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  1. Pure Shaddolls

    Something to consider would be teching Kaiju to clear over ships. Worse comes to worst you just use them for fusion materials outside of the Kozmo match-up. If NB96 was testing this card for card against me the list is def pretty solid. I don't really like using Shaddoll, but if I think of anything else I'll let you know.
  2. Quasarless Quasar

    How well is the 6 card psychic setup treating you? Mostly just curious as I'm going to play around with the deck a bit myself, also going to try out the zombie stuff and will provide feedback for both the regular and that if there's any interest.     On a much smaller note, you forgot Trish in the deck list XD
  3. Friends on the other side (Zombie Turbo)

    Out of curiosity, have you explored more options over the backrow?    For example, adding some sort of Pend option to help you extend more, or clowns for the level 4 synergy and the fact that Juggler is really good right now. Idk it might just be biased on my part but I feel like purple cards are very subpar atm  
  4. Dueling Network

    Anyone down to just start playtesting a bunch? Really wanting to delve into the format and get back to going to events, but I don't have a big enough testing group anymore.
  5. top 32 ycs san jose 2015 just for fun

    Congrats bro, you've come such a long way since the old Byond days it's nuts haha.
  6. Judgment of the scales!!!

    A deck I can see that merits this would be Igknights, seeing that the deck eats through it's hand to get setup. It can play floods/Heat Wave that prevent your opponent from summoning, which puts a huge limiter on what a lot of decks in terms of what they can actually get rid of from their hands. Mind you, it being a purple card hurts and the deck still has it's faults, but it might be something amusing to try.
  7. Pendulum

    I'll edit this more, or reply again once you add your reasoning, but I have a good question to start with. What led you to your decision on your Scale ratios?
  8. Samurai Cavalry of Reptier

    It being a low scale has merits pre-BOSH, which is something we kinda lack. I don't really know how I feel about it outside of that, though there might be some merit to using it + dig to help setup scales in Pend decks. 
  9. Is it just me, or is it actually hard to move Farmgirls? I think the best offer I've gotten locally is $200 for Farmgirls + the small stuff. Almost everyone in my area low balls its value, even in trades.
  10. Pendulum Master

    In terms of our goal being to go Infinity + backrow, then you are right in claiming there's little reason to go second. I feel as if the only real justification exists in the vacuum of what decks will actually be viable by the time this hits TCG side. By this, I mean how many cards can we actually warrant to the mirror, and how many slots do we have to give up for other decks. Being able to side cards like Denko to help with the set card issue is a example (though it has some flaws) on how someone going second has a chance of blowing out the Infinity board as long as they can bait the first negate, and still be able to go off. But that is already 3 cards, and if we also include say Twin Twister, or cards that benefit knowing you are going first, how many other spots can we dedicate to the mirror?   I think we should shift towards what decks are going to be viable and what do we actually need to side for. While it's going to be hard to tell, due to us still not having a TCG banlist to see what we are losing, it will allow us to see how many slots we can dedicate to the mirror. From testing the mirror, and against it with various decks, Emem feels like another example of Nekroz where you either play the deck, or against the deck.   Based off current information, we know that Kozmo and eventually Monarchs will be the two shoe-ins for top decks. We also know as long as nothing gets hit for the deck that Mermail will have some factor on the meta. If we get access to Pend Wizard in BOSH, it's pretty safe to rule out other Pend decks due to the sheer power of Emem. Using these 4 decks as a example, we should be able to shape a basic side deck and see how many cards can be dedicated to the mirror. Two of the decks are based around floating big monsters and protecting them (in different degrees mind you), while the other is about trying to blow out games before they run out of steam.    To make things short, I feel as if we should try to flesh out what other decks we would have to worry about in a post BOSH format. From there we would be able to see how much side board room we have for the mirror, and even what cards/strategies become more viable vs a spectrum of other match-ups. Mind you, it's hard to see Emem not being the best deck based off what we are currently getting, and the match-ups available are subject to change based off the banlist. I still believe this is what we should be tackling and working with, that, or I'm completely off base but a proper topic non the less. 
  11. (906) Dimension of Chaos

    Edit: Card isn';t in this set, oops
  12. Norden Mermail

    With Prince the combos per turn get insane with this. The fact that Instant Fusion + Diva can build so many different fields is also pretty nuts.   Hand: Diva, Instant Fusion Normal Summon Diva, SS Prince Prince Eff, Dump Dragoons, Add Dragoons, Get Megalo off pitched Dragoon Instant Fusion into Noden, Get Dragoons   From here you can go into Dweller or Bahamut, you can also adjust your searches based off your hand and easily drop Trish or other Synchs without much really changing. I def feel like the deck has a high ceiling, and will hold a major role.
  13. Greydles

    Couldn't Planter be justified in the deck? Between Skill Drain, 2/3 Call of the Haunted, and 2 of the Graydle Continous that gives us 5/6 targets for it. Another card to consider is Bubble Bringer as a 1-of. While it requires you to have 2 of the same named Graydle, that shouldn't be too hard to arrange as the game develops. Going to test a couple of things, deck seems like it has some potential, even if it's only some.
  14. YGO Idea Pad/Things to Consider

    So, first post in a while, bare with me if things sound a bit off as I just started playing again. In regards to exploring opportunities with Igknights and Pendulums, I believe that using Satallars as their foil is the best route to go with. The reason for this is just because of the advantage you gain from summoning Tellars, and adding another method to summon per turn has a lot of merit. Another merit of running the two together is they are both searchable by Rota, and have synergy with the fact they are lv 4s. A few of the downfalls however, is that we need to run the lv 3s at the very least to help consistency and making scales but other then that they don't do much. Another issue is making sure that it's consistent, since we are mashing 2 different decks together to make one product. Below is my current rough draft:   [spoiler] http://i.imgur.com/EowsQrc.png [/spoiler]   So the first thing I'll cover is ratios. I dedicated 9 Spots to Satallar monsters, the standard 3/3 of Altair and Deneb and 2/1 of Unak and Vega, due to the fact we are running instant fusion and can get more out of a Unak over Vega. As for Igknights I run 12, 3 of each lv 3 and 4, as it increases our chance to draw into a working scale and possibly other plays. From there, I also run 3 Upstart and 3 Rota to make sure I get better access to pieces without having to run sub-optimal cards. From my choices were based off some obvious choices in terms of one ofs, and what is more of a standard from Satellar.    Some of the other things I considered was running the lv 5 and 6 Igknights over the 3s, as it lets me run summoner's art and that builds our ability to do Pend plays. However the trade off would be losing 3 slots which go to solid one-ofs, Alpha which is very strong (but suffers when we are already bricked..) or cards like instant which fall under the same boat. The argument simply becomes, is the deck consistent enough to run cards that require some form of setup, or do we nix them for the added consistency but lose power/control because of it.      Another route I think we can explore in the present are Gadgets. The fact that Gadgets replace themselves when summoned in any method allows us to keep resources for pushes in the following turns. The downfalls of this approach is that the Gadgets require you to have something to play with it and are very underwhelming when you don't have a way to go into a XYZ. The other issue being that Rank 4's are not really the strongest atm, with Satellar we have access to things like Trivver, but Gadgets only really get GGX which is just a consistency tool. I'm going to explore a few more options and do some more testing, but I feel like this is a proper starting point. 
  15. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Is there any videos out with the combos this deck can do? Curious on trying this out but horrible with decks like this without a video to hold my hand ^^;