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  1. Laid Back Chill Mafia

  2. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    I didn’t lose, but let’s just go with that.
  3. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Funny, but no. I don’t feel like arguing anymore. It’s too much effort. I’ll just concede.
  4. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    1) Chill the fuck out and relax, its not even that serious at all. 2) I’ve never shit talked the site or the members on the site. Saying “#futuredeadgame” is shit talk, how? Making a comment on low activity is shit talk, how? I’ve never once said anything bad about DGz as a whole.
  5. Laid Back Chill Mafia

  6. who the hell hacked kp

    This. Even then, this wasn’t even good drama to begin with. I literally care about no one in the story. Story itself wasn’t even good. 0/10 DGz is still dead.
  7. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    I did not say nor imply that they need to upgrade the Switch to make an upgrade to BotW2. I have no idea where you came up with that from, and using that to say therefore BotW2 will be the same as BotW1 is a pretty big leap tbh. Also, in addition, I don’t even think they need to do that. BotW1 wasn’t made with the Switch in mind in the first place (I’m willing to bet the game was done months, if not a year, before hand and just pushed out onto Switch because they can), BotW2 is and considering that there’s a fair chance of performance improvements. I see no reason to not think a 60 fps (or worse case, a locked 30 fps) BotW2 is possible on baseline Switches. Also to counter your first sentence, they literally did it with the 3DS. A few times. A system with a much larger install base. Not saying that they will do it, nor that I even want them to do it, just saying that they’ve done it before. And personally, I see Nintendo pushing their next gen console in 2022 at the latest. They often work on 5 year cycles, with the only outliers being Wii and WiiU (6 and 4 and a half years respectively). And with Next Gen being a thing next year, they have to do something if they want 3rd Party games.
  8. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    That reminds me: BotW2 better be a stable 60 FPS. An argument could be made about BotW1 on Switch being held back due to being a WiiU port/Switch rush job, but for BotW2 in 202X there’s no excuse for anything less. BotW1 not even being a stable 30 on Switch was annoying at random times. It even dipped to around 0-10 frames in Hyrule Castle in some spots.
  9. New Year and Finally a New Mafia Game Signups

  10. Daytrading free money thread

    Also, specific to DGz now that I think about it, Warring and Mafia not being things any more really destroyed activity. Basically, almost ironically actually, when Allen wasn’t able to be an admin anymore.
  11. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I feel like its more so that not as many people around here are as into Yugi atm and more importantly that the days of forum websites are dead/dying. Especially in the Yugi scene. Smart phones are the most widely used form of browsing the internet and smart phone browsers don’t play nicely with forums. Or at least are more cumbersome to use on smart phones. That’s a large chunk of the reason things like Discord and FB chat/groups rose in popularity as forms of communicating.
  12. Good games you can't get into

    I never heard of that, what is it?
  13. Good games you can't get into

    Pikmin is a game I couldn’t get into. Pikmin 3 was the first and only one I played (I got it for free I believe) and barely got through the 2nd level. RTS style games aren’t for me I suppose. Too much micro management.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I’ve been playing a shit ton of online since release, online is goofy as fuck and definitely feels like a different game from the offline. The inherent long buffer between button presses in Ultimate certainly doesn’t help.
  15. Yeah, after the Dark Signer Arc it went to shit immediately and kind of backslid into doing things that they typically did in YGO anime when they have no idea where to take it. There was a bunch of filler that led into a shitty and lazy tournament arc (that sidelined pretty much half the main cast and basically downgraded Crow to Joey status imo), which eventually led into some near convoluted arc with some futuristic time travel group with a shitty pointless twist ending (He was future Yusei...but he really wasn't, just a crazy guy who did plastic surgery on himself. WAT?). Then Yusei turns super sayian in the last episode, because Shonen anime. 5Ds was literally the best YGO anime until after the Dark Signer arc imo. Battle City is a very close second.