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  1. KC Cup

    Because like balance it doesn't guarantee to beat cyber angel but atleast it guarantees to win in all other match ups. Which like hearthstone there are a lot of people not playing cyber angels at stage 2
  2. KC Cup

    The nuts is the only thing about cyber angels to worry about. Why would I be playing cards for when cyber angels aren't doing well. Those are the easy games. The games you need to be watching out for are the good hands which are pretty damn consistant. Also how is hard to summon double dikini when you just trib the one that is on the board especially with benten being a thing. Ok ok let's go over this, if you play balance you consistently draw an ok hand bar the fact that the monsters you draw could be murm or besti being kinda lackluster notnonly this but you're only going to draw 1 spell most of the time which is not even guaranteed to be econ meaning that you're hand just becomes even worse against the average cyber angel match up because you just admit to dikinis effect. Your skill literally just means hey I don't brick like the 1 in 10 games that it happens to most decks. Whereas mind scan literally gives me an edge. I have perfect information meaning that the correct play is obvious instead of being in a position where you have to be more passive so you don't get blown out by cards. Perfect information is far more important than trying to win every game with balance. Especially if you're trying to win the most games and not trying to win all of the games in which makes you're chances in the long run worse off which is something you should know from actual Yugioh. Whilst as I'll say again respite means I'm able to draw my better cards than you are instead of just hoping that the cards that you draw from balance just gets you there. More than happy to do a best of 30 for lifetime dgz ban in gb mirror
  3. KC Cup

    sure if you're playing balance you can argue respite is worse; but have fun having no real edge. Mind scan is definitely the best way to go for the event and balance makes respite worse which effectively makes you're deck thinning worse which is bad when you want to see econ as much as possible. Floodgate although hard to play around can still be played around there just going to be a bunch of times that they just summon another dikini or just summon a safira to force it and then summon dikini. If you go balance sure it's a way to play the deck but I guarantee the gb decks that excel in stage 2 will be mind scan. Also I'm well aware getting to stage 2 is easy. But duel links is easy and you guys are still managing to not understand how Yugioh deckbuilding works. I thought Hoban helped people deckbuild better not go back to simple Yugioh where deckbuilding was backwards.
  4. KC Cup

    I started this a week ago, havnt grinded to get all of cyber angels yet but been grinding to get what i wanted for gbs and made it to level 2 really easily and think that you guys are actually building gbs wrong. Floodgate although a decent card isnt really what the deck needs. Econ is hands down the best card in the deck, and in the meta right now. The fact that none of you guys are maxing out on respite literally is mind boggling. For people outside of dgz i wouldnt be shocked as theyre not good at yugioh. You guys should really know different.
  5. sense8

    Just caught up and finished season 2 still as hooked as ever. Really hoping that season 3 doesn't take so long but still so many questions and such an interesting dyncamics on so many different clusters and why this cluster is so important. Just love it though just a bit awkward about the potential change for even more actors as not everyone has closed deals for season 3 yet.
  6. DuelistGroundz username: Biki Discord username: Biki Formats: current and goat Expected level of activity: 3-4 days a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply):anyone tbh, but anyone who i spoke to back in the day is always nice (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: multiple dgz live wins (top 3 most successful for wins on dgz) top 4 of the only dgz goat event ive entered, top 16 uk nats etc etc
  7. Paleozoic - Deck Discussion

    I mean I know it might be hard for some of you but you just gotta keep trying. The amount of times you see people not taking into account there opps traps in grave as the reason they lose is unreal.
  8. Paleozoic - Deck Discussion

    How have you only just Made this thread and used michael states as a template, when Joshua schmidts was more recent, along with the fact that eugene used the same list and came 3rd also. Plus this is the guy who sided fucking wiretap against metalfoe Jesus Christ. Also the mirror is quite good you just have to think before playing or summoning the traps.
  9. How Not to Host Mafia Mafia Sign Ups

    in for the biki biker gang, to make my return to the mafia scene
  10. Stock Portfolio help

    I mean I can ask to see if I can try and expand from that as I want to show a better understanding of it all as I really do want to learn as much as possible about the field but from the way he made it sound it does seem very restrictive on which company stocks do better in the LSE
  11. Stock Portfolio help

    Hey guys, I haven't been active on DGZ for at least over half a year if not more, but would like some help on those in the know about stock portfolios and which stock is best to be invested in. This is all for a University project in which i will have a hypothetical 100k gbp to invest with for a 2 month period. I feel like my approach should be a very aggressive approach in which i should seek high rewards in multiple investments however what I would truly like is to speak with anyone who may have previous experience or any good knowledge for me to use for this assignment as we all obviously on this page want to do the best and to get the best amount from these sort of things. So anyway yeah message me either on here or my facebook is Tom watabiki if you want to message me on there.
  12. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    rooting for jessy to win
  13. Nekroz - Discussion

    your playing less shit cards than good cards, brilliant fusion is an absurd card that can actually put you in a great positions, thinning your deck whilst also allowing you to have a much smaller clown engine that will allow you to do the same combos as before but with the benifit of not having more monsters which are normal summons or rely on you haveing other cards to go with them. brilliant fusion is all of the combos the clown needs in one card along with the fact that it enables you to increase your ceiling at the same time. Every time that brilliant fusion is going to be bad, would be in scenarios were you already have a good position or you are falling massivly behind anyway, and in those scenarios you are behind im already playing every card that you should be playing so im drawing another card which wont shift the momentum back to me. If anything what im doing with brilliant fusion is actually increasing the cards of the deck that are needed to make it more combo orientated; instead of playing terrible cards like raigeki etc that dont help further my gamestate any further; which would be the cards that differ from my list and your list most likely. Brilliant fusion sure it stays on board; but your not going to blindly play it turn one. The concept of nekroz now is so much more fast paced than before that trishula actually becomes less relevant with the fact that im more worried about a masquarade play killing me, which brilliant fusion allows you to do very easily whilst attributing to otk damage aswell because you get another level 4 access with a fusion monster on board that can have a 2300 body for more of a push. However I havnt just left it here I do agree that in some scenarios trishula may be devestating which is why im also siding mirror of the ice barrier. I thought about siding other cards like breakthrough skill but i feel siding any more than 4 cards in the match up is too much and is taking away from the engine. With doing this i felt that me siding 2 deck lockdowns for the blowout ability it has along with mirror of the ice barrier to help mitagate the trishula problem whilst also just being a general blow out which no one saw coming going into the event as the card hasnt been popularised for quite awhile; bar marcus carrisse at toronto which still wouldnt be seen as a trend moving on from toronto.
  14. Nekroz - Discussion

    Theres 2 so sure its going to suck that you might draw them, but its like a 33-34% chance to draw them - didnt really work out the variation upstart adds but from what i remember it only adds a couple of percent at the most. And in those scenarios its a 1900 beater that can help get rid of emptiness at points as its quite possible your opp could just have a guy on board thats bigger than manjus with emptiness expecting to get there. It can also just be used for tribute with valk or another level 4 for an xyz for if you get a brilliant fusion off as your normal summon becomes less important as you get 2 of them a turn. But anyway I honestly think its worth it for what brilliant fusion can do for the deck as it definitely has the highest ceiling compared to anything else about right now.