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  1. Soul Chrage is bad, I will just MST it and get rid of it. 
  2. The Game Academy Electronic Extravaganza

    I will b there
  3. YCS Top 2 Tournament Report!

    Thanks everyone I hope to see most if not all of u at Rhode Island!
  4. YCS Top 2 Tournament Report!

    Everybody thanks you for your congrats! @Jose Juan: I am from Rio Piedras (Soy de Rio Piedras)
  5. YCS Top 2 Tournament Report!

    Well guys I am sorry it took me some time to write a tournament report, I had much to do in these past couple of days but finally here it is. I will start this report from the Thursday before the YCS Started...Kevin Silva had arrived to the airport and I picked him up, we in addition to Bertha (yugiohgirl2009) and Greg Cohan were planning on going to Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios that day. After a day of fun in the parks we got to my house where I first saw the first version of the "Birdman Tengu" Deck. The four of us started testing with it throughout friday after pre registration and it did not seem to be testing consitantly, as we were testing it we made some changed to Kevin Klein's original build of the deck. I ended friday going to sleep and saying I would just play Lightbeat the next day. Finally Saturday had arrived and I started thinking that many players would be ready for the Lightbeat match up and the "Birdman Tengu Deck" would be a surprise factor to the tournament. I decided to last minute re build it and play with it, and with that YCS Orlando had started! Round 1 Birdman Tengu vs Christian Castro "Malefic Keeper's" G1: Christian had the upper hand for most of the game but as he was making the agressive plays that this variant of keeper's allows him to do his hand and backrow field presence was diminishing..I had a Plaguespreader Zombie in the graveyard and his field consisted of Necrovalley, GK Commandant, and Malefic Cyber End Dragon. Malefic Cyber End Directed an attack which allowed me to drop Gorz! He passed turn w/o backrow. I drew and activated Mind Control which got me the Commandanbt, I then put a card on top of my deck for Plague's effect and summoned Brionac, which allowed me to get rid of the Cyberend, I summoned Reborn Tengu and attacked for game with Gorz, Token, Brionac, and a Reborn Tengu. G2: He controlled with his aggressive plays and was able to finish the game with a direct attack from Malefic Cyber End Dragon. G3: Was not so hard I had control and advantage most of the game with Spy and Birdman giving me game. 1-0 Round 2: Birdman Tengu vs Chaos Stun My opponent was tardy for the match and we started the match him having a game loss. G2: I controlled the game and was able to win. 2-0 Round 3: Birdman Tengu vs Josh Acevedo "Miracle Gemini" Me and Josh are both friends from here. we both go to the same locals and hang out in an almost daily basis, he was using a build similar to my own of Miracle Gemini, also being piloted in the tournament by my friend Martin Lacayo. Again an error was made from Josh in his decklist and he was given a game loss because of it. He starts game 2! G2: He controls the board with multiple copies of Gemini Spark and Monster Reborn and Miracle Fusion Cealed the Deal for him. G3: I was able to side into the antimetta version of the deck and in combination with the GK's I was able to win. Josh wanted to playout to see what would have happened if we would had played a full match so I accepoted to play one more game. G4?: A simple Solemn to his Allius allowed me to gain control of the game and win. 3-0 Round 4: Birdman Tengu vs Victor Sanchez (Vayu Turbo) I had heard of someone from perto Rico beating Kevin Silva in the previous round to a top deck Dark Armed Dragon, I was trying to find out who he was out of curiosity as I am from Puerto Rico originally as well. I was told the name of the player was Vicotr Sanchez, little that I knew he would be my round 4 opponent. Really cool guy from Puerto Rico we talked a lot throughout the match and it was a fun match we could play in Spanish lol. G1: he oppened up badly and I was able to win with ease because of the lack of support in his hand. G2: He oppened up with double Sirocco but was not prepared to see the change of deck into the antimetta version. He activated Deck Devastation Virus on his Sirocco and as he saw mostly big beaters in my hand I was able to finish the game with a direct attack, buen juego mano! (good game bro!) 4-0 Round 5: Birdman Tangu vs Pierre Zepeda aka: PozJoker "Lightsworn" Pierre is a cool guy, I met him for the forst time this weekend through Bertha, although I was aware of who he was I never really talked to him at any previous event. It was a cool event chilling with him and his friends. G1: I was able to get rid of his face down oppression thanks to a Mystical Space Typhoon. After that I was able to make enough pushes with Spy Birdman and Tengu to win the first game. G2: I sided into the anti metta version of the deck and after playing around a JD and a Necrogardna in the graveyard I was able to win. ggs Poz! 5-0 Round 6 Feature Match: Birdman Tengu vs Anthony Alvarado "Tourguide Plants" Anthony was a cool guy throughout the match and afterwards as well, I am glad I was able to interact with a player like him. http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=5839 6-0 Round 7 Birdman Tengu vs Six Samurai G1: I was able to play around Shi En which gave me game. G2: He opened playing a Dimensional Fissure and a Shien's Dojo. He summoned Kaigeki into Kagemusha and synched into Shi En, set one more card in the back row and passed. I drew and opened attempting to play Mystical Space Typhoon on his face down spell or trap, fearing of a followup Dark Hole he did not negate, I got rid of oppression. I was then able to summon Tengu and bounce it back to special birdman and a second Tengu which allowed me to Black Rose the field leaving him with 1 card in hand. It was game after that pretty much. 7-0 Round 8 Feature Match: Birdman Tengu vs Jonathan Cortes "Undyne Tengu" This Match was Supposed to be a Feature Match but for some reason is not up oin the website. G1: I could tell he did not opened well and I was able to take control after attacking his face up treeborn and synching into trishula mainphase 2, getting rid of the tree born, his facedown monster which was another treeborn and Giant Trunade. G2: He wins G3: I win due to control ggs 8-0 after Day 1!! It is now Sunday and Day 2 Round 9: Birdman Tengu vs Six Samurai I really do not remember many details of this match although I do remember who the player was. I won 2-1 Round 10: Birdman Tengu vs X-Saber: G1: He opened with Airbellum, Bopggart, 2 Faultroll, Trunade and Reborn! I dont have to say I lost that game lol. G2 We sided and I was able to win with the antimetta version of the deck. G3: He wins controlling the field with faultroll plays. Top 32! Juan Morales vs Alex Vansent: Both me and Alex were the last 2 players in the tournament wearing the "ALter Reality" logo and were both bummed that we had to play eachother so soon in top, only one of us would advance in the tournament! G1: Took us almost the whole 40 min! It was an intense game going back and foward with plays but in the end Alex was able to finish the game! G2: We are now on time and we have 3 turns I had made some pushes against him which droped him low in life, however he was able to clear my board having a Stardust Dragon and a karakuri burrito on the field. My turn and I drew Gravekeeper's Spy! I could not believe it! I set Spy and ended. Alex drew and Summoned Tengu, this would be his Last Turn, he attacked into my Spy and I summoned anouther which he had no other option but to attack with Stardust and Tengu attacked Directly butt was not able to drop me low enough so I win. G3: He lets me go first so I set up setting tengu and 3 backrow. He draws and sets 1 in each side and passes. I drew and read a set Karakuri watchdog so I flipped Tengu and summoned Birdamn to Sync into Scrap Archfiend, I summoned another tengu, Archfiend attacked the dog and Tengu directlly. His Last Turn he summons Cyber Dragon but I activate Oppression. He now Summons Beast King Barbaros and attacks tengu, but I suspected a followup play so I activated Mirror Force! Having no further response I win the game! Top 16: Juan Morales vs Six Sams I also remember the player I believe his nbame was Zach from South Florida, yet I dont remember many detaisl of the match, we talked a lot throughout the match and he was a cool guy. I took a 2-0 game victory! Top 8 Feature Match: Juan Morales vs James "Richie" Ashley (Six Sams) Richie and I do back a couple of yeard already and we both play when I go to Tampa to visit. He is a good friend and I was honored to be featured and able to play against him in top, although I wish it was in top 2. http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=5948 ggs Richie!! Top 4 Feature: Juan Morales vs Vincent Casello Six Samurai I was only 1 match away from going to top and I was facing yet another samurai, I was playing a lot of samurai's throughout the tournament so I knew what to expect. Vincent was a cool guy and we had a gret game! http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=5957 Finally Top 2!!!!! This would determine the Tournament! Finals: Juan Morales vs Traviis Massengale We were both pumped that we got to play eachother in the finals, I recalled before I started my top 4 match against Vincent Traviis pointed at me and said "You and me in the Finals", both smiling and ready to give it our all we began to play! http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=5966 He was able to beat me in the end and Traviis became the new YCS Champion! This experience made me grow in many way and now I will try and practice more to win my first YCS, with the end of the tournament me and the rest of my friends went to celebrate and after the celebration was over so was the weekend of YCS Orlando 2011! I want to thank those of you who stood by my side throughout this whole experience and I will do my best to win the next time! Props: Seeing many friends Top 2 in my home!!! Introducing Birdman Tengu to those that did not knew about it Many epic matches Flops: Losing in the Finals
  6. YCS Orlando, FL

