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  1. Where the hell are the last 3 eps of One Outs (subbed)

    damn, tokuchi raped them all.
  2. What does it feel like to be in love?

    wow mongoose. daaaaaaaamn. XD
  3. Gundam 00 ends.. FMA Begins

    are there any spring animes worth watching besides this?
  4. One Piece Manga

    chapter was rly good. the coming chapters are gonna be soooooooooooo good. ;D luffy~!
  5. Naruto Manga

    i lol'd@the rocks. that was pretty rape. ;D
  6. .

    oh what, liar game chapters actually being scanned at a decent pace. :D
  7. Gundam 00 ends.. FMA Begins

    this better be amazing...and is this gonna be another 50 episodes?
  8. toradora

    i rly liked it. =o
  9. Fast & Furious

    i prollly won't, i just have my doubts about it...maybe if sum friends were going i guess i would for the hell of it.
  10. Code geass R2 ends Gundam 00 Season 2 begins

    This show sucks.
  11. Fuck that bitch.

    This girl sounds like someone I should have sex with.
  12. Rideback

    Is surprisingly good. Not saying it's amazing or anything I just think it's somewhat of a sleeper and has kept me pretty entertained. I just like how story progressed I guess. Anyone else follow this?
  13. Code geass R2 ends Gundam 00 Season 2 begins

    This shit is boring. The Mech fights just don't seem that sexy to me. ;o
  14. toradora

    Bump for obv reasons.