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  1. In Venus deck you don't actually want to discard Shine Balls if you draw Venus. You can special summon them from hand (after you get the other 2 out from deck.) You actually run out of Shine Ball ammo pretty quickly with Elephant Gift, the 4 orders or them sometimes taking attacks for you. Discarding one isn't optimal if you draw Venus, and if you don't draw Venus you usually lose. That being said TttD can help you when you don't draw Venus by giving you a way to push with your bigger dudes. Also could help with grave control for Lotus. I've also seriously considered playing a card like Inspiriation/Rising Energy for quick kills. Venus/Ball/Dunames is 3900 which is tough. But Venus/Dunames/Inspiration is game and Venus/Ball/Ball/Rising Energy is game so I could see myself fooling around with those since you can get ahead on the board so quickly with a free OtC. Proabably won't mess around with stuff until KoG though.
  2. Made Legend 1 last night. Total wins is 65 thus far. Been using Venus since Gold and it's been pretty sweet. The deck is very fast and can punish brick hands or 1 monster draws. Order to Charge really slows decks down. Restart 3x Agent of Venus 3x Mystic Shine Ball 3x Dunames Dark Witch 1x Knight of the Red Lotus 1x Mudora 3x Order to Charge 2x Enemy Controller 2x White Elephant's Gift 2x Mirror Wall 1x Order to Smash I haven't opened Super Rush, Blazing Impachi or Heavy Knight and I only have 1 Red Lotus. Those are the only cards I'd really consider swapping in. I had previously dropped the 2nd Order to Smash for the 2nd White Elephant's Gift. I could see myself scaling back on a gift. Maybe put in a Tribute to the Doomed instead. Also I'm still not really sure how the rank up system works but it can't be all winstreaks. If I lose a level up game and win my next game, the game after that is also a level up game. So it can't be entirely just winstreak based.
  3. You can still crush Odion with Elements Unite! farm 100% of the time so not a big deal for him.
  4. Hopefully more of the rewards become EX gem focused so that we don't have to rely on luck to get essential cards from limited time events. I still haven't been able to crack a Union Attack from little Yugi.
  5. After doing some research I found that I was able to view my iphone game using quicktime on the mac while the phone was plugged in via USB. From there it was a simple matter of downloading Open Broadcast Software and streaming the video to twitch. I'll continue to work on the finishing touches and getting a stream up and running.
  6. The handless balance deck is really strong against the current meta. Wild Tornado + Storm is a 2 card combo that's basically MST + Hammer Shot with the option to sacrifice more s/t for more s/t destruction. It's good vs pretty much every deck. Your opponent doesn't even need to have a s/t set for you to use Storm so you can't play around it that way. This combo forces a simplified game state which Flash Assailant excels in. 2000/2000 4 star monster is incredibly tough to deal with. Swift Gaia and the field spell that search it build upon the strength of the deck. You get to normal summon a large monster, you can tutor it with the field spell, the field spell hangs around for Storm fodder and you can set the field spell as a 4th s/t to clear the hand for Flash Assailant. Dimension Gate is a very good card. We've already established opponent's are going to have a hard time dealing with 2000/2000 and above monsters. Dimension Gate counters the cards that would have been useful. Relinquished, Enemy Controller to steal, Mask of the Accursed, Soul Exchange, GK Oracle, and the list goes on. If your opponent tries to Order to Charge with 2 monsters up vs your 1 and you've got this you probably win the game. The card works beautifully with Storm. It chills on the field to provide another s/t destruction and brings your monster back after Storm has cleared the way. If your opponent tries to chain to your Storm you can chain Dimension Gate to protect and the monster will come right back. The deck would have a very hard time with some random "toolbox" deck packed with things like Ladybug and Yomi Ship but no one's playing that because that deck would get smashed by the other decks in the meta.
