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  1. legendary nats report for the ages

    How was that legendary
  2. Virus Desturction

    Wow this is a really good idea. respect.
  3. Exceed vs Synchro

    It seems that with the expansion of the extra deck's resources (xyz/exceeds whatever they are called) the out to any situation lies within the extra deck and its a matter of swarming the field till you get the possibility to go into your card that provides the out to the situation. I personally am ok with that.
  4. Noob question

    well than i have sucessfully cheated at least once a game for all of the games i played on DN.
  5. On DN i am wrecking with this cool gusto deck i made the recycles really quickly and synchros fast. a couple questions. does gusto gulldo and gusto falcon miss timing when they synchro? Also do they miss their timing when they are tributed for icarus or wind art.
  6. A3 [vs] Elemonators

    Got 2-0'd ggs.
  7. A3 [vs] Elemonators

    Got a victory over blade 2-1 GGs.
  8. A3 [vs] Elemonators

    Subbing in. i guess its cool if i play.
  9. Elemonators

    + me? team looks cool
  10. Mystic Piper

    I wasn't going to because it is duelistgroundz, but im undefeated on DN so far, however much that says. Monsters 3 kinka 3 veiler 3 piper 3 symphony 3 sorc 3 fader 1 sangan 1 trag 1 gorz Spells 3 creature swap 2 POd 2 firs of doomsday 2 MST 1 141 1 mind con 1 scape goat 1 mst 1 allure 1 hole traps 3 dust tornado 1 TT
  11. Pandemonium

    use gleipner and more LADD. I was surprised to see you not running the best trap in any nordic deck.
  12. DARE

    Ive always just loved the way the gorillaz sound. No mst?
  13. Battle City Match Report Thread

    Got thatserious1337kid ggs man 2-1 hand over your jinzo etc.
  14. Theory in Practice v. Lost Ones

    There have been 7 days of inactivity.
  15. Battle City - Registration

    diciple - diciplee