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  1. Blackwings - Discussion

    So I've seen that on the first page, people liked MST, and now they don't. Any reasons why? Most of the points I wanted to say have already been mentioned, so I won't repeat them.
  2. Herald of Perfection

    I like one of the old ideas of Earth searching Jupiter into Dawn and grab back the Earth. Has anyone actually tried it (out of interest)?
  3. Fire Fist - Discussion

    So I've looked everywhere, and I don't think the whole Chicken/Tenki combo has been posted (not the one where you stop at 1 Extra Deck monster only). [spoiler]Get Chicken into the GY. Play Tenki, search for Spirit, revive Chicken. Chicken effect search for Raven, then swap Tenki for Tensu. Normal Summon Raven, Synchro into Horse Prince. Raven effect Chain Link 2 to search for a Spell, Summon any Level 3 Fire monster off Horse. Overlay into Lion Emperor, use Lion effect to return Spirit to hand. Sure, you don't get a Trap card to protect your set-up, but you end with 2 Spells (normally a search whenever you need to use it) and 2 Extra Deck monsters with just 2 cards.[/spoiler]
  4. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Chances of opening both Shark and Magician if you run 3 of each = 14% (same for Rabbit + Factory, Shark + Factory) Chances of opening the above if you run 2 Magician = roughly 11% Chances of opening TGU + Shark = same as 2nd scenario (i.e. 11%) From here: http://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=2363 (on iDevice, otherwise would integrate the link into this section)
  5. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    [quote name='Donnie' timestamp='1348016567' post='3283951']So Geargia are starting to irk me, Book and Compulse are coming out cause they do nothing against the deck, I've got stuff in the side, but I can't think of anything besides Cyber Dragon to put in the main against them.[/quote] Nobleman of Crossout, Maxx "C" (if you don't main it), Skill Drain (I think for this) *HANZO'd
  6. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    Why aren't you maining triple Thunder King?
  7. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    I'd disagree that Car D is "slow", or good only in "slow formats". It reminds me very much of Pot of Duality and its uses in Infernities w/ triple Trishula (in the OCG when we had Sabers with Cat). HEROes don't really OTK like Hieratics did with Gustaph Max. You also have to take into consideration it eats up your Normal Summon. Sometimes, you will have a chance to Summon Car D and get its effect off to your benefit. But other times, you will want to control the board with a HERO.
  8. Dark World - Discussion

    Why aren't you running Solemn Judgment when you're going turbo?
  9. Dark World - Discussion

    Seriously, why are we still talking about Reckless when it's obvious the card works in this deck due to the draw power the deck already has? I find that flipping even one copy wins me games because I drew the combo piece I needed. It's obvious that you hold onto the card until you really need it. If you're losing with Reckless Set and you draw bad off it, then you're going to lose anyway, but there will be times when you draw what you need and just sack the opponent. tl;dr - play a full playset if you want to win Game 1s
  10. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    For some reason, I get the feeling that Mirror Gate was mistranslated because of differing rulings (help Atem?). On the topic of Maxx "C", do I main the card just to improve a couple of match-ups but weaken others in the process, or should I just risk it and Side them for relevant matches? I'm kind of torn on what to do on this topic.
  11. Agents - Discussion

    Why would you run Marshmallon when Gellenduo suits the deck better in being able to Normal Summon Hyperion/Kristya with 1 card?
  12. Elemental Hero - Discussion

    Photon Trasher trades with Snowman Eater, when Gawayn does not. And Photon Trasher works like how CyDra works against Raiou; you don't use up your Normal Summon trying to deal with the latter, and every Normal Summon this deck makes is extremely important. (A Defense Position Gawyan does nothing to Raiou, so you're wasting your time if you think your opponent isn't going to negate the resulting Xyz.)
  13. Elemental Hero - Discussion

    Raigeki Break reminds me of Spiralling back in the day ;D (Obviously with PWWB for those that don't know.)
  14. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    If DW are popular, then Macro is a tad better as you chain to their draw spell.
  15. Elemental Hero - Discussion

    How is triple Blast working? And I tend to like Lance better than MST in Light Beat, especially if you're running a build that doesn't make a huge push like how Bubble Beat does.