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  1. Max Suffridge has died

    RIP Max Max changed my opinion on Americans. He was the first person I heard speak with a southern drawl that was intelligent. He was a fun, chill dude and I think if we lived close we would have become good friends. I hope his friends and family can find peace. This just sucks...
  2. Yeah I definitely have to agree on maxing Mako next. His 38 (tuna) and 40 (fish depth charge) rewards are powerful cards in the Mako Hammershark deck. It's also a very easy deck to make. The Hammersharks are SR obtainable through card trader, tuna and depth charge are available through Mako's rewards and the other theme cards are R or lower. The other SR/UR cards are just yomi ship(s) and your staples you should have been chasing/acquired already (mirror wall, metalmorph, SRH, econ.) It's a very solid deck at all ranks.
  3. That's the Konami balance team at work lul. Yugi Moto's got some pretty interesting reward cards.
  4. YCS Toronto 2017

    This was the first event I've played in like 7 years. During that time I only picked up yugioh cards for the first time near the start of August in preparation for the event. I would like to keep playing and plan on keeping up with the game at locals. I may get to attend other events but having a wife and child make that more difficult. Now I don't just have to book of a day or 2 of work I have to also leave my wife alone for the weekend to take care of a 1 yr old herself. We'll see though. I'm hopeful that I'll make it out to some future events.
  5. YCS Toronto 2017

    Ended up dropping after round 7 with a 3-2-2 record. Played Draco Zoo. Definitely not optimally. Had some valuable tournament experience and understand now why pure zoo would have been the best deck to bring. My 2 losses in rounds 6 and 7 were simply "you don't get to play" games where my opponent playing pure zoo had 3-4 answer cards and I was left stranded with Draco cards that didn't do anything. More importantly I learned that if a game appears to be lost I need to just scoop. Rounds 1 and 3 the first game ended up going like 30+ minutes. I lost the die roll (won 1 die roll in my 7 rounds neverlucky etc.) and ended up staying in the game for a long time with Apocalypse plays, trying to find a way to win. Ended up losing game 1's and winning game 2's in time. If I scoop earlier I get a game 3 and a chance to win. I only started playing a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I feel like I learned how to play the format now but it's going to change. Wish I had another crack at this format.
  6. I also ran train on Plat with the Hammershark deck. That being said Plat is like the new silver. After day 1 the best players aren't there anymore. My build plays 3 motherfuckin' Starboy. It's a great Hammer target, bumps Hammer up to 2400 so it can compete with the tribute monsters played in the game right now, reduces FIRE monsters of which there are plenty in the game right now as well. 3 Hammer Shark 2 Yomi Ship 1 Beautunaful Princess 1 Deep Sweeper 1 Lost Blue Breaker 3 Starboy 2 Super Rush Headlong 3 Enemy Controller 1 Fish Depth Charge 2 Mirror Wall 1 Metalmorph I found myself not really liking to use the Blue Breaker's effect for most matchups and having 1800 vs 1600 to be relevant. Deep Sweeper can also use it's effect without another monster present which can be relevant.
  7. Good to know. I didn't have copies of those cards you mentioned so I was trying to fight it with maindecked cards. Game 1 he just kind of nutted me with stormforth, imperial order, draco trap. Game 2 I found myself having trouble outing master peace. He was winning games off his demise though so I can see why you're saying Ash would have made a huge difference. I probably just needed more/the right side deck hate.
