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  1. Newgioh Team Tournament

      Yes but he specifically comes back from work only after 12 pm, someone else might have more availability. I actually don't ever remember seeing him on DN after adding him, so we must be going on different times, really.
  2. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Yeah but that's like 5 AM my time. I guess it'll have to be done on weekends.   Or change the pairings so that I am with someone who has more availability, and KingTango plays with someone from the USA. 
  3. Newgioh Team Tournament

    KingTango, when are you on so we can play our match?
  4. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Jazz please give me until Saturday, when I'm back home, because I don't have my laptop with me now.
  5. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Hey guys, I'm up north on holidays for a few days until Friday. Will be able to play out the finals after that. Just letting you know!
  6. Newgioh Team Tournament

      I like the idea of everyone playing everyone. I originally thought that wouldn't work, but I think it does come out to 9 matches. So it can be a best of 9 series. Might take forever though...   What it says in the rules now calls for an endurance war. But I like the above idea too. I'm fine with it as long as both teams agree to it. I also really want to do features / good coverage of the finals since I have very little thus far.     Yeah, if there were rules about inactivity/dodging, by now you would get an auto-win. But there are not. I thought it would be too messy/controversial to implement and still feel that way from a pros/cons perspective TBH.     I was thinking about it, and also prefer to play everyone. It shouldn't be that complicated, we can set up a couple of dates based on availability and do each series of matches in a day or something.    If others agree too, then I'd prefer this personally.
  7. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Jazz, for the finals, could you perhaps randomize who we play against? Or make it so that every person has to play all the members of the opposing team, which would also be fun.   I am saying this so that we don't play the same opponents again.
  8. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Indigo Team's Arawn 2 > 0 Orange Team's DaShepherd   I think that was the last of my matches. gL team !
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    No, you were shitposting, trying to seem like a smart ass by one upping someone else by giving the smallest and most uncommon examples, there was no need to mention the cards you did when Winda is almost always the superior choice because it's easier to make and doesn't fall prey to destruction effects and it locks out the same plays if they use the monsters from their hands. Can the shitposting come to a stop, like now please? So I've been using this deck for a solid 2 weeks now, Star Seraphs variant after Squiddy posted some pages back I decided to throw one together because I am just absolutely frustrated with Konami format Nekroz. I honestly don't know where on earth people think it's ok to get Trished or who you're playing against with Nekroz who Trish you and you don't flat out lose but being Trished is not ok, hell even being Decisive Armor'd is not ok. I think the Nekroz matchup isn't in your favor at all, but I most certainly think it's the most easily mitigated, I've been maining Breakthrough Skills and maxed out on Call of the Haunteds because if you Call back a Construct and can manage to keep no hand, Nekroz have a hard time dealing with that. Call of the Haunted can help you with not being Trished in the earlier stages of the game, and it accentuates the Star Seraphs perfectly, fusing with your stick then calling it back to go off. Evilswarm Ouroboros is pretty raw vs Nekroz if you can manage to banish a graved Trish I'm pretty sure no one runs 2 anymore and they have to jump through hoops to dance princess it back and not Shurit if he was involved in the summon of anything else prior in the game. But this deck also doesn't come without its fair share of problems, Qli is a big one, but more people are realizing how awful the Towers centric build is v Nekroz because of its ability to out Towers on the fly and keep trucking, so I've seen a lot more trap centric builds which this deck has a much easier time with dealing with Lose One Turns Skill Drain and Re Qliate because of Shadow Games Mathman and your Fusion Cards, Mistake is also a huge blowout to Wavering Eyes. The biggest issue I am having with this deck though is how on Earth are you beating Infernoid? That deck just straight niggers you, I saw someone post earlier "all they have is reasoning it's not that big of a deal" that's a load of bull because they essentially have 4 copies of the fucking card, and they now have a normal summon that replicas Devyaty or Onuncu both of which are abysmal for this deck to deal with. Post side, Iron Wall is just really unreliable, you have to shotgun it to beat Galaxy Cyclone, and then it gets picked off by Lyla, or MST, the former is searchable, Mistake isn't worth siding/keeping in and Lancea only works when you can get a board set up and threaten game in a one two punch. The only way I seem to overcome this deck is by double fusion and normal summon kills or there have been a few times where Shekhinaga has gotten me there too I guess, but tbh I think this matchup is a lot worse than the Qli matchup. Maybe the Clown variant offers something that the Seraphs don't in this situation? All I can think of is Number 80 but that doesn't ever seem to make the cut and Ouroboros can get you there all the same, anyone have any thoughts on this?     During the WCQ's and before the banlist changes, I was running an Artifact build maining Lancea, alongside triple call. Lancea is a reliable answer to the Nekroz, Ritual Beast and Infernoid matchups. It had a few advantages, other than it being a good light engine: - Morraltach is another way to stop Qli from going off with Scout; - Morraltach is a very good way to deal with Unicore or Clausulas on board, or DA, all of which are very effective against your deck; - Jar of Avarice exists now, and is a possibility to keep Sanctums live, and it's a good card in the mirror match; - Sanctum/Artifact + Falco = Michael, which is still a very strong card to answer boards; - If you want to run Bulb, then Math + Sanctum/Artifact = Trishula; - Call of the Haunted becomes even stronger with Artifacts mained. Sometimes you can simply shut down opponent's turns with Lancea; - Durendal, which comes up more often because of Winda + Artifact, can stop cards like Raigeki or Dark Hole, which are effective against this deck, as well as Shaddoll Fusion in the mirror match. - Morraltach is also good post-side if your opponent is siding in hate like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. And it can out Diamond, Dark Law, etc.   I do think this engine worsens your BA matchup a bit, however, because the artifacts aren't particularly good against it. The only thing that I think is good in that matchup is the Trish/Michael access. 
  10. Newgioh Cash Tournament

    I agree with Jazz, and with decklists provided in the beginning of the tournament to someone.
  11. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Indigo Team's Arawn 2 > 0 Blue Team's THIRDEYSEIGHT (wins over Blue Team)
  12. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Indigo Team's Arawn 2 > 0 Red Team's Mustang (wins over Red Team)
  13. Newgioh Team Tournament

    I was watching your game. You were playing Emissary of the Afterlife. It's not legal in goat format or newgioh. The set that it came out in was after CRV.      http://newgioh.com/newgioh-explained/   It was out in Ancient Sanctuary too.