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  1. Nintendo Labo

    closest Nintendo Switch will likely get to AR/VR right now. Let’s discuss how Nintendo is trying to sell you cardboard and how they will make piles of money on it. If its any consolation, Nintendo will provide intrustrctions on cut outs free of charge (so you can use any material you like or replace parts).
  2. Nintendo Labo

    They will sell it in bundles. the first set will have 5 games (I only know the piano and the rc car are in it) with the Labo for $70usd the second set will be the robot game with the robot backpack for $80usd they will also sell sticker and decorative item together for $10usd. Idk if it would end up like the Kinect, unlike that this has actual tangible items that kids can build and decorate that interact with the game. That’s pretty cool tbh.
  3. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I strongly doubt anyone else could make a good Smash game though, Sakurai (love him or hate him for whatever reasons) put in so much work its insane and I doubt many other people at Nintendo have such a work ethic. At that point, just port Smash 4. Any new Smash would literally be the same thing, as some random would likely just copy that formula anyways or, worse imo, try to copy the Melee formula to apease the fanbase*. *I like Melee, but lets be honest: its definitely a product of its time to say the least. Though it may lack the “advanced tech” of Melee and may not be as fast, Smash 4 has overall better gameplay feel and controls. Also, outside of the competitive Melee community, more people actually like Smash 4 over Melee.
  4. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I never said it wasn’t a success, you misinterpreted what I meant. I meant that literally Sakurai, the creator, injured himself (I believe it was his hands) working on Smash 4.
  5. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Porting Smash 4 would be insanely easy compared to porting Brawl, netcode would be the smallest hurdle. Also porting Brawl would be dumb since very few people even liked the game, competitive and casual players alike. Why port a game that relatively no one likes? Also, would give them a chance to make Smash 4 netcode good. Smash 4 netcode, while not as bad as Brawl, is awful. Lastly, Smash 5 in 2019 would be a miracle considering we haven’t heard anything of it at all and they like to take their sweet time making Smash. The creation of Smash 4 injured the developer, so a Smash 5 happening period is truly up in the air.
  6. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I’d be pissed if they did a Brawl port before a Smash 4 port. Smash 4 is so much better than Brawl it isn’t funny. Like...Brawl isn’t fun at all, lol. Honestly, if they choose not to do a brand new Smash, I can see Nintendo making a Smash collection just like how Capcom is making a Street Fighter collection. 4 games in 1 cart. Every game is online enabled. Everyone wins.
  7. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Lets make that half. Smash 64 is kind of sketch tbh, past the nostalgia is a pretty wonky game.
  8. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Tropical Freeze is an amazing port. Best 2D platformer this generation imo, thank god its not just limited to the WiiU anymore. Also, the SNK fighting game, while I don’t have any interest in it, looks decent and is welcome. The Switch/Nintendo needs more new fighting games (not just ports/remasters), all these fighting games coming out and most are passing the Switch by.
  9. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Synchro is the first card in the game that confirms that you can go higher than 12 stars.
  10. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0721SKXQJ/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514157649&sr=8-2-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=gpd+pocket&psc=1 The GPD Pocket is the closest thing that comes to mind for that. Based on the Amazon price, its $579 USD atm.
  11. if you click on this topic you must post

    I wouldn’t call that a roast, that was just throwing shade. Also read the comments on that video, apparently Emily faked Cancer to exploit her viewers so she’s shitty too I guess...
  12. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    ARMS just had its last character/stage update last night. Balance patches will still be relased though. It was a good run. 5 or so free characters/stages in the last 6 months is pretty good for a fighting game this generation. Not even mad tbh, the characters (especially the last one) have been really fun to play with. EDIT: apparently it was mistranslated and they meant the last major update this year...? Its not entirely clear. I do hope they don’t stop updating this game yet, its apparently supposed to be at EVO Japan next year. At least it ended with this sick ass title screen:
  13. I am out

    Long story short: He was bitching that staff wouldn’t make him a mod because, as he thinks, staff has something against him for the whole warring bullshit from earlier this year.
  14. I am out

    This is the most accurate post. I just read what he did on Discord yesterday, this is more or less most of the reason why Silver left.
  15. bobs burgers sucks

    Idk why this got downvotes, Code Lyoko isn’t really good. Its boring and kind of lame tbh.
  16. Wumbo

    I just realized that without Net Neutrality, DGz might actually die. Holy fuck.
  17. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    And it has online crossplay with Xbox and PC.
  18. Wumbo

    To the internet as we know it...
  19. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I wouldn’t say most people have gotten good at Splatoon, most people are still really bad. Even at S/S+ rank. Now would actually be a really good time to play since a new game mode came out a few days ago and a lot of the people online are just getting the game due to the holidays (and especially when Christmas rolls around). Also, the game is much easier to play and get decent at than COD. And more fun.
  20. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I’m starting to feel this way myself. Having the option of playing top quality games at home and playing those same games on the go if I wish, is literally the best thing in gaming right now and should be the way gaming goes going forward. Especially as games get longer and people have less time just sit down in front of a traditional style console and play. Brownie points for having the option of playing in a table top mode and always having at least 2 controllers at the ready to bust someone’s ass at a moments notice.
  21. thx

    sec thinking...
  22. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Golden Tyranno is the guy we love. This is basically a topic to just roast people, hope you know that.
  23. Oh no, so this is how they’ll release the Vrains links. I suspect they’ll release them this way throughout the year. That’s completely shitty imo, especially if they’re going to ratity bump these guys and also gives them an excuse to make shitty booster packs since these will obviously be the selling points. Should’ve made a gold series like set with all the Link Vrains pack links, plus the additional promo Links the OCG has. Would’ve been the best gold series ever and would’ve made Konami some money.
  24. Shit People Say In Discord

    Should’ve been called Weenie Mods. A much better name.