  8. Thanks for posting this! Was a good read. Your first list is very similar to what I have been playing. Going with 3/3 on babies and 3/3 for draco spells. I do like the draco traps though. Having something like trap/dinomight/2nd draco gives you 2 kill shots on monsters during your opponents turn, 3 if the 2nd draco is Master Peace. With 3/3 Diagram/terraforming this happens often enough that I usually like a true draco trap in my hand when going first. One quick rulings question. Does My Body as a Shield have to be chained directly to the card it's negating? Since we have to make the babies chain link 1 I'm wondering if we can respond to something like a Drident effect with CL1 baby effect, CL2 My Body to negate. Legal? The side deck strategy of removing Draco is interesting. I've actually thought about doing the opposite. Taking out zoos to go into pure true draco. Zoos make up 12 slots in the deck, so it's definitely doable. I just haven't played enough to know if it's worth it. How to people generally side for draco zoo? Things like Ghost Ogre hit both, but are they also putting in/leaving in pure zoo hate? Like Dimensional Barrier and such? How does the pure draco vs draco zoo match pan out? In my limited experience the pure draco deck won out. Cards like Demise were huge and the best answer to a Master Peace is either draco traps (for monster/spell) or your own Master Peace (for monster/trap.) Might it be useful to side into a pure draco deck for going second?
  9. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    Yeah if we have outs to Dark Hole/Raigeki we aren't playing around Ghost Ogre anyways, right? Or are you saving MBaaS instead of ending with Ramram? The thing is if we're playing around Ghost Ogre we can't make Ramram, so we don't get that protection from Dark Hole. However, if they save the Ghost Ogre we'll need our own board wipes. They just Ghost Ogre our next play. But if we can dump combo we might be set up better for a grind game. Assuming we can make it that far.
  10. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    Hey Mark first I wanted to say thank you for writing this up. It was a big help to me as I'm just entering the format now to try and prepare for YCS Toronto. I find your point about not going into Missus intriguing. I had always been "making the best board" but I can certainly see how the "best board" would be the one hardest to break. I think I will try going wide and see how it works out. Playing around Ghost Ogre and not using Rat's effect means we can ensure we end with Drident. What does this mean for the result of our turn? We lose out on the choice of either combo in grave or RamRam on board, right? In this scenario does our opponent just Ghost Ogre one of our dudes eventually? If we aren't Ghost Ogre'd (and we didn't use Rat's effect,) is this a scenario where it's worth making Missus turn 1? Ending with Missus + Drident instead of HK + Drident + Rat? Missus gives us Rat back to dump combo and recycle our stuff for turn 3 in a grind game. I'm very interested to see your write-up on True Draco Zoodiac. I'm hoping you get it out before YCS Toronto!
  11. YCS Toronto 2017

    I'll likely be there embarrassing myself with an obvious lack of knowledge on how current decks interact.
  12. Tried out your list but had to make some adjustments because I only have 1 Kuriboh and 2 Masks. So I went -2 Kuriboh, -1 Mask, +1 Dark Necrofear, +1 Curse of Anubis, +1 Blast held by a Tribute. Admittedly I put in the Blast because I thought it would work with Lava Golem. It doesn't, but it's actually been live every time I've drawn it so I haven't taken it out. Naturia, zombie, red-eyes, dragons, all these guys play tribute monsters and they play around your mask/golem by tributing. Curse of Anubis has been predictably solid. Just watch out you don't use it while a gemini is treated as a normal monster. Dark Necrofear hasn't actually come into play yet but I think it's worth noting it can be special summoned on the same turn you play Lava Golem and gives your deck another possible way to win if they out your stuff. I would play a third mask if I had it though. I think I've gone 6-2 with it so far and moved to Plat 2. My promotion game was against a 3DS deck who played Solemn Wishes and Supremacy Berry but I pulled it off with a huge Blast Held by a Tribute.
  13. I've got 20 packs left in Crimson Kingdom and haven't pulled Wyvern or Gozuki. When I farmed Super Joey I got 0 copies of Insight and only 1 copy of Spirit (plus the copy everyone got, for 2 copies total.) I got no additional Anti-Magic Arrows from Arkana. The game has basically decided for me that I must play cheese decks if I wish to compete at legend rank.
