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  1. Where was this when I had to do all this on my own to calculate acceptable brick rates for monarchs
  2. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    win win 36%         winning roll: 12 Losing roll: 22 win lose win 14.4%  winning roll: 121 Losing roll: 221  win lose lose 9.6%  winning roll: 121 Losing roll: 221 lose win lose 9.6%  winning roll: 112 Losing roll: 212 lose lose 16%       Winning roll: 11  Losing roll: 21 lose win win 14.4%  Winning roll: 112 Losing roll: 212   out of 1000 matches win win: 360 times, 180 firsts 540 seconds win lose win: 144 times, 216 firsts 216 seconds win lose lose: 96 times, 144 firsts 144 seconds lose win lose: 96 times, 144 firsts 144 seconds lose lose: 160 times, 240 firsts 80 seconds lose win win: 144 times, 144 firsts 144 seconds   This is a 54.3% chance of going second. Also 60% winning percent isn't very good and the higher your chance of winning goes up the higher your amount of games being forced into going second will go up.
  3. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    You are assuming something is wrong just because it uses a buzzword and trying to discredit that simply because of the buzzword when it is actually correct which is even more problematic than buzzwords. As for the first part in game 1 you will have a 50% chance of going 1st and of going 2nd. Any competitive player will use a deck that they think gives them the greatest chance of winning and if that chance isn't higher than 50% they would choose a different deck. If you win game 1 60% of the time this means out of 100 matches in games 1 and 2 combined you will on average go first 90 games and second 110 games. This means that even though you want to go first you should assume that you will be going second more than first and more heavily weigh choices towards that than going first more often than second. 
  4. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    While people playing the deck may to choose to go 1st when given the choice, those same people are also trying to win their games not lose them which means they will in theory be going 2nd more than 1st so looking at 2nd is more useful than looking at going 1st. Also when the deck doesn't brick you will typically go through anywhere from 7-11 draws going 1st and 8-12 going 2nd which makes the chance of using 3 Kuraz being "cloggy" completely valid and the right conclusion for one of the right reasons. 
  5. arg 25k philly august 14-16

    It is more like home field advantage than a 3 touchdown lead which is something completely standard to do. 
  6. July 2015 Speculation Thread

    Bounds of acceptability for use of power as set by you includes warning people for correctly telling you that you are wrong with evidence. I think someone else should be the one that sets the boundaries on that.
  7. ARG Format

    This could have been done in so many better ways. The lack of transparency is awful and if everything that was said is true with everyone being involved in it not knowing every one else involved in it that means there is no testing of changes and there is one person overseeing it who has final call on all of the changes. That would make the appearance of collusion much higher than there would be from a public committee that also releases an article explaining all of their changes (and lack of changes).   Also Joe's idea is a lot better than just a slightly different list from Konami's. It doesn't necessarily have to be that drastic but it should be something significantly different from existing formats. It is a good idea but the execution of it was terrible.
  8. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    I think a private deck discussion isn't a good solution for 2 main reasons. 1. With any activity by good posters being moved away from the public threads to the private ones it basically locks people into 2 groups. If you are already good you will have the opportunity to improve but if you aren't good now you wouldn't have anywhere on dgz to go and improve. You would have to turn to other sites and then when you do improve why come back to a site that pushed you aside in the first place?  2. Deck discussions aren't even that useful for long term development as a player and shouldn't be the primary focus on trying to improve things.
  9. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    "Spectators should not speak to or communicate with players who are currently engaged in a match, in any way. However, if a spectator notices any violation of game play rules or Tournament Policy, he or she must alert a tournament official immediately." From policy documents so unless there is separate policy for stream commentators they are required to alert a judge. Maybe the commentators are too far to reach the feature match area in a timely matter though I'm not there so I don't know if they are in the same physical area as the match but if they are there is no reason they shouldn't fix things like that.
  10. 2014 World Championship

    "   "Solemning Tsukuyomi would not have been the correct play at all. The game would immediately end to a Dark Hole at that point and there is absolutely no reason to take that risk. Using Judgment on the Rejuv followed by not summoning the 2nd Jowgen for no reason at all and Judgmenting out a Kycoo which is big enough to allow you to fate it back up after the Tsukuyomi flips it down on the following turn without Tsuku being able to run it over in battle would have 100% won the 2nd game when he summoned Jowgen on the turn after that to just completely lock the game down." For a more in depth explanation on the games keener should have won at nawcq finals and then at worlds finals.
  11. NAWCQ 2014

    Do these people know what Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare does?
  12. NAWCQ 2014

    Rip Mike.
  13. NAWCQ 2014

  14. NAWCQ 2014

    Mike is 7-0 dream is real.
  15. Argcs Philadelphia

    Also choosing not to watch the stream is pretty much the same as them choosing not to do it for you personally. If you don't want it to exist don't let it exist in your life.