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  1. Welcome back. I haven't felt anywhere near complete without you.
  2. Star Eater v Maxx C

    Sam, I thought you said that you knew for a fact that they don't draw. lol
  3. Why couldn't you just let it go? I did everything in my power to avoid this situation. You are so fucking naive to think you could push me this far and I wouldn't push back. 
  4. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I knew things couldn't remain perfect forever. I just forgot how cruel you could be. i don't blame you. I've done some fucked up shit. I am sincerely sorry for everything, but i can't do this anymore. every time i lose you, i lose a piece of myself. I'm already just shards of my former self. Once more, and there might not be anything left. 
  5. No one can shatter my reality quite like you. I just hoped this time would be different. 
  6. Having you back in my life has been the absolute fucking stones. Please stick around this time... 
  7.   make sure you let this person know that. sometimes knowing we have someone that loves us is the only thing that brings us back.
  8. doing a paper on PTSD

    not that i think you will use it, because there is just better stuff out there, but my sig.
  9. i used to have this fantasy about you. that one day you would move on and find someone just like you. a liar. some one that could hurt you as much as your dishonesty has crippled me.    apparently dreams do come true.  only, there is no satisfaction for me. it hurts me to see that you are hurting, and i just hope that you find the strength to walk away... even though i never could. 
  10. I miss our little talks.
  11. I'm sorry for everything. you honestly deserved better. Goodbye my friend. 
  12. [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1329279079' post='3101394'] 60 mg of Adderall is why. I don't normally care this much. -plays the tweaked out card- I'll just submit and agree hand control is bad for yugioh for the sake of the thread. [/quote] finally, and atm its only cost me 31 reputation points.
  13. [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1329278379' post='3101371'] [quote name='Seraph' timestamp='1329278246' post='3101365'] [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1329277512' post='3101342'] [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1329275899' post='3101311'] [quote name='Seraph' timestamp='1329274996' post='3101292'] [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1329274854' post='3101286'] LOL. In other card games hand-control is healthy. For fucks sake you guys are like a pack of wolves. [/quote] I hope you die in a fire. that is all. [/quote] I hate when people tryhard to fit in. EVERYONE IS DISAGREEING WITH THIS GUY SO I GUESS I SHOULD TOO! Telling someone to die over a stupid comment is unneeded. [/quote] I was just stating an opinion and I didn't even do it an insulting manner. Being told to die and gtfo is just hilarious over a card game that takes the equivalent amount of thought to play checkers half the time. Lemme' try again; Trap Dustshoot shuffles a monster from their hand into the deck at an activation requirement of 4 cards in the hand. The monster doesn't hit the grave, (not saying this is less effective than going to the deck, because it isn't) but goes back into the deck to be researched if it's searchable or grabbed off of duality. Flipping it turn one is optimal, considering as the game goes on hands get smaller and the probability of it being a dead draw is increased. How many times have you drawn it and it was dead? Honestly? It's often dead for me mid game and is always dead late game. It stops the ability for the game to NOT go to a late game if you take out combo pieces and otk cards, or gives you a niche' to win if you hit their Gorz/Veiler. It's only one card and isn't always a for sure advantage. And it's a trap, which makes it slow. It's not even fucking confiscation. This card game is all tempo and combo's over control aspects such as hand control to balance them out and that is the fucking problem. Do you guys really think Veiler, gorz and Maxx c is enough defense against Wind-Up's going off all the time? Cards like dust shoot should stay. It's only one copy. [/quote] all joke and insults aside, how do u not see whats unfair about it? i agree that the card doesnt create a physical plus or minus, its a one for one. giving up the dustshoot for the monster it puts back is fair, but the fact that it shows you their entire hand means that not only do u get to put back a card, u also get to plan around any strategy that they could put together, u run worst case scenarios, if u see heavy storm u know not to set a bunch of cards. there are no surprises. the man who flipped the dustshoot however, has the element of surprise, knows if he needs to search for maxx c from the sangan, even knows when its ok to over extend. sometimes, you just win becuz u flipped dustshoot. card is banworthy is my only real point here. [/quote] You have your views and I don't disagree with why you think it's overpowered but looking at it from a balancing perspective cards like dustshoot are good for a game that draws god-hands and has virtually no interaction with the other player most of the time other than traps and hand effects like veiler. [/quote] i can see ur point of view. not saying i agree, but i see it. consider my hopes for fiery death withdrawn.
  14. [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1329278259' post='3101366'] Fuck it. [/quote] u wanted an explanation. i gave it to u. u gave me this. i was right to leave it at my first post. i repeat : i hope u die in a fire.