  14. The set does have some great cards but I very much doubt they will dethrone Red-Eyes which means we will still have a cancerous meta of Red-Eyes/Toons/Mill/Burn with some Zombie/Water/Venus/Control decks thrown into the mix. So I still think it makes sense to focus on other sets before this one. I would love to see a Monarch deck power over Red-Eyes but I think ultimately it will fall short because of 1) Treeborn being once per turn and 2) the consistency and speed Red-Eyes gets because of Insight. Chiron being once per turn means you don't even get to destroy a protected Toon Kingdom, other decks play chainables, and Red-Eyes will just CV your normal summon and game you next turn. It's a good card that was released too late and now probably won't have much of an impact.
  15. New set has some decent stuff but only Treeborn Frog will really be relevant IMO. Thunder Nyan Nyan is a good option for Venus decks and does give you that 1900 + 1600 + 500 = 4000 potential but the deck as a whole struggles right now vs Red-Eyes decks that hit their good cards. Even Treeborn is unlikely to make a relevant impact in a meta right now. I'll probably ignore the set for now.
  16. Nightmare Wheel doesn't drop anywhere, right? TBH the meta is absolute trash right now. Between Toons and Red-Eyes it's literally "lol I went first and set up gg" or "i bricked damn gg."
  17. In Venus deck you don't actually want to discard Shine Balls if you draw Venus. You can special summon them from hand (after you get the other 2 out from deck.) You actually run out of Shine Ball ammo pretty quickly with Elephant Gift, the 4 orders or them sometimes taking attacks for you. Discarding one isn't optimal if you draw Venus, and if you don't draw Venus you usually lose. That being said TttD can help you when you don't draw Venus by giving you a way to push with your bigger dudes. Also could help with grave control for Lotus. I've also seriously considered playing a card like Inspiriation/Rising Energy for quick kills. Venus/Ball/Dunames is 3900 which is tough. But Venus/Dunames/Inspiration is game and Venus/Ball/Ball/Rising Energy is game so I could see myself fooling around with those since you can get ahead on the board so quickly with a free OtC. Proabably won't mess around with stuff until KoG though.
  18. Made Legend 1 last night. Total wins is 65 thus far. Been using Venus since Gold and it's been pretty sweet. The deck is very fast and can punish brick hands or 1 monster draws. Order to Charge really slows decks down. Restart 3x Agent of Venus 3x Mystic Shine Ball 3x Dunames Dark Witch 1x Knight of the Red Lotus 1x Mudora 3x Order to Charge 2x Enemy Controller 2x White Elephant's Gift 2x Mirror Wall 1x Order to Smash I haven't opened Super Rush, Blazing Impachi or Heavy Knight and I only have 1 Red Lotus. Those are the only cards I'd really consider swapping in. I had previously dropped the 2nd Order to Smash for the 2nd White Elephant's Gift. I could see myself scaling back on a gift. Maybe put in a Tribute to the Doomed instead. Also I'm still not really sure how the rank up system works but it can't be all winstreaks. If I lose a level up game and win my next game, the game after that is also a level up game. So it can't be entirely just winstreak based.
  19. You can still crush Odion with Elements Unite! farm 100% of the time so not a big deal for him.
  20. Hopefully more of the rewards become EX gem focused so that we don't have to rely on luck to get essential cards from limited time events. I still haven't been able to crack a Union Attack from little Yugi.
