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  1. How do you get past a long term relationship?

    Find something else in life. A job, people(friends, children, family), accomplishing life goals, etc. are ways to stop feeling the pain of losing the person you loved. Only the individual can figure out how to get over it and its a long battle. GL man. Edit: I quit Yugioh after I broke up with my ex/best friend, but I think you should still play. Not for the game, but for the friends. You have made alot of close friends and alot of people like you for who you are in this game, and this is the time you need these guys for support.
  2. Goodbye Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Good bye Jeff, hope everything in your life gets better. Jerry, Shane, and you are probably the three reasons why skill existed in this game.
  3. Another Novacanne Rant

    [quote name='Sykotic' timestamp='1333342874' post='3143698'] Subway_Eat_Fresh i heard your mother farted while she was giving birth to you and now you smell bad all the time and wear Hollister cologne to cover it up [/quote] i heard my dick is very tasty too, so why do I care?
  4. Another Novacanne Rant

    just because someone seems fake or is fake, doesn't mean they are a bad person. I had this outlook on some people, but when I got to know them, they were really cool. The only way to weed out the true people with the fake people is to get to know people, which means interacting with them. School is probably the easiest place to meet people, once you get into the professional world meeting people is a 1000x harder. Class, clubs, career paths, etc. are great conversation starters, but it seems that you make these the lead of your conversation based on what you have posted. Just let those be a hook, then talk about regular stuff. If you have this negative outlook towards others, it will be seen in your face and attitude making people less inclined to approach you.
  5. Getting onto reality TV

    they have auditions or recruiters around major cities. just got to google or check out mtv/vh1 & any other channel's websites to see when they are having auditions.
  6. Can you describe love?

    [quote name='GivingTree' timestamp='1333325369' post='3143370'] When you care about someone so much, that you put them before yourself. [/quote] This and you can actually name reasons for why this person is so perfect. It is easy to fall for the idea of love or believe the other person is so great, just because you are so lonely or desire love so badly.
  7. Headphones

    [quote name='Ammit' timestamp='1333249666' post='3142694'] Normal Beats suck, why would you want to get bootleg versions of shitty headphones? [/quote] I don't like beats, but people want the look, so why not get a bootleg copy of it. I can't justify spending $300 for subpar headphones for something that isn't even that good looking, but if I really wanted the look I would just get the ones from the link. Also the quality on beats is terrible, I highly doubt anyone wants to lose a $300 investment in a matter of months, so get a bootleg copy. The warranty on beats or monster products is a pain in the fucking ass, especially now that Beats are so mainstream, the company is very stingy with giving a customer a new copy of a defective product. [img]http://www.plunderguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/monster-tron-t1-headphones-1.jpg[/img] Now these look good and if I had $300 lying around and just wanted headphones for fashion, then I would get these.
  8. Headphones

    If you guys want the Beats look, http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5484214713 Bootleg Beats for $30 and apparently one of the better bootlegs. I can't vouch for this website personally, but from what I seen people have had good reviews on this bootleg and site.
  9. ITT we brag about ridiculous sealed pools

    Geist of Saint Traft isn't even that good in Limited, unless you got support like Spectral Flight or Cobbled Wings, but that is just making your deck bad.
  10. ITT we brag about ridiculous sealed pools

    why aren't you playing wolfhunter's quiver?
  11. A wizard offers you one of these ten items

    I love chess and played in a few tournaments, so I'm used to time of matches. I wouldn't have to practice as frequently due to knowing thousands of matches, and would be able to pursue other life goals. I'm not made to be a leader and don't have any aspirations to leave a lasting legacy on Earth, but rather live a simple life by making a family and spending time with them.
  12. Journey to the Top: How to Get There

    Preparation is key, but you have to be honest with yourself. Recently Ankit Shah topped 3 at a YCS. He is a good player, but I can certainly name 20+ New Yorkers alone who are better than him, HOWEVER, I know he prepared for the event daily and mastered Rabbit. He knew how to play the deck extremely well, and knew how to deal with uncomfortable situations. A player like George Velasquez who constantly tops regionals and YCS's does minimal playtesting to none, but he has a high comfort level at major events, an amazing player, plus has experienced all sorts of decks and formats so he able to understand decks quickly and find the correct plays. You want to top spend the necessary time you need to master your deck, most people scrub out due to stupid mistakes or not realizing how to find the correct line of play to win. Your level of comfort is visual while playing, so an experienced player can take advantage of a player who seems to be struggling with making moves. Yugioh is psychological battle as well, since not every combo can simply be played out you have to weigh out the odds of certain interactions based on probability and your opponent's emotion. If you are unsure of something and take a long time, you either are trying to find a way to win, worried about losing, etc. which can easily be exploited or change your opponent's plays.
  13. A wizard offers you one of these ten items

    for the dog, is it a pug? If its a pug, then definitely number 10. If not then, I would choose number 3 and absorb the knowledge of chess books and pursue a career in Chess, plus become more knowledgeable in the sciences possibly pursuing a Ph. D.
  14. squidy long beach FAIL

    Am I the only one who doesn't know who the fuck this guy is? I keep hearing about him, but I'm confused why he is so known
  15. Do you stand/crouch or sit while you wipe your ass?

    Sit when I'm at home and crouch in public bathrooms