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  1. idk why but i always have good ideas when i'm high. whether i'm writing an essay or making a sandwich, i trust high me to do a good job
  2. thinking about thinking about a dissertation topic gives me immense anxiety.   actually thinking about them has been killing me. just spent the past hour and a half doing some early stage research to see if my topic is feasible; it is! no one has written on it before, but enough has been written around the subject for me to reference critical debates. plus, I've already done a fair amount of reading on the topic because it's a big interest of mine and I'm a nerd.    tl;dr get high think of decent dissertation topic
  3. i finally thought of a good dissertation topic and now i want to cry with joy   tho i am very high so i'll come back to this in the morning
  4. ask me stuff

    long ass stories, man - university and stress, mostly, haha. how are you?
  5. pizza hut uk are making a pizza called "cock a doodle bacon" and i just can't
  6. how many times have you been accused of that?
  7. ask me stuff

    if you remember me, great. if not, no worries! ask away
  8. i actually just deleted my post because i thought maybe he was one of those dick kids who grows up to be lovely. i felt bad.    not the case?
  9. so come on

    did you ever get around to watching Strike?  oh, and do you fancy a night in Brighton sometime soon? 
  10. FIX'D   Fix'd     #nailedit
  11. modest mouse album announced

      that's what I don't like about the national - up until boxer I think their records were all fairly unique, then high violent was just a better version of boxer, and the last album a worse version of high violet. i hope their next record is something different.   anyway i don't like either of the two new tracks and didn't like the last album, so not got hopes for this one. good news is dope tho.
  12. tetsuo & youth lupe fiasco

    i clicked this topic solely to find this post   you never let me down man
  13. Top 10 Movies

    I actually meant cory not cody, mb. but i'm glad cody is here now and then too!    yeah django is fucking great, i think it's easily tarantino's best
  14. Top 10 Movies

    synecdoche, new york pierrot le fou repulsion strike man with a movie camera django unchained aguirre, wrath of god days of heaven sleeper a clockwork orange    do drew and cody still lurk here? i want recommendations (and, lets be honest here, preferably upvotes)