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  1. Need help making porn

    Randomly browsing DGz and see this topic being bumped up. Just here to post that I never truly realized how silly Google Glass really looked until I saw Allen’s pic in the OP. Thank god Google canned it during the beta phase. I’ll be taking my leave now, see you guys later.
  2. Best Zelda game ever. Can't wait for this game. First truly open world Zelda game since the first one. I hope this Zelda is actually a challenge...
  3. Burning Abyss

    Until Konami decides to make another deck where light and darks syngergize really well in the current era.
  4. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Irl yugi isn’t worth spending money on these days tbh imo (especially on a trade book/collection). If you’re not just buying a deck and then selling it when done, you’re doing it wrong.
  5. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I heard the second one is a lot better than the first one.
  6. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I want good netcode for this Smash coming up. Smash 4 had so-so netcode, barely playable online.
  7. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I played both levels, they’re both easy imo but Kirby as a series isn’t known to be particularly hard anyways. Just a fun chill time with light challenges. I haven’t played many Kirby games, but the one’s I’ve played have been really good and this demo makes me want to get this game. Only issues is that it can get a bit cluttered managing 4 characters and it takes a bit to get used to the controls.
  8. Gaming laptops..

    As an artist, tech enthusiast and someone who currently owns and works with a surface pro: If you don’t draw/use certain creative programs often, you’re paying a lot of money for a mid-range spec’d Windows machine. The built in wacom digitizer is literally the only thing that makes the Surface an option imo.
  9. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Perhaps, but I believe its pretty shitty of either Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to sell digital games for the same price as physical games considering manufacturing costs are pretty much cut out entirely. If not cut down the base price, at least give better sales/discounts more often online (especially on larger titles). Retailers won’t get mad because it wouldn’t be permanent, Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony would actually benefit because it would mostly be pure profit, and the consumer gets a good deal on a game they probably wouldn’t have brought at full price otherwise. Everyone wins.
  10. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Shitty digital pricing is the only real reason why I even have physical games for the Switch. I can live without resale value. I asked the question because I see a lot of people online bitching about some games being digital only on Switch and wanted to see if people outside of nintendo fandom actually care. Personally, swapping cartidges is a pain, especially while traveling, they often aren’t being read by the Switch so I have to insert them again or blow them a few times to get it to work. Aarons post gives me an idea of some things I wish Nintendo would do, but I know damn sure they won’t. 1) Like Steam, the ability to get a full refund (or eshop credit) for digital games played witihin the last week or two, with 2 or less hours of play time. 2) The ability to “sell” a digital game with more than 2 hours/1+ week of playtime back to the eshop and get partial eshop credit back. 3) Digital games need to have a lower base prices than physical. For example a $60 physical game should be at least $15 cheaper digital. I think the above 3 ideas would get people to download their games more, especially when Nintendo starts charging for online in the fall.
  11. Dragonball Fighterz

    DGZ fighters sounds like a great game. Digbick would be S tier in that game.
  12. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I’m wondering, how many of you have choosen to buy games digitally or physically? Right now 5 of my games are physical (Zelda, Mario, ARMS, Splatoon and Mario Kart), with the exception of Oddysey as it was a Christmas present, I only have those physical because 1) trade in deals at gamestop basically made those games free for me and 2) 1st party Nintendo games usually keep value for resell/trade when I’m done with them.
  13. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    Saw this video a couple months ago, not sure if it was posted here but super relevant: You’re more likely to get hurt/killed trying some slick shit than if you just let it happen. As said in the video, if anything, mace is enough. No need to needlessly kill someone or threaten them with a gun and possibly get killed yourself (most likely outcome tbh considering how quick you had the thought of getting a gun after a situation. Those people are the first to get killed). The person mugging or jumping you or whatever usually doesn’t have intentions to kill you, they just want your shit. They carry weapons usually for their protection, ironically.
  14. Lightsworn - Discussion