  21. I need help with my Mac

    So I'm a pretty big noob when it comes to computers which is the reason I tend to use Mac products. My level of tech expertise is "workplace god" because I can use excel/word, change which printer is being used and know how to email files to myself. However my general knowledge would probably be laughable to most of you. A year or two ago I bought my brother's Mac when he was moving. My needs are pretty simple and I just like to have something that's reliable and won't get viruses. I tend to just work with things as they are, so I left most of what he had going on and just erased favourites and replaced them, etc. He had the Mac bootcamped, which to my understanding means the hard drive is split 50/50 amongst Windows/Mac software. I've been operating mostly on windows but have been running into some problems lately. There's a lot of things I feel like I should be able to do that aren't working. Things like moving videos/pictures from my computer to my phone, using iMovie, upgrading the software on the Mac side, upgrading iTunes on the windows side, playing Hearthstone on the Mac side and trying to install anything on the windows side. Little inconveniences that are adding up and limiting what I can do on the computer. I'm thinking what I should do is just start with a clean slate and have the computer be just a Mac with no windows bootcamp. I'm not exactly sure how I would go about this. I guess I would probably need to get the admin password from my brother too. My guess is that I would back up my files onto a CD or something and just restore system defaults on the computer? If I go down this road, what's the best thing to do? Do you think I"m wrong in wanting to do this? Things I use/would like to use the computer for: - streaming - basic web surfing (dgz, reddit, gmail, online banking, that sort of stuff) - cataloguing pictures/videos and being able to move them between apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and my wife's phone (usually samsung products) - making basic videos (mostly slide shows/compilations) - basic microsoft office stuff (I'm of the understanding I could buy this for Mac, or at worst export apple docs) - play hearthstone, use tracking software - tax filing And that's pretty much it. This has all just kind of come to a head right now as my wife uploaded all her baby pictures/videos to the computer and I'm trying to get one video from the computer to my phone to add to an iMovie show I'm making and I can't seem to get it done. It's frustrating and I really just want the computer to do some basic things that I feel should be achievable. Just wondering what everyone else's thoughts are? Thanks in advance for any help.
  22. I need help with my Mac

    After doing some research I found that I was able to view my iphone game using quicktime on the mac while the phone was plugged in via USB. From there it was a simple matter of downloading Open Broadcast Software and streaming the video to twitch. I'll continue to work on the finishing touches and getting a stream up and running.
  23. The handless balance deck is really strong against the current meta. Wild Tornado + Storm is a 2 card combo that's basically MST + Hammer Shot with the option to sacrifice more s/t for more s/t destruction. It's good vs pretty much every deck. Your opponent doesn't even need to have a s/t set for you to use Storm so you can't play around it that way. This combo forces a simplified game state which Flash Assailant excels in. 2000/2000 4 star monster is incredibly tough to deal with. Swift Gaia and the field spell that search it build upon the strength of the deck. You get to normal summon a large monster, you can tutor it with the field spell, the field spell hangs around for Storm fodder and you can set the field spell as a 4th s/t to clear the hand for Flash Assailant. Dimension Gate is a very good card. We've already established opponent's are going to have a hard time dealing with 2000/2000 and above monsters. Dimension Gate counters the cards that would have been useful. Relinquished, Enemy Controller to steal, Mask of the Accursed, Soul Exchange, GK Oracle, and the list goes on. If your opponent tries to Order to Charge with 2 monsters up vs your 1 and you've got this you probably win the game. The card works beautifully with Storm. It chills on the field to provide another s/t destruction and brings your monster back after Storm has cleared the way. If your opponent tries to chain to your Storm you can chain Dimension Gate to protect and the monster will come right back. The deck would have a very hard time with some random "toolbox" deck packed with things like Ladybug and Yomi Ship but no one's playing that because that deck would get smashed by the other decks in the meta.
  24. Honestly a card like mystic tomato is exactly what this game needs
  25. It seems unnecessary to go for a handless deck if you're not playing Flash Assailant. I would suggest Swift Gaia is not good enough to be the sole reason. I also think it's completely necessary to be playing Dimension Gate and Wild Tornado. You're probably only going to play 2 monster cards the whole duel, so you need to protect them as best you can with Dimension Gate. You're going the opposite way, killing them off with Order to Charge. Although you have Apophis for additional monsters I think you'll find when the game gets simplified you'll be the one unable to deal with your opponent's monster instead. The whole reason the deck is good is because of Storm and because the monsters you play can't be dealt with by things like Econ alone. This is why Dimension Gate is so key. Your opponent will need to use things like Soul Exchange, Relinquished or Order to Charge to deal with your 2000/2000 beaters and then you protect with Dimension Gate and flip the tables with Storm.