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  1. The Official Tennis Thread

      Do you actually watch tennis? It doesnt seem like you do.   Oh wow so crazy it went exactly like I said! Die He got to the semi finals on his worst surface and lost to the best clay player of all time. Clearly that means he's not top 10.... sure.... Idiot.
  2. The Official Tennis Thread

    Always sweetheart.
  3. The Official Tennis Thread

      Do you actually watch tennis? It doesnt seem like you do.
  4. Your Top 20 Online players?

    No. Wonder why he stopped playing when reggie&biggie found the logs proof however.   Also; everyone on FU was boss :) I would love to catchup with those guys for a drink sometime.
  5. Premier League Fantasy Football 2011-2012

    We've had this discussion many times. Still trying to finish his a levels.
  6. Premier League Fantasy Football 2011-2012

    He started a week ahead of me, scoring 40pts that week. I finished less than 40 pts behind him
  7. talk

    Finally a good post from you...couldn't agree more.
  8. Premier League Fantasy Football 2011-2012

    Takeo never won 06-07
  9. Fuck me running

  10. Barclays Premier League

    I really hope thats sarcasm. I won't even respond to your post as its so brutally naive and idiotic.
  11. Barclays Premier League

    Birmingham came close to europe last season. They have games in hand and are a far better team then their position shows. We have no auto-win vs them without our best players. People talk about utds harder fixtures, but really two of those ''tough fixtures'' are gone and Arsenal are still 2nd, so no, we are definetely not favourties by any stretch of the imagination.
  12. Champions League 2010/2011

    Fuck Bendtner.
  13. Barclays Premier League

    This league cup thing is such rubbish. If we had won and win nothing else this season people would just say we've only won the league cup in the last 6 seasons rather than we've won nothing. Its stupid. Also, given the choice, which Arsenal fan would take RVP fully fit rather than the Carling cup if they were offered it beforehand? All of them. I would rather be an Arsenal fan right now then any other club. As for favourites, I really don't think so. Injuries are absolutely crippling. Not a single one of our top players has stayed fit all season. In fact, I think the full backs are the only ones to stay injury free. I also don't think its a case of every team being so much weaker as it is the other clubs getting better. If you think about the fact that Birmingham fighting relegation are buying players from Valencia, fighting for champions league, it shows how much stronger the lower clubs are as opposed to how much weaker the top clubs are. You also utterly misunderstood team of the future. I'm not saying we can't achieve right now, but we're the only team with a young AND experienced team. Not team FOR the future.
  14. Barclays Premier League

    What? They were injured/suspended. Arsenal are the team of the future. Barcelona had a dry patch before becoming the best team in the world and I really believe we have the best group of attacking Midfielders / forwards [when fit] which only Barcelona can match. If we can sign a quality keeper and/or a quality defender, we can be dominant. I don't think Man City will win much with Mancini in charge. His success at Inter was due to the Milan/Juve scandal and his comments these past 2 years are so naive. Arsenal are also the only team with any sort of financial succession plan. Everyone thought Abramovich would spend forever, then he closed the spending books for like 3 years. You look at all the free signings, and I am not convinced that Luiz and Torres signal any big spending to come. Chelsea are potentially only 6 pts behind winning the league. They could go and win it, and still you would struggle to put any of their players into a premierleague XI. They have no flair players, were always dependant on their monster defence, but look at it now: Cech has been average since he got hurt, 5 right backs later and nada, Terry has been found out since Carvalho left, Ivanovic/Alex... really? Luiz, we'll see. I keep telling people that finance is starting to kill clubs and nobody listens, but look at Man Utd; they are crippled with debt having to refinance all the time, do you really think the owners are going to release 100odd million to improve the squad, they just want to sell and get the fuck out of there? Man City are an anomaly, but as I said above, it takes a really good manager to just buy top players and make a team. Look at Chelsea before and after Mourinho, look at Real Madrid the last few years.
  15. h

    I didn't read most of the replies, but whilst you should always be yourself, there's no need to always correct them or highlight their mistakes. I used to get massively frustrated at people's ignorance and would always want to tell them the correct stance and/or their lack of logic, but really, everything in life is subjective and sometimes you just have to leave people to their ways. Also surprised at your college. I meet a lot of people like this at work, but I'd say the vast majority of people at my uni were intellectual, and with reasoned political views.