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  1. Suspended List Updated

      That's a broad generalization of what exactly people are bitching about, which is KDE banning/suspending people for things that didn't take place within the tournament venue. It really isn't any of their business if you stole an alligator or not etc. Hell, what does that even fall under within their set of infractions. I disagree completely, it's wise of them to decide to disallow those who are prone to illegal activity from their events, just like it's wise for a parent to prohibit their children from hanging out with "friends" who are a poor influence. If someone is willing to break civil law, they're likely not to bat an eyelash as breaking KDE's policies and rules. Why take the risk? This same thought pattern is reflected in many organizations and competitions. Association with those breaking the law  reflects poorly upon any group, organization, or company. Protecting the company and the safety and integrity of any event KDE runs is indeed their business.   Fuck me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting apprehended and subsequently being convicted of nothing, right?  Fuck me for being thousands of miles away from the nearest YCS, and fuck me for other people spreading rumors about what happened.  Fuck me for flying out to the next YCS only to be very sneakily told that I wasn't allowed to play... you know, because KDE doesn't have my e-mail or phone number.  Fuck me for being lied to about my ban status by a KDE official.  Fuck me for being an advocate of fair play and promotion of knowledge within the community - I've certainly never been accused of cheating to my knowledge.  But most importantly, fuck me for loving a game that I grew up on as a child.  I think it's pretty awesome how that game's owners think it's okay to kick someone when they're down.  Something unfortunate happened to me, and at a time when I could have used a getaway, I was instead shunned and barred simply because people knew my name.   If Konami really cared enough, they'd filter through as many YCS participants as they could to dig up actual criminal records (of which I have none).  Sure, it's not practical, but compare it to this:   a random gets arrested and for whatever reason, people care enough to tell Konami officials about it.  Do you honestly think they'd go out of their way to verify any of those claims and take action?  I'm gonna go with no.   Alistar gets "in trouble" with the law (they made their decision based off of hearsay alone, they literally did no research) and he's immediately banned, despite him not actually being in any trouble or proof of any of these things having actually happened.  Why does it seem like they don't want certain people playing? People who have done well and who they can't reasonably pin down for cheating. They know damn well they'd never nab me on cheating, sharking, stealing, or anything in between.  Certain employees, I'm sure whose names everyone already knows, have personal vendettas.     Some of the people who run YCSs and work at the corporate building are legit fucking weird people lol... like I can't really explain why without launching personal attacks based on things I know about them, but they're actually borderline nuts when it comes to how they act at their jobs and as functioning members of society, if you can call them that.
  2. Suspended List Updated

    He can't do that because he'd be lying.
  3. Suspended List Updated

      Jerry got banned for the same thing Alistar did I think.  And which Steve?   Being the realist nigga in the game?   While this is true, could someone spell it out for me?  Fading memory + uncertainty about my sources leaves me unable to tease apart fact from fiction with these two.  With Alistar it's: he was selling cards and he had a trouble with the law outside of Yugioh?  And Jerry? jerry and alistar got pulled over at ycs rhode island or something and both were arrested for something (2 different things if i remember correctly, alistar had like a bunch of cell phones or something idr what jerrys story was). they were both let off, but not in konami's eyes. guilty until proven innocent   this is the most accurate retelling i've ever seen.  only thing wrong is that we weren't at a YCS at all. we were 2,000 miles away from YCS miami at the time lol.   jerry's is 6 years because they had already banned him right before miami, then this happened so they sent him another email banning him a second time for another 3 years   edit: the first ban email does not give a reason for him being banned at all, and he wasn't DQd or talked to at any prior events, so that one's still a huge mystery lol
  4. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

      the worlds goal, totally fine.  the adam goal, kinda strange... 1, because almost none of his success was gained legitimately, so how many tops does he really have, and 2, he's basically been hit with a 4 year ban so you're really not competing with him even if you are giving him the entire benefit of the doubt lol :(
  5. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

  6. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    on the same idea, i've witnessed many people i know on this site convince themselves that luck and variance were too strong to overcome and pigeonhole themselves into a pretty retarded outlook on the game
  7. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    to everyone:   you can actually choose to not be trash at this game if you care enough. i've witnessed so many people - many of whom i grew up with in duelems - go from nothing to something.
  8. That's not really what it was.  Kinda seems like they had a misunderstanding of how Twintania's Twister attack actually worked when you factor in server lag and how the game processes position updates.   The original attack placed an invisible plume on you at some unknown point during the cast, then, you had to move away from the invisible plume, but not too far.  Moving too far or being too close caused instant death, but the major problem with this is you had to do things to make the server realize you'd moved at all since you HAD to move such a small amount to begin with.   So, if any of that makes sense, you basically had to do dumb things to make the server appreciate the fact that you weren't actually standing still, since if you move in a straight line for 5-10 feet, the server won't actually think you've moved at all for a good while.  However, forcing position updates by doing weird shit was the key, but didn't even always work since... who knows.   In the patch the other night they simple removed the cap on how far you could move from Twister, cuz that shit was just not working.  If their servers refreshed your character position as often as they should, the mechanic would've been fine, but nope.   Other than that, Twintania isn't the hardest fight in the world.  One group got to roll the dice enough times against the server randomness and they got the win.  They put up the video and SE saw how bad Twister was working from the first team to win's perspective, then patched it to make things right.
  9. they nerfed it super hard tho :o just cleared it   is that what you meant?
  10. Just finished full Allagan for BLM/SMN O_________________________________________O   Trying to down turn 5 tonight with hopes of SMN Book dropping ;____________________________;
  11. what ygo drama have I missed

    i kinda stand by that shit. i was wrong in the sense that undine wasn't good in mermail, but i was right in saying that i thought it was a shitty card along with diva, moreover that the entire deck was shit, which i still stand by despite its success.  iirc my entire argument in those aim logs for mermail is that i thought it sucked.  ironically, for that event, my friend gave me the gishki deck to play, but i bitched out at the last second and the only other cards i could find were for mermails, so i had to play it :(  i hate everything about that deck even after it became superconsistent.dek when Teus was released.   but are you gonna post more logs about the awesome nightlife i got to experience in LA for that jump that i dropped out at like 5-1?
  12. what ygo drama have I missed

    sounds like something to me
  13. what ygo drama have I missed

    I also got voted #1 most fuckable ygo player while being banned so that has to count for something I think :\
  14. what ygo drama have I missed

    I'm not a "trust fund kid", nor do I deal drugs.  Allen is a pussy and that's why he thinks I'm a scumbag.  I'm pretty awesome and most people like me in the game of duelems.  The ones who don't are generally people with some degree of social skills problems.  Basically, they're watered down Allens.   When you party hard and win too many games people get all sorts of feely, even though I suppose that's irrelevant now seeing as I'm banned for infinite.  Just thought I should stop in to say something. It's lame to see an actual literal penis fag trash talking you when you're not present, though he's done this a lot in the past on DGz private forums.  Bitch moves all around.