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  1. I feel like the elemental build has potential. Rogue already has good anti-aggro spells and the elementals have some great anti-aggro power as you mentioned. You're able to get swarms of the 1/2 guy pretty easily and a 1 mana elemental allows you to kickstart combos or gives you an elemental played for the next turn effects. I'll definitely experiment more with it and create a new thread for the deck next time I have some comments.
  2. Why no Patches? I tried out the engineer/shadowcaster list posted on reddit on my way to work this morning and it seemed alright. I'm playing in the 20's though since I stopped playing last format. I'll try out your list and compare. I've heard the list from reddit fares poorly against other aggro decks. How does this one do vs aggro? Edit: just realized your list only has 26 cards (and no caverns lol.) You also mention others use the boar/engineer engine but so do you? Very confusing.
  3. I've spent somewhere around 3000 white keys on lvl 40 Kaiba using Yugi with good farm decks (cats ear earlier, life gain now) and haven't got a single controller. I don't think it has anything to do with rivals. I think it was just a coincidence for you.
  4. I've spent somewhere around 3000 white keys on lvl 40 Kaiba using Yugi with good farm decks (cats ear earlier, life gain now) and haven't got a single controller. I don't think it has anything to do with rivals. I think it was just a coincidence for you.
  5. Not really dead in the mirror since you can snipe the hunting grounds if you want. Just make sure to have each field spell kill itself.
  6. Conversely... gf: Grimey you seem distant, are we OK? Grimey: ...yeah, I just still don't have Harpie's Hunting Ground...
  7. I find white magical hat and the 1300/1800 fiend interesting
  8. Thunder Dragon is also very good against Weevil. Being able to tribute monsters that have been Masked or the Parasite is important. You can also sack things that were stolen via Econ which can be relevant against any deck. I like it a lot more in Relinquished builds where the discard fodder is useful than decks where you're using it just to make your Switcheroo a +1 with 1 dead card in deck. It's usefulness with Skull Lair cannot be underestimated.
  9. Harpies also got Harpie Lady 1 which is a big deal. In addition to being an 1800 normal summon and pumping your other dudes which is just good in general, Elegant Egotist builds now have Harpie Lady 1 + Harpie Lady Sisters for over 4000 atk if the field spell remains intact. Egotist builds are a lot more consistent with Birdface. It remains to be seen what the best build of Harpie's ends up being. Since KC Cup I've been a big fan of playing Ladybug and Possessed Dark Soul and have worked them into a Harpie's list. I've got 2 builds right now, one with Relinquished and one with Egotist, which I plan on playing at higher ranks where I expect more Harpies. The "meta" (although expensive) list I've seen is: 3 Birdface 3 Sonic Duck 2 Harpie Lady 1 Harpie Lady 1 1 Harpie Lady Sisters 2 Elegant Egotist 3 Enemy Controller 2 Order to Charge 3 Mirror Wall
  10. I was on vacation and literally stopped into a hard rock cafe to grab wifi and collect my rewards. Didn't check dgz or screencap my results. Finished 10* at around 355 rank or something like that on NA with about 10750 points. Currently haven't played any ranked since returning. Obviously hit KoG multiple times prior. Added your tag. Should I remove the mark_dgz one?
  11. I have not tried Storm. I've been blown out by it once by a Relinquished deck. Kinda feels win-more though. I'm usually in a commanding position when Relinquished gets to use it's effect. I've used my own Harpie's to steal monsters a couple times. I haven't had any trouble with Element Saurus because I haven't faced many Dinos since making the switch. Seems like everyone at these ranks has dropped Dinos. I have outs to the Saurus in the form of Half Shut, Mirror Wall, Windstorm of Etaqua and Sphere Kuriboh though. I can also proactively present problems with Relinquished and Harpies Hunting Ground. Many dino's I've seen are playing Jerry Beans to get around the Ladybug as well, so I have potential blowout plays by stealing that. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning so I probably won't make LV12. Tomorrow I'm staying at a hotel in Florida before going on a cruise Sunday. So I might have a chance to play some on the wifi at the hotel tomorrow night. Definitely not paying for the wifi on the cruise though. Chose the free alcohol perk instead. Can't say I regret the choice. Best of luck to everyone on the climb though. I feel like I should comfortably hit top 1000 which was my primary goal anyways. Definitely feel I could've hit top 100 with the way this deck feels. Too bad I didn't discover it sooner. Starlight if you like the patient approach you might like this build if you've got the cards.
