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  1. Smaller than the first, damn
  2. So leading up to this weekend, I had no idea what I was going to play with the drop of PRIO the day before the event. My initial plan was to run Madolche and get the Anjellies when I get there. Well work all week cut my testing down to 0. The only ygo I was able to play was DN, lol. So I discuss with the people that'd be going with me what to run. My first three choices were Madolche, ArtiTrix, and Dragon. I still really liked Dragon going into post-PRIO because I believe it makes best use of the "Big Three" (Skill Drain, Vanity's Emptiness, and Soul Charge). So fast forward to Saturday morning, and we head out. 3 hour trip? How about 2 hour? So we make it there and I ask around for a Super White Stone/ Wing Blast to which about 90% of the venue had no idea existed. So I finish up my decklist and decide on the final choices. This is what it looked like:   *Main:40   Monsters:16 4 Rulers 2 Flamvell Guard 1 Debris Dragon 1 White Stone 1 Blue Eyes 2 Card Trooper (MVP) 2 Kuribandit 2 Mythic Water Dragon 1 Mythic Earth   Spells:17 3 Dragon Shrine 1 Gold Sarc 1 Foolish Burial 1 Burial from a DD 1 Sword of Seven Stars 2 Cards of Consonnce 2 Trade-In 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Soul Charge   Traps:7 2 Vanity's Emptiness 2 Skill Drain 2 Pheonix Wing Wind Blast 1 Torrential Tribute   Extra Deck:15 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Number 11: Big Eye 2 Dracossack 1 Giant Grinder 1 Heliopolis 1 Felgrand 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Spark Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Azure Eyes 1 Star Eater   Side:15 2 Fire Hand 2 Ice Hand 3 Maxx "C" 3 MST 1 Emptiness 1 Skill Drain 1 BTH 2 Debunk   *This deck was heavily influenced by Welchy in the dragon thread. I feel as though his input was quickly glanced over by a lot of ppl, but I just wanna give a shout out for the nuggets of wisdom dropped in there. (I do also realize this veeeery similar to Loli's list from ARGCS Richmond, which wasn't brought to my attention til I got back. But I know they help each other out, so it makes a lot of sense in hindsight).   Prior to the tournament starting, I joke about wearing a Coolstuff shirt around because Phoenix Games (a rival cardshop) was hosting the tournament and I wanted to just give them a giant middle finger if i did well (Phoenix has done some really scummy things as a card shop). Much to my surprise, one of my buddies said he had two Coolstuff shirts with him (he works there). So I change my shirt, and with that, the tournament begins. 162 people, 7 rounds, cut to Top 16 for single elim.    Round 1: Mythic Ruler v Noble Knight (2-1) G1:Don't remember too much about this game but my notes show I Soul Charged for 4 and he never touched my life. G2:Hand starts really slow and he resolves King Arty wiith 2 Excaliburn, Caliburn, and Destiny. I draw Wing Blast for turn and have 2 MST set. Set that and Wing Blast, tell him to go. He swings, I double MST his Excaliburns on declaration then PWWB him to the top. He sets 3 and tells me to go. Flips Vanity, and I dig for MST, but to no avail. He summons Honest and swings. With about 10 cards left in deck, I draw Sarc. I contemplate sarcing the last MST and I do, which turns out to be my next card -_- and he summons dudes and beats me down. G3: I start with Stardust, and a set. He goes Medraut equip, I Stardust the Medraught. He Soul Charges me 2x this game and tries to attack both times. The 2nd time around, he makes Excalibur and attacks, I remind him he can't. Passes to me. I make Grinder for the win.   During this round one of the guys watching me asks when Azure Eyes was released lol.   Round 2: Mirror (2-0) I always somehow play this guy everytime I go to Orlando. G1:Summon all 4 dragons, that was all she wrote. G2:We both start realllllly slow, but he eventually tribute summons and Blue-Eyes and flips Vanity on me. He's forced to Shrine to go for game, but i have my own Vanity to stop him. With a 2nd Vanity in my hand, I PWWB his set S/T, kill Vanity. Make my own board, he draws, Charges and I Vanity him again. He concedes.   Round 3: Mythic Ruler v Water (2-0) G1: He wins the roll, and makes Bahamut, Angineer, and Linde. I Felgrand, kill Angineer and set Skill Drain. I Drain his Bahamut effect and my Felgrand never leaves the board the whole game. G2: He goes first and sets 2 S/Ts and a monster. I Trooper, mill 3, he Iron Walls me. I attack and hit Ice Hand, lol. Hold the MST and find a spot to go off and win. Guy was extra salty, not sure why.   Round 4:Mythic Ruler v Karakuri Gear (2-0) G1:I Felgrand backed by PWWB about t3 and its more than he can deal with. G2: He attempts to explode, I Maxx on his Birdman. He stops, i draw another maxx and wreck his board. He attempts to explode again and I have Maxx/Drain and he scoops it up.   