    Good weekend..cant wait for rhode island now
  7. YCS Orlando, FL

    8-0 and in 1st place so far after Day 1
  8. YCS Orlando, FL

    Trishula and Extreme Victory should be legal for this YCS, good stuff. I will see whoever comes here in May then
  9. Not completely random, it's David's girl, Amanda. Lol.

  10. New Yu-Gi-Oh Rule

    I dont know what to say really lol This means I can veiler cards like lonefire now? lol this makes decks currently played less playable and will make room for new stuff. Well tbh when I read this I thought it was the worse idea ever, mainly because its been years playing this game having priority, now the more that I think about it the more im convinced this is not such a terrible thing and more of something to get used to lol
  11. Free!!! 55' HD TV YU-GI-OH! Tournament!!&

    I am looking for players and judges interested in judging this event, if interested please send me a private message with your contact information (experience not required but preferred). Thank you all for your cooperation.
  12. Orlando Regional 1/15/11

    I will be there
  13. 01/08/10 Atlanta, GA YU-GI-OH! Regional

    I am trying to get there lol
  14. Battle City DuelistGroundz - Registration

    Juan Morales aseacorals
  15. Judges at ATL

    This is trully not the first time this happens at a major event. In every event there is always 1 or 2 fags that shark for the smallest thing, specially when they see themselves losing the game. The best thing you can do at this point is be more prepared for next time and make sure you do not give your opponent a reason to call you on anything, because you never know if your opponent is a faggot and will take the opportunity to try and get an easy cheap win.