  12. Yeah cutting Flash Assailant seems necessary right now. I played the list based off yours for a while and started off hot, then lost like 5 in a row or something before switching back to a deck with 3 OtC. I had a bit more success with that and climbed to 8* before trying something new. And holy shit has it been awesome. By "something new" I mean that I hadn't played yet. Everyone knows of Harpies Relinquished already, but this sauce I whipped up has gone 16-2 since I started playing it and am currently on a 12 game win streak. Currently 10* and rank 357 with 10046 bp on NA: Harpies Hunting Ground 2 Relinquished 1 Sonic Bird 2 Senju of the Thousand Hands 1 Sphere Kuriboh 1 Yomi Ship 2 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 1 Harpie Lady 3 1 Harpie Lady 2 2 Possessed Dark Soul 1 Half Shut 1 Twister 2 Black Illusion Ritual 1 Embodiment of Apophis 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua I would play a 2nd Sonic Bird if I had it. That card's nuts in the mirror. You just summon an 1800, search your ritual spell and pass. Puts em in a tough spot if they don't have one of their own or the vanilla winged beast. Possessed Dark Soul has been fucking huge. One of the best things it's countered has been Possessed Dark Soul. I'll take that Relinquished back, thank you very much. I also set the Ladybug and am like I'll either a) 2 for 1 my opponent if he summons another level 4, b) have an empty field to attack into next turn if he doesn't summon/set, or c) steal whatever he summons. Half Shut is huge in this deck. Protect Relinquished, play around Element Saurus or Harpie Lady 2, save my monster without killing their Jerry Beans so I can steal it. So many applications. Also found out today if I have a Harpie Lady up my opponent can Elegant Egotist. Almost got my shit pushed in that way.
  13. Thanks for posting your list. I don't have 2nd Mirror Wall so I've replaced it with 3rd Metalmorph and I do have 3 Twisters so running all 3 instead of De-Spell. I can definitely see why this list works. I think it could get blown out by LDD but I don't see water anymore. Straight Flush would also screw me pretty hard a lot of the time but I pretty much play hoping not to see it. Another counter to this list would be to run something like 3 ladybug 3 Yomi Ship with the Relinquished package and basically run you out of monsters. People haven't really caught on to a strategy like that though. I have 3 Flash Assailant as well (just bought the third recently since I figure I'll be winning mad coins anyways.) I'm thinking if there's a deck that makes sense dropping the Dino package.
  14. Vig you definitely sold me on metalmorph + trap jammer. what's your list? ive made one I think is pretty close to what you're running. I'm always shitting my pants about straight flush tho
  15. Please explain this. Assuming I have a 1900 dino with Metalmorph it's going to have 1100 atk + 25% of the atk of the monster it's attacking. So Metalmorph only helps a 1900 Dino get over a monster with less than 1500 atk if they use Mirror Wall. That's rarely relevant. A 1600 dino can only defeat something less than 1300 atk. The 300 def can be relevant to save my monster from destruction if it's been tapped. I do like that about the card. Riryoku on the other hand gives me immunity to Mirror Wall as long as my monster has greater than half the atk of the monster it's attacking. It also deals damage equal to my monster's atk, which is relevant for opening windows. It also opens up options to play around Draw Sense spells by doing things like not attack directly, Riryoku my own guys next turn, OtC the weaker one and swing for 2850. Yes Riryoku loses out to tap cards but those tend to get popped before I play Riryoku. It's definitely the weakest card in the deck but I honestly don't think Metalmorph is that much stronger in Dinos. My experience so far with cards like Metalmorph and Reinforcements has been overwhelmingly negative in Dino decks. If Dino World isn't destroyed they don't help deal with anything. They don't play around Mirror Wall either. So why do I care about making my monsters slightly larger when they're already slightly larger than anything out there? They do help if my Dino World gets destroyed and maybe that's something I'll find more relevant as I rank up. Though I don't feel behind when my Dino World gets destroyed because my opponent is either way behind on cards (3 to my 5) or I had the board initiative and can use a Riryoku with 2 guys on board to push through. Literally only Windstorm or double tap cards play around this. Assuming they don't have that they're looking at taking 3200 damage + 500 from Twister and shit has suddenly become a huge problem. I'll consider Trap Jammers for sure. I did run one my first run to KoG and agree they are strong. Xing Zhen Hu and/or straight flush might be better tho, no?