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  1. Coolstuffgames First Big Event (Be here)

    who is the judge? who will be running the event?? i have lots of people who will like to attend, but we would like to to know prize support and who running it.
  2. Coolstuffgames First Big Event (Be here)

    will they be doing locals, before that??
  3. Dragunity - Discussion

    is this deck here to stay?? or will it fade with all the new releases, like trishula and extreme victory??
  4. 3rd Place At Ycs Charlotte With Empty Jar

    there was a game three in top 16 if i member correctly
  5. Gadget/Machina - Discussion

    I think this deck has a lot of potential this upcoming format.

    nathan soowal is in top 16 with bw, beat the mirror
  7. New Format Blackwings

    list is very similar but i play deck devestation virus its amazing imo
  8. Day Old Hate

    idk i still like em alot lol infernity doesnt seem to good to be real lol
  9. Day Old Hate

    u picking infernity over bw
  10. We Are Life

    justin bw is gona be good trust me. the draw engine is to good, test it lol
  11. Blackwing - Discussion

    bw are still very good, best draw engine right now 2 pot 2 cards and allure. Deck is very solid i dnt know if its the best but its def playable
  12. Win, lose, or DRAW???

    if its going to follow the magic system i will be happy
  13. Worlds

    i like the draw system but i play magic so maybe thats why