    My dismissal is not baseless, my dismissal is based on it being mostly ass for years and people randomly saying its good again out of the blue for no real reason. We went through an entire format and as far as I am aware no one at any point as mentioned anything about LS becoming a possible deck or that Spyral/Magicians were holding it back from being a deck, so just saying LS is good again is random to me and deserves to be scrutinized. Before your post, all Tyranno said is Spyral and Magicians got hit, so therefore LS is better now. That’s a lame reason considering every deck just got better now, including decks that are better than LS. Excuse me for being skeptical and dismissive when no real statement(s) has been said to convince me otherwise. If anything at all, it might have short term success just because its a new format and not many people have played against LS recently, so few will know what to do (shit like that happens at the beginning of every format). I don’t see long term success as of this post.
  15. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Almost anything can top, or even win, a regional. People use bumass decks all the time in a regional. This doesn’t prove anything, the deck is still ass compared to a lot of shit. The deck isn’t going to do anything real in the long run.
  16. Lightsworn - Discussion

    No it isn’t. Trickstars are still a thing and hell, even Paleozoic got buffed with all the incomming trap cards and the hits to Magicians/Spyrals. LS isn’t going to do anything. The deck is still terrible and inconsistent. 3 BLS for example, isn’t going to change shit.
  17. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Unless there’s something big I’m missing, no it isn’t. The Link isn’t going to do anything to make LS relevant again.
  18. Lightsworn - Discussion

    No they don’t. Archive this shit.
  19. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the current conversation at hand, just speaking in general, but this is something I’ve noticed myself. I usually look at the total number of active users (I’m often on mobile, scrolling down shows active topics/users), this morning (9am est) there was literally 2 users online, myself and Faint. There’s more users atm, but I’ve never seen that few active users. Its usually a handful of people at any given time. DGz has really fallen on hard times.
  20. ARMS

    For the past few months, I've been playing this game off and on. Its a really fun game imo, gets a bad rap for basically being a weird fighting game and multiple people claiming its dead just because it isn't pushed as hard as Smash or other fighters. I've been getting a bit better at this game and starting to get into the community (they have a large and super active discord, ARMS Central). Since I last posted, 3 new characters have dropped: Missango - The Shulk (from Smash 4) of this game Springtron - The Evil Ryu of this game Dr. Coyle - the bad guy, I can't put it any better than that. Only 2 out of the 3 are good imo. Coyle and Tron are top 5. Anyways, this past weekend, this game was featured as a main game in EVO Japan. There are some people who thought the game looked lame to watch back at E3, but in just 6-7 months, the game has evolved and gameplay from the top players looks far better. I Only expect it to improve as players get better and new tech is discovered (yes, this game has tech). Here are the winner finals, loser finals and grand finals of this game at EVO (they're using custom arms, rather than the characters default arms). Looks pretty hype to me.
  21. ARMS

    I don't really see too much discussion of this game outside of dedicated forums and such, but I think it's a game worth talking about in general. Not only is it a fun party kind of game (like Smash...not Brawl), it's also a pretty fun and deep competitive fighter (like Smash...not Brawl) even though it may not seem that way to the casual viewer. If you enjoy fighting games, its pretty easy to get hooked into this game. Most games at the low level end up being grab-fests and super defensive, but at the high level... it's pretty enjoyable to watch and get into. I know some people may have been skeptical of such a game being a competitive fighter (most basically said its a reskinned Wii Boxing. That's barely a fact), but trust me, and the video above, it's definitely a competitive fighter and far deeper than most people realize. Punching or grabbing willy-nilly will net you few positive results, you do actually need to think in this game; the Arms you select and which arm (left or right) you use said Arm on actually matters and determines how you'll combo, approach, etc. Discuss and bitch about this game.
  22. Nintendo Labo

    closest Nintendo Switch will likely get to AR/VR right now. Let’s discuss how Nintendo is trying to sell you cardboard and how they will make piles of money on it. If its any consolation, Nintendo will provide intrustrctions on cut outs free of charge (so you can use any material you like or replace parts).

    Damn. Oh well.

    Post screenshots of this. I’m positive no one is going to make an account there to see shit.