  7. Honestly a card like mystic tomato is exactly what this game needs
  8. It seems unnecessary to go for a handless deck if you're not playing Flash Assailant. I would suggest Swift Gaia is not good enough to be the sole reason. I also think it's completely necessary to be playing Dimension Gate and Wild Tornado. You're probably only going to play 2 monster cards the whole duel, so you need to protect them as best you can with Dimension Gate. You're going the opposite way, killing them off with Order to Charge. Although you have Apophis for additional monsters I think you'll find when the game gets simplified you'll be the one unable to deal with your opponent's monster instead. The whole reason the deck is good is because of Storm and because the monsters you play can't be dealt with by things like Econ alone. This is why Dimension Gate is so key. Your opponent will need to use things like Soul Exchange, Relinquished or Order to Charge to deal with your 2000/2000 beaters and then you protect with Dimension Gate and flip the tables with Storm.
  9. Most of the top finishers in this event played the Balance handless deck, so you could literally play any character who has the Balance skill obtained. Given that I had work Friday and a day-long event Sunday I didn't even try. The format was just not suitable for someone like myself. I just played 3 games/day to get my 50 gems.
  10. Handless is a deck that aims to play with no hand to get maximum benefit from Swift Gaia and Flash Assailant. It plays only 5 monsters and 3 copies of the Gateway to Chaos field spell. Gateway searches for Swift Gaia. The stats mean you'll open 1 monster and 4 s/t. The version I've seen looks like this: Balance 1 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight 3 Flash Assailant 1 Gearfried the Iron Knight 3 Gateway to Chaos 3 Water Balloons 3 Storm 1 Smoke Grenade of the Thief 3 Wild Tornado 2 Dimension Gate
  11. According to reddit users he's playing a Handless deck using the Balance skill. Reports of people who have played against him are that he's legit. It's not really surprising to me TBH. I would expect myself to be around those points if I started at 4 AM and played non-stop. And if you've got a deck that has an edge on the meta even better.
  12. my buddy made KoG pretty quickly with Relinquished. 3 Sphere Kuriboh/2 Wild Tornado are pretty much mandatory IMO. He also said Fulfillment of the Contract was huge. He played Destiny Draw which I think is probably the best for a deck like that. Picking the right card out of the deck and knowing what cards you'll draw next is really good in Relinquished. He said often he'd Destiny Draw and see that his next card was a Ritual so he picks a Kuriboh and waits a turn for the Senju, etc. HHG is also legit both for the effects and the confusion aspect. I would not run any Harpie support stuff other than 2-3 Harpie Lady's though.
  13. I've considered Swarm myself. Ladybug is still sometimes kinda bleh. It's decent vs Harpies if they don't drop Sonic Duck you can blow out some games but yeah otherwise not the best. Maybe I'll put in a Swarm and see how it works.
  14. when you say "dumbest looking way" do you just mean if someone were in the room they would think "damn that seems unnecessarily complicated" or do you mean "potato quality stream?" I was thinking of picking up Apple TV since I've got enough reward points at work to get it and nothing else really to use the points on at this time. I'm not too familiar with capture cards but I imagine that's something separate that I connect to my (TV, apple TV?) to upload the image from one screen to another? I'm guessing quality of image varies with price.
  15. Yeah you're right on this. Once I got his password I was able to get everything fixed. I'm not sure what I had done before that made me think partitioning the hard drives left me with not enough room to upgrade. I may have tried to go straight to the most recent OS which I found out from the apple website couldn't be done from where I was. Instead I had to get Yosemite first and then upgrade to current. Either way I've got everything sorted out and can do the things I want to do on the mac side. I didn't remove the windows side because it didn't seem necessary and I'm glad I didn't. There will still be situations where I'll need windows. For example, I recently learned if I want to play Gwent I can't do it on the mac, so I'd need the windows side for that. I'm able to do everything I said I wanted to do. Thank again for your help guys. My next adventure is trying to figure out how I can stream Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links from my phone to twitch. I've been doing some research and it seems a bit overwhelming but I'll try to figure it out. It would be cool to be able to make some videos for Duel Links. I've seen some guys streaming from emulators and one guy Jangular has a good set up using his phone that I'd like to mimic. He uses andriod but hopefully I can get the same done from ios.