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  1. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Tesla / Zeldeus as anima is horrible without Rivera's 120% REC buff but global is ways away from getting that batch. The general consensus is Breaker is his better type because he becomes more of a nuker in his 7* and its particularly nice to spark his 1 hit SBB and his DEF is high enough lol.   Oracle becomes less of a detriment when the typing revamp hits global. Partly because most teams are running the cookie cutter team consisting of Xeno-Melchio + Rivera + Krantz and you can just faceroll most content including Eriole EX trial. 2 stackable DEF buffs + a REC buff + mitigation + 4 element buffs + status cleanse and negate. Most people are just autoing RC5 atm with this set up :|
  2. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Anyone play JPBF and want to add me? I'm currently running Reyes / Ark / Bestie / Glyph lead. I can switch over to some of my subs if you guys want
  3. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Got back into the game. Pulled Darvanshel, Narza and 2 Uda   @__@ this looks fun
  4. League of Legends

    Transferred to EUW cos Im in London. In my promos to Gold, then this conversation happened after we lost when some guy picked Syndra support and Lucian decided to afk in fountain cos that's not a meta champion for support. Just going to highlight some interesting things   Falconfdfd: you report me instead of syndra? Falconfdfd: because syndra trolls and takes my farm Falconfdfd: you are too dumb Falconfdfd: niiger plz die Einenharg: lol? Falconfdfd: you are too dumb Einenharg: no thats you Einenharg: bro Falconfdfd: because of you trolls stay in community Einenharg: trolls like me? Have you looked in the mirror recently? Falconfdfd: hittler Falconfdfd: hittler Falconfdfd: you are hittler Einenharg: I DONT SEE HOW HITLER IS AN INSULT WHEN HE'S DEAD DUMBFUCK   I had fun writing up a paragraph on reporting this guy.
  5. Dawngate

    Do any of you play this game? MegaZero moved from League and joined a DawnGate team, last I heard.   This game is heavily similar to League of Legends. The main map is Twisted Treeline which incorporates features of Dominion and SR with objectives being Bindings (towers) and Cores (inhibitors) with capture points throughout the map. Game is flashy and fun but a bit broken. 
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I don't even care predicting things in Arena and just play around the common cards that people always draft. It gets quite tedious and saddening when I have to watch some people play the most ridiculous deck in Arena and still manage to lose. Meanwhile, I'm drafting garbage like Doomsayers, Hungry Crab, Alarm-o-Bot, Mana Addicts, Mana Wraiths and my opponent drafts a perfect Murlock deck, a Zoo deck or even token Druids going Violet Teacher, Coin, PotW. Why RNGesus? Why have you forsaken me?
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I need to add Power Overwhelmins and Void Terrors to my Zoo deck. Played against a Druid who innervates into Ancient of War, next turn summons Faceless and copy Ancient of War, then next turn summons a 3rd Ancient of War. Ends the game with FoN + Savage Roar to finish me off next turn. I cri everytiem
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    http://imgur.com/SUfPosA Post Naxx low budget priest deck (until I can get my hands on Sylvanas). I'm really liking Deathlord in here. Was watching Trump play something similar and peaked at #2 Legend. (Then I watched him fall to #60ish).
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Oh my god I down item you by mistake. I'll up vote two of your posts to make up for it
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    One of the few counters to mid range hunter is Miracle Rogue, right? I have the Van Cleef but no Leeroy.
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Did anyone get a free Arena entrance today? I just clicked arena and I'm at choose my hero screen. My gold hasn't been touched and no notification about paying for arena using my real money popped up. Weird. Also priest hype. Ladder is already filled with mid range hunter. I'll be glad if I get to play against Priests instead now. At least I feel like I have a chance of winning and not get Buzzard + Unleash the Hounds + Timber Wolf every single game ;-;
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    My last Arena run made me really salty as fuck   Played against a Mage who drafts double Flamestrike, double Pyroblast Played against a Hunter who drafts 3 Unleash the Hounds, Scavenging Hyena and Sea Giant Played against a Shaman who drafts 3 Fire Elemental, Al Akir and 2 Lightning Storms   All 3 in a row.   WELL PLAYED!
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Well fuck. I go into casuals to play some relaxing games from ranked then I run into 5 Zoo decks, 4 Miracle Rogues and a few UTH Hunter Aggro.
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Most of my infinite runs come from Paladin and Rogue, both classes I'm extremely comfortable in controlling the board. With Mages, it's either RNG has not been kind to me with drafts or I just plain suck with drafting and playing Mages.
  15. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Am I the only who hates drafting Mage in Arena? Every time I pick Mage, I can never draft Fireballs, Flamestrike, Pyroblast, Blizzard or Frostbolt.