Round 5: Mythic Ruler v Noble Knight (Again?) (2-0) G1: He never gets to a Medraut and loses very quickly. G2: Don't remember too much about this other than he Medrauts, I Drain, he lances and I PWWB for the win. He can't answer the board I make next turn.   Round 6: Mythic Ruler v Water (0-2) G1: He starts with Undine and some sets. I start really slow and Bandit. He kills me next turn. G2: I start with Trooper and no backrows and he Teus Goons me but decides to let me live. I Big Eye to answer his board, but he plays 2 Big Eyes and it gets him there. He had Angineer to protect him from anything i could do, as i was sitting on 2300 life and had to Soul Charge to clear everything but the Eye and I concede.   Round 7: Mythic Ruler v Bujin (2-0) Saw this guy in the earlier rounds playing Bujin with mained Decree and a full Trap suite. We both know what the each other is playing as he makes the comment he didn't want to play me haha. G1:He starts Mika and can't get too much going. G2: He once again starts Mika and 2 backrow, I have Fire and he can't get anything going.   So Top 16 is called and I'm 4th seed. I have to play Bujins from last round in top.   Top 16: Mythic Ruler v Bujin (0-2) G1: He does Bujin things and has Yamato Tenk. I attempt to Debris back my Tree Dragon and Exciton, he Veilers my Debris. I Soul Charge for 1 and attempt to Exciton, he TTs, I chain, he Veilers and Hares and I can't establish anything. G2: I start with BTH, MST set with Tidal, Redox, Tempest in hand and a blank. He summons hare, I let it through, he hits. Draw for turn and get Kuribandit. Bandit into nothing, pass. He summons Turtle and attacks with both, I take it and he tries to Susanowo and I BTH. I have to go for something so I summon Tempest banishing Redox/Tidal, he Debunks. I search Mythics, summon Earth and he Maxx "C"s me and I stop. He runs it over and I draw and set Ice Hand. He summons and attacks, but has the Debunk for it. Shake hands, and wish him good luck. He ends up t2ing to lose to Madolche.   Deck ran amazingly well all day. Resolved Bandit 3 times all day and Trooper almost every game. Welchy brought up that Trooper makes your Soul Charge play so much better. He's incredibly good, easily the best card all day. The changes I plan on making are -1 Bandit + 1 PWWB. Also, the 2nd potential field wipe in the extra is also amazing as that is that kind of gamestate Dragons pray for. Between access to BRD and Exciton, I only Excitoned once all day, and it didnt resolve. I summoned BRD about 5 times all day and never used the effect. Never needed to. Just being a level 7 Dragon is amazing. The hands were really good when i sided them in. Fueling Tidal and Blaster makes them absolutely unfair in this deck. Of course I was bummed to lose in Top, but I misplayed. Should have Felgranded under C and BTHed the Hare. Planning to use this deck at Nats. Gonna keep testing til then. Drain/Stardust and Vanty/Spark are just too much for the meta to handle. Deck is really solid. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, hope you can forgive me for the lack of details. See you guys at Nats!
  3. Why wiretap over trap stun?
  4. I didn't use Hierarchy Ruler. I used mythic. Something similar to Loli's list from Richmond. Thanks Welchy for your input in here, I used what you said and it was spot on.
  5. Ended up top 16ing this yesterday
  6. Took this to the tcgplayer ygo open today. Dropped 5 games all day. 4th seed after swiss, lost in top 16. Deck is still really solid. Will post a tournament report here soon
  7. Yea, you should never have a problem having enough fuel. As somone pointed out earlier, every dragon summon should fuel another. What do you guys think about this deck post prio? Is it just outclassed by the faster decks or can it keep up? After seeing the OCG imports, I think this could still be a huge contender. Skill drain takes care of Artifacts pretty handily if they take off. Thoughts?
  8. Sooo what the fuck was hoban doing g1?
  9. I mean, it all depends on print ratio. Where Sixth Sense was a common, look at its price tag. So we just have to wait and see
  10. If anybody knows whay Galy is playing, thatd be awesome
  11. Well fuck
  12. Guys..quit with the dick measuring contest, or just take it to pms. We don't care about this (well I speak for some of us). I respect both you as players, but this is just stupid. So, back to the discussion
  13. Where do you not get skill drain is good against bujin? Early game against them is amazing. Cuts off yamato, which they're playing with a bunch of nillas. Our nillas are all 2400 atk and above or 3k def. I actually just think skill drain is the only reason to even consider this deck for next format
  14. Hm...makes me wonder if we'll get the other Chronomaly shit soon
  15. I wonder if this will be relevant for nats..