity way down to about 20 I believe. It should soften the image a bit, and in addition, make the logo match the background a little. I used to do that about 9-10 years ago when I was 13-14 in GIMP when the render I used for a image just looked too sharp and threw what I was doing completely off. I would suggest to try the same to the 4th icon as well, in addition to putting the render closer to the top of the image to balance it out. Also, it should go without saying, but don’t over use the sharpening tool. It can quickly turn a good image into total garbage. It shouldn’t be super obvious that the sharpening tool was used. -Edit- Just took a look at the sig image. The text needs to be a little bit larger in this case as the sig is pretty large, it makes the text look smaller than it really does. Also, the text needs to stand out a bit more, a small part of it is hard to see because it blends into Drident and the beginning part of “leader” blends with the background a bit. A black outline 3-5 pixels wide would easily fix this and not ruin the image too much. The left edge of the Drident render (where her pinky and staff meet) is cut off. Basically the edge of the render can be seen as clear as day. In this case, I think blending that edge into the background can fix it. Lastly, the top right of the sig...the image is showing through the borders you drew. A good clean way to make borders is to use the retangle tool, drag it over your image and then go to edit at the top of the screen and then scroll down to the stroke menu and follow the dialog box that appears. Also, you can use the brush/pencil tool and hold the shift key while you draw to create a straight line, and you can do that to also make a border.
  13. ARMS

    I’ve tried it once, its really weird to control. I do feel that its the type of weapon that if you were to master, it would be annoying as fuck for the opponent.
  14. The YGOrganization -[OCG] Code Talker

    This card would be much better if the arrows were either left & right or downward left & downward right.