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  1. Just want to point out it was Patrick Hoban who did the Djinn thing, not Billy Brake. It barely matters either way, and I assume Billy couldn't care less if random people on DGz think he actually did this, but it's still probably worth correcting, especially in light of the whole Billy/Jackie debacle.
  2. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    The extra monster zone is taken up by Tomahawk though, and none of the other zones are pointed to by a link monster.
  3. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    But you would need to make three Link Spiders, which you can't do.
  4. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    How do you make Bomber Dragon with Galaxy Tomahawk, since the tokens are normal monsters?
  5. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo) 2 > 1 dinobones12 (True Draco Zoo), ggs.
  6. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Jazz - Jazz - Goat ♥♥ Skully - Skully - Goat ♥♥ Ynusgridorh - Ynusgridorh - Goat ♥♥ PennyroyalTea - Pennyroyaltea - Current ♥♥ Squiddy - Noobman93 - Current ♥♥ Pryda - Pryda - Current ♥♥ Oh_The_Irony - Naveen - Current ♥♥ Tr!stan - TristanP - Current ♥ Burrito Bison - burrito bison 2 u - Current ♥♥
  7. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo) 2 > 0 dinobones12 (True Draco Zoo), ggs.
  8. Week 7 The Gentleman's Club vs. Detox

    Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo) 2 > 1 Laza (Pure Zoo), ggs.
  9. Week 7 The Gentleman's Club vs. Detox

    Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo) 2 > 1 Laza (Pure Zoo), ggs.
  10. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    @Malcolm Sorry for misspelling your name. Your request with Kris to only play money matches and your genuine belief that Kira threw two games are just utterly absurd, but I was a bit heated when I posted that comment, and I shouldn't have looped you in with Mustang. He's just on another level. @mark You're right, I wasn't aware of all those details. Kicking Kira off is much more understandable now. For the record, I was not trying to insult anyone apart from Mustang and Malcolm, unless you literally all came together to bully Kira out of the team (which as I said, doesn't seem to be the case, regardless of how I feel about the actual decision to kick him off). It wasn't "I had fun games with Ronsas and Alex so I will like them and dislike the rest of you," but rather "I have no problem with any of you besides Mustang and Malcolm, assuming you guys didn't do anything really toxic."
  11. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    A Loli (Pure Zoo) 2 > 0 Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo), ggs.
  12. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    Wow if you guys really bullied and cut Kira because he lost twice, that's seriously fucked up. If any of you seriously think he threw those matches purposefully, that's even more depressing. Idk about any of you, but as long as no one is being a temperamental little bitch/makes ridiculous claims about fixed matches, I find playing friends in wars is one of the best parts about warring. It's pretty rare that you get to play friends/acquaintances/people you just generally respect in a competitive setting, but lower stakes than potentially knocking them out of a YCS or Nationals, and it sucks that you would target someone for doing that. More to the point, why can't we just get along :(? Everybody involved apart from Mustang and Malcom seems like a decent human being, so let's just chill out and enjoy warring for what it should be. I know I had some genuinely fun matches with Ronsas, and I expect to have more with Alex tonight. Unless of course more of you were responsible for driving Kira out, then you guys collectively need to consider a lot more than trying to win wars, specifically not being fucking pieces of shit and/or paranoid to the point that you should talk to someone. For the record, I can understand dropping Kira if you truly felt doing so would improve your ability to win wars, since at the end of the day this is a tournament, and I hate losing more than most. But I don't see how you can possibly know that Kira is a bad player since 1) you didn't see him play the matches 2) he goes to locals for goats which means he must play at least a certain amount 3) Skully's record shows he's a capable goat player (and unlike some other seemingly capable goat players, he comes with the bonus of not being scum!).
  13. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    Ronsas (Pure Zoo) 2 > 1 Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo), ggs. Then we ran it back: Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo) 2 > 0 Ronsas (Pure Zoo), ggs.
  14. Week 4: Detox vs Mostly Harmless

    Oh_The_Irony (True Draco Zoo) 2 > 1 The_Be(a)sT (True Draco), ggs.
  15. Week 4: Detox vs Mostly Harmless

    Oh_The_Irony (True Draco Zoo) 2 > 1 Gojira (True King Dinosaur), ggs.